Cataract Surgery at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital Giving people a second chance

Eye care services are reaching an advanced stage at MGMH. The service which commenced in August 2008 has grown remarkably. Eye care services started with simple visual screening which were provided by our hospital staff together with an Optometrist-sponsored by this Eye Care Coalition group. That was later followed by a visit to India by the Hospital CEO, Matron, Head Office delegates and Eye care coalition delegates –who went to benchmark with an aim of fully developing this service and commencing cataract surgery. Cataract surgery is a much needed service not just for our district, but for the entire Province due to the high incidence of cataracts in our communities.

MGMH was identified as a sight saver site in 2006 and was then earmarked to develop eye care services. We are grateful to the KZN Eye Care Coalition which is composed of different sponsors who showed their willingness to support this initiative.

Last week, Mahatma Gandhi Hospital commenced cataract surgery services. Four patients have been successfully operated and operations are being done twice a week. Future plans include having a stand alone EYE CARE CENTRE by 2013 which will also be a benchmarking site for the entire country by replicating the India model of eye care services provision.

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