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In the 1870’s the Church of Scotland sent Dr Gordon, a missionary, to Umsinga area. Unfortunately he drowned at sea before reaching South Africa. Dr James Dalzell was sent as his replacement. Dr. Dalzell, a missionary, physician and surgeon was sent by the Church to spread the word of God to improve the health status of the community.

Dr. Dalzell established the Gordon Memorial Mission. He brought a piece of land and recruited a number of kraal heads from the community of Umsinga to work this land, with the aim of improving the nutritional status of the community. Dr. Dalzell was also responsible for establishing a primary and secondary school. Shortly before his death Dr. Dalzell established a clinic.

Dr Dalzell was succeeded by Dr Gale. He tried to develop the clinic but had difficulty due to the shortage of water in the area. In 1939, the clinic was moved closer to the Tugela River, where the present Church of Scotland Hospital is located.

Dr. Gale was the first Medical Superintendent for the hospital. Dr Mc Cutcheon was the last missionary Medical Superintendent to be the sent by the Church of Scotland. He left the hospital in 1978, when Church of Scotland Hospital was handed over to the government.


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