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Services offered at Christ the King hospital

In-Patients The hospital was recently renovated and now has 197 usable beds.  The six wards are Paediatrics, Maternity and Gynaecology, Female surgical (F18), Female Medical (F8) and Male (divided into medical and surgical sections).  There is no high care or ICU.  We provide basic care in the following disciplines: Obstetrics, gynaecology, paediatrics, internal medicine, surgery, orthopaedics and family medicine.  Each medical officer is responsible for one ward.  Ward rounds are done on a daily basis during the week.  The main pathology is HIV-related illnesses.  Ambulant TB patients can be transferred to the Richmond hospital for convalescence.  Transport is arranged by Richmond Hospital.

Out-Patients DepartmentThis is the busiest department in the hospital.  All patients are seen in a general OPD.  There are no special clinics.  We receive referrals from 8 local clinics and GP's as well as emergencies.  A wide spectrum of pathology is seen, including a moderate amount of trauma.  Our emergency room is well equipped with defibrillator and emergency trolley.  Minor procedures can also be performed here.
The majority of our patients are indigent.  Medical aid patients are charged medical aid rates.  We provide a lot of district surgeon services including assessments for disability grants (DGs) There are no specialists in the hospital.  Patients requiring specialist services are referred to Edendale, Grey's and Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central hospital or booked for the Flying Doctors.

In-hospital facilities:

Open 07h30 to 16h00 Monday to Friday. There is a limited after-hours service. The doctor on call is responsible for calling out laboratory staff for urgent investigations.
Services provided:

  • FBC, ESR, INR, Rhesus test- use haematology form
  • U&E, Glucose, LFT, Urate, Amylase, proteins – use biochemistry form
  • Blood (only O+ and O –available) - use orange transfusion card
  • MC&S of CSF- (+India ink+chemistry), Pus swabs, body fluids - use microbiology form
  • Urine for MC&S or pregnancy test, stool- use yellow micro. form
  • AFB on sputum, swabs etc.- use TB request form
  • Rapid HIV is available for needle stick injuries and dialysis candidates
  • Contact laboratory staff (ext 230) for any further information.

  • Plain x-rays and barium swallows are done. Bedside x-rays can be obtained.
  • Unless specified only AP views for CXRs will be done.
  • A radiographer is on call for emergency x-rays after hours.
  • X-rays are read by the medical officers and findings reported on the patients’ charts.
  • Patients who wish to keep the x-rays pay R120 for the film including the radiologist’s report.
  • The x-ray is sent to Northdale Hospital for reporting and is returned within a week.

    We have one diagnostic ultrasound machine (Toshiba).

    We stock all drugs in the Essential Drug List (EDL) as well as various other medications. Any drug not in the pharmacy can be motivated for.

    Nutritional Services
    We have the services of a full-time dietician.

    Rehabilitation Department
    We have a newly established therapy department staffed by two community service physiotherapists and one occupational therapist. We are also starting speech therapy and audiology service in 2005. The therapists visit the clinics as well as provide care to hospital patients.

    Dental Clinic
    The dental clinic is at Ixopo Health Centre, 4km from the hospital.

    Psychiatric clinic
    A psychiatrist from the Midlands complex visits the psychiatric clinic at Ixopo Health Centre on the first Monday of every month.

    Theatre Procedures
    Elective theatre cases are done in theatre during the week by the medical officer who is on 2nd call. We have 2 operating theatres with new Boyle's machine (Drager Fabius), capnograph and bear-hugger.  Minor surgical procedures performed include I&Ds, debridements, circumcisions, evacuation of uterus, reduction of closed fractures, amputations etc.  C/S and T/Ls done.

    ARV Clinic The clinic which opened in September 2004 is open daily 07h30 to 16h30.  Patients are referred with their CD4 results after being screened by the clinics and medical officers.  There are currently more than 150 patients on treatment.

    Flying Doctor serviceThe Red Cross Flying Doctors visit twice a month with a paediatrician, optometrist, orthopaedic MO, psychologist and physician.  Patients referred to any of the specialists must have a referral letter and be booked with Mr Cele in male ward (ext 207)

    Information for Community Service Officers  There are 4 posts for Community Service Doctors.  Accommodation is provided in single flats at the hospital.

    Rehabilitation ServicesA community service speech therapist and audiologist visits the hospital once a week.  Support and mentorship is sometimes provided by volunteers flown by the Red Cross.

    Dental Services We have a full-time dentist who is based at Ixopo Health Centre, 4kms from the hospital.  He also sees patients on Wednesday at St. Apollinaris hospital

    Psychiatric clinic A psychiatric trained nurse runs a psychiatric clinic at Ixopo Health Centre.  The Midlands complex no longer supports the clinic with a psychiatrist.

    Psychology and Councelling Services Psychologists from Pietermaritzburg visit once a month to provide councelling to children.  Another psychologist visits once a month to see adult patients.  Psychologists from the Midlands complex visit Ixopo Health Centre once a month to see referred psychiatric patients.  Currently PGSES assessments are not being done.

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