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Historical Background of Edendale Hospital

Reverend James Allison, a Methodist missionary in 1855 acquired a land on the farm Welverdient, previously owned by Andries Pretorius, and established his second mission which he called “Edendale” . The site chosen for the new hospital in 1945 is in the Edendale area near Plessislaer, 9km from Pietermaritzburg. The seven story building was completed after 3 years. The foundation stone was laid by administrator Dr D.S. Shepstone in July 1951 and the first patients were admitted on the 1st March 1954. Initially, it was meant to accommodate 620 patients but due to a large and rapidly growing population since 1954 more building were erected.

In addition to medical superintendent and his deputy there was a group of part time visiting doctors and specialists. There were posts for senior medical officers and interns but not all of these posts were filled during the early years.

Paramedical staff
Physiotherapists, Radiographers, medical social worker, dispensary staff were also available.

College of Nursing
Edendale Hospital as a training centre received a number of applicants of all races and good results were obtained by student nurses with several distinctions

Employing bodies
The hospital was first administered by NPA from 1 March 1954 to 31st May 1970 when it was taken over by RSA-State up until 30th September 1977. On the 1st of October, KwaZulu Government took over up to 31st March 1994 from the 1st April 1994 to date the hospitals in the Province of KwaZulu-Natal are administered by the Department of Health KwaZulu Natal.

Dr Colenbrander the first radiologist for Edendale Hospital with the 1990/91 group of supplementary trainees of Radiographers before the training became the full responsibility of Durban Institute of Technology

Social activities of Edendale Hospital


Significant Information about Edendale hospital history