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Directions to Madadeni hospital

From N3, pass the Shell Ultra City at Estcourt. After driving approximately a one kilometre, take the off-ramp to Colenso / Ladysmith. Drive through Ladysmith town, following Newcastle-Volksrust Road for about 100km. As you enter Newcastle, do not turn left towards the town centre but follow the Volksrust Road for about 500m; which is where you will see Madadeni Road to your right. Follow that road until you pass a traffic light. At the next traffic light, turn to your left. Follow that road, pass through one traffic light, until you get to the stop street. Turn to your right and follow the directional signs. Once you see the next directional sign pointing to your left, turn there and the hospital will be on you right.

From N2, take off-ramp to Vryheid via Melmoth. Pass through Vryheid town following information boards to Newcastle until you get to Utrecht. Don’t turn right to the Utrecht town centre, but follow the route that will lead you to the information board pointing to Newcastle / Osizweni. The first township that you come across  is Osizweni which you will have to pass. Continue until you pass two traffic lights. At the the third traffic light, after going through the railway tunnel, turn to your right and follow the signs, the hospital will be on the right side.

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