History of Untunjambili hospital

The Missionaries formed the hospital; the first pastor was Mr Hanse Schreuder from Norway, who arrived at Ntunjambili in 1 January 1844 with the aim of spreading the Gospel in Africa.

Pastor Schreuder went back to one of the places in surrounding area to have a rest, "WAYA KOPHUMULA", that place was called UMPHUMULO. One of the Kings had sores in his legs and he asked Pastor Schreuder to pray for him, he did so and the King was healed, therefore he went back to Untunjambili to preach the word of God at Lutheran Church of South Africa.

Seeing that he was getting a large number of people with sores and chest pains he started to buy his own medicines, after him Mr Otte took over, his wife Mrs Lilian Otte was a professional nurse, she worked together with her husband.In 1940 Mr and Mrs Otte built the female ward (emlindelweni), male ward and medicine room, there were no electricity by that time.

Untunjambili was named after the landmark; "UNTUNJA" means "whole", "MBILI" means "two", which means there were two holes in the mountain.

In 1940 the Missionaries had a College for pastors called Khumbulani now its Labour ward.

In 1969 Dr Ali was the first Superintendent of the hospital, Selma Ericsson was the first matron and the hospital had only 1 van for mission, everybody was using that van.

In 1970's the government employed doctors, nurses and cleaners.

In 1989 - Dr Markhan was the Superintendent

In 1992 - Dr Hall Superintendent

In 1960's - Dr Win, Dr Gyi, Dr Maungoo, Dr Puata

Thereafter Miss P.S Nyawo took over as a Hospital Manager, followed by Mr P.K Sikhosana, who took over from 2002 until up to date.

Indeed, the hospital's priority still remains the promotion of good service, adherence to service standards and recognition of high performing staff. "Guided by principles of Batho Pele, a desire to be amongst the best in the delivery of public health service is all that drives the institution forward."

You are more than welcome to visit Untunjambili Hospital to see our beautiful hospital and beautiful nature. For appointments you may contact Mrs B. Sishi on Tel: (033) 444 0818

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