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History of Emmaus hospital

Emmaus Mission Hospital grew out of the Mustard seed of Christian Faith planted deep in the good soil of Amangwane in 1847, by Reverend KW Posselt of the Berlin Mission Society – Lutheran Church.

Reverend Bernhard Schiele and his wife Dr Magdalene Schiele who were Missionaries from Berlin, Germany  in 1847 founded the Hospital. Before the hospital was built Dr Magdalene Schiele was doing home visits for sick people and she saw that the community needed a place where sick patients could be nursed and given medicine properly.  It was this desire that brought Emmaus Mission Hospital into being.

In 1951 Auxiliary Nurses Training School opened and the first matron was Hilda Prozesky. After a few years the paediatric ward was built, followed by the TB Ward.

In 1963 the artist Elly Holm embedded two drawings in the walls. The first one in the administration block is of the Good Samaritan. This drawing has served as a hospital emblem since then till today. The second picture of an angel telling the good news of the birth of Jesus is in the Maternity ward.

Reverend Bernhard and his wife served the community of Amangwane until 1967. In 1968 after their departure the Administration and Outpatient Department was named Schiele House in their memory. This name still exists today.

In 1970 the National Government took over the Hospital and in the same year a number of different doctors joined the institution, Dr Humphrey being one of them. Whilst he was serving this hospital he designed a part in the Anaesthetic machine called Humphrey Valve that still exists. In the 80’s Dr Helcha joined the institution and many more doctors.

In 1980 Zamimpilo Community Centre came into being because of high incidence of kwashiorkor in the community caused by poor socio economic conditions. In this Centre the community were given nutritional, hygiene and gardening education. Numerous events were done in promotion of this project like healthy baby competition and workshops with the pre-schoolteachers.

History repeated itself when Dr Bernhard Gaede  the grandson of the founders of the hospital joined the institution in 01 April 1998 as a Medical Officer. He was later appointed as Acting Hospital Manager. Even in 2006 he still serves the institution as Chief Medical Officer.

The Mustard Seed Development of Emmaus Mission Hospital follows:-

1952 -  First Ambulance was bought

1955 -  Male, Peads and first nurses home were built

1957 – TB Block was started

1959 – Maternity Block was constructed

1962 -  Hospital Chapel dedicated

1965 -  Operating Theatres added in maternity and equipment installed in X Ray

1968 -  Laundry was built, improvements made in the kitchen and Admin Block

1976 – Female ward was constructed

1984 – Hospital Library was opened

1985 – Dental Clinic was opened

Emmaus Hospital has developed greatly in all these years after its formation.  This mustard seed has developed to 156 useable beds with five clinics serving as our catchments area, three mobiles serving 54 points in the Bergville / Winterton Area whereby 151 949 population is served. A well designed nurses home, Community Service Officer’s cottages and Doctors quarters have been built.

Emmaus Hospital is situated in Majestic Mountainous Bergville area under magnificent Drakensburg Mountains. The surrounding area is rural but very beautiful and offers lot of exploring and socializing opportunities. As there are numerous Hotels, B & B’s / resort areas surrounding the hospital. The hospital is few kilometers from Bergville and Winterton villages.

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