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Vocational Skills Training

The initiative by the Occupational Therapy component of developing a vocational skills training area for the patients has proved to be significant in the patients rehabilitation and in increasing their self esteem.

There are numerous projects the patients embark on, they do pottery, furniture restoration, knitting (jerseys), greeting cards, Christmas cards, making of carpets tailored to your needs, tapestry work, cushions, pillows, continentals etc. 

The funds collected are deposited to the patients account for various usages namely buying equipment, clothing for the patients, Christmas parties, birthday parties, valentines, celebration of special days and it enables patients to go on outings.

We are appealing to everyone to make orders to continuously equip the patients with skills and concurrently speeding up their rehabilitation process.  Anyone wanting to make an order can contact Sr. Sheena Sivraman on 033-330 6146 Ext. 250

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