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History of Appelsbosch hospital

The church of the Swedish Mission in Sweden sent Missionaries to South Africa. The founder of Appelsbosch’s was the late Reverend J. Jungquist. It is said that the year was 1883.  The aim was to bring the Gospel, the Light (schools) and health (hospital)

Hospital grounds
One of the oldest buildings built in 1886, was used for church services and as a classroom {both not existing}. The second Building built in 1923 and extended in 1951, was to be used as a Matrons – Sister’s Home. This was followed by a garage; Store Room and Mortuary room {not existing}

Within the hospital grounds:
One main ward was built and used for all purposes i.e. out patients; attending small children; attending adults people; confinement cases, Dispensary, etc. {all in one block}
The Hospital was established in 1926. The Additional Wards were added onto the Main Ward during 1951. Two Cottages were erected for Staff Nurses. These were later demolished. When one building was available it was used as a Staff Nurses Home or Residence
During the year 1951 the superintendent of the Hospital was the Missionary / Priest in charge of the Church. The Missionary would stay across at the Mission House, the building is now falling apart. In those years - there was no Doctor on site, District Doctors were called to give help if needed. Additional wards were added during 1951.
During 1958 a Doctors residence was built. A Swedish Doctor (Doctor A. Anderson) was employed to stay on site at the above building. He only stayed for one year. The work was too much for him – to work from morning to sunset and through the whole night. He attended the Emtulwa Clinic and also Theatre cases, etc. In 1959 came a German Doctor (Dr W. Bodenstein) – born in South Africa. In 1951/62 came another German Doctor (Dr H. Schumann)
In other words:
Dr W. Bodenstein 1959 – 1963
Dr H. Schumann 1961 – 1965
Dr Sungreen 1966 – 1969
NB: Dr Van Haden (helping Doctor) 1957 – 1958 NB: Mtulwa Clinic existed

Later on:
Dr Fauser
Dr Tladi
Dr Monakgotla
Dr Mngoma
Dr W. Masuku

Dr M.V. Gumede Later came army student doctors plus other doctors in between.

In 1957 an Engine House was built to keep a Diesel Engine to supply power, before, candles and paraffin were used.
Staff in those years before 1959:
One Matron
One Sister {both whites)
One or two Staff Nurses
One ward aid
Or Nurses Assistance {South African}
One driver [there was only one Ambulance at the time]
One Clerk
One Watchman
One Handyman
One Ground \ Grave digging and duties.

Later 1960 onwards:
Secretary / Administrator: Mrs Hart who was a very kind person.
One Superintendent
Other Doctors: possible army Doctors or Student doctors.

Later 1970’s
Staff nurses and Ward Aids

Change of hospital buildings:
Stores Department and Staff to run
Few Ambulance Cars
Few Drivers
Few Clerks
Few Security staff
Few Grounds staff
Few Workshop staff
Few Boiler men
Few Laundry men
Personal Office Staff
Revenue staff
Darkroom for X-ray

During 1990's
Once can see the New Hospital.
We will also remember Dr Penny from Canada







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