Closed Tenders : 2015

Bid Number

Bid Description

Closing Date
ZNB 9437/2015-H Supply and delivery of 111 attached wooden seater benches and tables size 2000mm length x 720mm height for Ekuhlengeni Psychiatric Hospital. 23 October 2015
ZNB5713/2015-H Request for proposal for the appointment of a solution provider to manage direct delivery of pharmaceutical services from manufacturer to all KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health 30 October 2015
ZNB6602/2015-H Supply and delivery of blood analyses 30 October 2015
ZNB9436/2015-H Supply and delivery of 400 patient beds for Ekuhlengeni hospital. 30 October 2015
ZNB6480/2015-H Request for Information (RFI) Provision of medical safety items (Syringes, needles and other ) 13 November 2015
ZNB9410/2015-H Supply, delivery and commissioning of panelized system blood bank parkhome unit 23 November 2015
ZNB 9472/2015-H Supply and delivery of 1000 lockable storage boxes for DoH 23 November 2015
ZNB 9473/2015-H  Supply and delivery of 3000 timers HIV testing kits for DoH 23 November 2015
ZNB 5039/2015-H The supply and delivery of coal : 3 years 24 November 2015
ZNB 5063/2015-H Supply and delivery of cardboard boxed for PPSD : 3 years 24 November 2015
ZNB 5323/2015-H Supply and delivery of 0.540L red ice bricks for PPSD : 3 years 24 November 2015
ZNB9060/2015-H Supply and delivery of 96 branded gazebos, 96 folding tables and 288 folding chairs 24 November 2015
ZNB 9217/2015-H Provision of auctioneering services for condemned, scrapped and obsolete assets that include vehicle, office furniture and other equipment : 3 years 25 November 2015

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