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The Methodist Church of South Africa founded a Mission in 1917 at Threlfall overlooking Kosi Bay. A small clinic was started at Threlfall in 1921 and the first nurse was Hanchen Prozesky.  She visited the district on horseback and also on foot assisting people with their health needs.  The Methodist Missionaries then thought of building a hospital, the Tribal Council approved the present hospital site in 1944.

At the Manguzi site the first clinic was built in 1948 and was officially opened on the 3rd of July.  The first nurse at Manguzi Clinic was Nora Cookson who began work in 1949, she dealt with many problems, such as water,  labourers had to carry water for the patients.  One small ward was available and sister lived behind the ward.

In 1951 Dr Walter Schwalbe arrived as the first medical Superintendent.  From 1951-1959 the hospital was run by Dr Schwalbe.  The hospital was registered with 15 beds under the Natal Province.  Nursing Auxiliary Nurse Training began and gradual a expansion occurred through the help of teams from the church and community.

In 1956 there were 80 beds.  From 1959 Sister Beaton ran the hospital in the absence of doctor, she was a Registered Nurse and Midwife until 1965.  In 1966-1969 Dr Walter Laufer was the Medical Superintendent and his wife a Registered Nurse.

 In 1970-1976 Dr Cliff Allwood was the Medical Superintendent.  The hospital had 107 beds with total of -

In 1971 training for Pupil Auxiliary Nurses and a Student Midwives 2 year course commenced.  In 1973 Pam McLaren the first Occupational Therapist arrived.  In 1976 the Hospital Chapel and Swimming Pool were built.  In 1980 Dr DET Prozesky started a project of training Community Health Workers.

On 1st October 1981 the hospital was handed over to the KwaZulu Government (Health) from the Methodist Church and a month later the first residential clinic was opened (KwaNdaba Clinic). In 1982 South Africa proposed handing over Ingwavuma District to Swaziland.  This caused much political turmoil locally.

In 1983 Cyclone Demonia struck.  The hospital was cut off from the outside world with much damage being done. 

In the following years new clinics were built and additions were done to the hospital

The hospital expanded with more RDP Clinics, which have been opened.

Spiritual support for patients continues and the Hospital Chaplain is paid from Donation Funds.  Many Community Programmes have been started such as:

Mission Statement adopted in 1996.

“Under God” working together with the community for a better life.

List of Nursing Managers, Medical Superintendent and Administration since beginning of the hospital.




1951-59 - Maria Schwalbe

1951-59 – Water Schwalbe

1948-72 – No Administration

1959-65 – Erica Beaton

1960-65 – No resident doctor

1972-74 – Howard Cooper

1966-69 – Kate Laufer

1966-69 – Walter Laufer

1975-76 – Tim Wigley

1970-77 – Julie Conway

1970-76 – Cliff Allwood

1978-79 – Dave Liverton

1977-78 – Jean Hodge

1976-78 – George Draper

1979-81 – Simon Ngubane

1978-82 – Sylvia Ntuli

1980-82 – D Prozesky

1981-89 – Msongi Tembe

1982-84 – Eunice Radebe

1982-84 – John Scholtz

1990-92 – Bhekumuzi Manzini

1984-89 – Ivy Mtshali

1984-86 – Gys Roux

1994-2000 – Mr Job Mkhonto

1989-2003 – Gladness Ntuli

1986-87 – Jenns Kagaard

2002-date - Mrs MN Masinga (Finance and Systems Manager

2003 – Gladys G. Masinga

1988-90 – David Peiser

2003-date - Mr NT Ngubane (HR Manager)


1990-93 – Mark Stead



1994-99 – Ian Couper



2000-02 – Etienne Immelman/Robin Draper (acting)

2002-2003 –B.V. Khuzwayo



2004 – N.P. Dladla


2003 –2005 Dr van der Merwe

2005 – Dr Immelman (acting)


2006 – Colin Pfaff (acting)

2006 - date – Mr S.B. Vumase 


2007 – Etienne Immelman



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