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Definitions of Health Facilities

A facility at and from which a range of primary health care services is provided and that is normally open eight or more hours a day based on the need of the community to be served.
Community Health Centre
A facility that normally provides primary health care services, 24 hour maternity, accident and emergency services and beds where health care users can be observed for a maximum of  48 hours and which normally has a procedure room but not an operating theatre.
District Hospital
A  hospital which receives referrals from and provides generalist support to clinics and community health centres with health treatment administered by general health care practitioners or primary health care nurses.
Primary Health Care Services
Accessible first level health services included as part of the package of basic essential health services.
Provincial Tertiary Hospital
A hospital which receives health care users from and provides sub-specialist support to a regional hospital and requires the expertise of clinicians working as sub-specialists.
Regional Hospital
A hospital which receives referrals from and provides specialist support to a district hospital and where health care users require the expertise of teams led by resident specialists.
Specialised hospital
A hospital which provides care for specified groups of health care users

Tertiary Institution
Any institution providing health education at a tertiary level within the Province


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