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History of Fort Napier Hospital

Fort Napier is situated on a hill overlooking the city of Pietermaritzburg, From the grounds of the hospital there is a glorious panoramic view of the city with historic hill in the distance such as “Swartkop” ”Foxhill” and “Signal Hill” which are intimately associated with the historic battles in which the Garrisons of Fort Napier played a part.

A primitive Fort was erected in 1843 troops occupied Fort Napier till 1914.In 1918 it was handed over to union government for use as a Mental hospital. In the grounds of Fort Napier there are sealed underground tunnels, e.g. one is at the farm covered by a huge concrete block.  In 1927 the hospital was opened by Dr. Willis the first Superintendent. The first patients arrived in 1928

As one of the institutions within the Midlands Complex the work intermeshes with and complements that of Townhill Hospital but Fort Napier Hospital has been identified as Psyco-social rehabilitation and Forensic hospital. Fort Napier Hospital has an academic and service component. The doctors, psychologist and nurses on training rotate between three hospital (Townhill, Umngeni and Fort Napier).

Fort Napier has a multidisciplinary approach with the aim of discharging patients back to the community, but some stay for a considerable period of time. Patients attend Industrial Therapy and Occupational Therapy and work is structured according to patients ability i.e. Sebenza

Patients receives a certain amount of money and that gives them a sense of self worth and achievement, besides being taught on how to handle money.

Fort Napier Hospital provides a special Forensic Psychiatric Service. The law courts may refer a person to Fort Napier Hospital for observation and an assessment of his/her mental state, to determine whether he / she can stand the trial or be declared as a state patient. The forensic block was opened in 1993 to facilitate the management of these patients.

These state patients regard this hospital as their home because they stay for a considerable period of time + 15 years.

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