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Newcastle Hospital CEO: Ms. MV Mavundla

Tel: (034) 328 0026
Fax: (034) 312 4392
Cell: 083 557 1081
E-mail: vukile.mavundla@kznhealth.gov.za

Miss Martha Vukile is the fifth child of the late Mr. A. Mavundla and Mrs. M.A. Mavundla of Ceza reserve.  She matriculated at Masibumbane High School at Ulundi in 1978.  She did a Diploma in Nursing Education at Ceza nursing school, a Diploma in Midwifery at Edendale  and a Diploma in Psychiatry at Madadeni.  She obtained an Advanced Diploma in Nursing Education at the University of Natal in Durban and a Diploma in Community Health Services at RAU.

She obtained her Bcur degree with the University of South Africa taking nursing education and administration as majors.  She worked as a professional nurse at Mseleni hospital for three years and at Charles Johnson Memorial hospital for two years. She then moved to the nursing college to work as a tutor for nine years

In 1998 she moved to Majuba District Office where she worked as a programme co-ordinator for three years.  In 2001 she was promoted to Assistant Director Nursing at Newcastle hospital.  In September 2002 she was promoted to the post of hospital manager at Appelsbosch hospital.  She is single and happy to be a mother of two boys, Malusi and Londa.  She is a resident of Majuba Park, Newcastle.

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