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  • Department of Paediatrics
  • Pietermaritzburg Metropolitan Hospitals Complex
  • KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health
  • South Africa
Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Child Health Resource Package.

The package arises to a large extent out of the problems in the quality of child healthcare identified by Child PIP and PPIP, and contains useful tools for looking after children in our health service, including:

  • clinical guidelines (local, provincial, national and international)
  • a comprehensive set of forms for standardised and efficient record keeping
  • quliaty improvement tools (mortality review; clinical, document and utilisation audits, and norms)
  • disease notification aids
  • outreach program information, and
  • the Neonatal Experiential Learning Site components
The package also arises out of this department's commitment to supporting healthworkers caring for children throughout Area 2, KZN.

Please use all the tools, both as a way of improving the quality of care for children you look after, and for setting new standards in service delivery in your institution.

Please read the foreword, acknowledgements and disclaimer before starting.

All documents in this pack are saved in Adobe (.pdf) format. You will need to install Adobe Reader on your computer before you can see them.

Child Health Resource Package 2nd Edition, 2007.
Produced and edited by Dr ME Patrick and Dr CR Stephen.

Please note: This is a work in progress.  We hope to make this resource available on the intranet in the near future, and to provide regular improvements and updates.  Please feel free to contact us with comments, suggestions and criticisms.