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Health Statistics available for KwaZulu-Natal

The following health Statistics are the most recent estimates and are divided into demographic, epidemiological, management and health financing indicators. These tables are aimed at providing the reader with a quick access to the available epidemiological and management information. Other statistics are available by accessing the Epidemiological database at:

The demographic indicators have been obtained by the ASSA 2003 while population age structure can be accessed from the  link. The epidemiological indicators are divided into mortality and morbidity. Mortality is derived from the death certificates recorded in 2001 and therefore is representative of what happened in the general population in that year. Morbidity statistics for 2001 is derived from the hospital discharge survey and it is representative of the hospital population in KZN. Although not completely representative of the morbidity in the general population, the hospital discharges provide the best comprehensive available estimate of morbidity by cause at the moment. Epidemiological estimates on incidence and prevalence for a few specific diseases are also provided.

The management indicators are derived from the Health Information System and are related to hospitals, PHC services and Programmes.

This is a working document, which will benefit from any contribution from researchers and health professionals who may have further epidemiological information. If you have any epidemiological information you may want to share with us, please contact us at  or phone us on 033 395 2606

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  1. Demographic Indicators
  2. Epidemiological indicators

Hospital Discharges for KZN

Most recent available prevalence and incidence estimates for specific diseases


  1. Management Indicators
  1. Health Financing
  1. Health Personnel


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