Attack on healthcare facilities and employees a threat to service delivery

02 April 2017

THE KZN Head of Health Dr Sifiso Mtshali has condemned the continued criminal attacks on healthcare facilities and personnel.

In the recent past criminals have embarked on atrocious and treasonous acts of attacking healthcare facilities such as clinics, emergency vehicles and healthcare workers.

In certain instances these attacks have resulted in the loss of lives.

In the early hours of yesterday morning (01 April 2017 at 01h20), criminals attacked Qadi Clinic, at Inanda, north of Durban, held the security guard at gun point and forced him into the guardhouse. Attempts to lock him in with the intention to proceed to where the night duty nurses were, failed. The criminals then fled after robbing the security guard of his cellphone and money. A few hours later, at 04h30, they returned with re-enforcement and demanded that they be let in because one of them was injured.

When this was refused by staff, they pelted the facility with stones and other objects and also tried to forcefully open the gate.

Dr Mtshali says this incident leaves the department with no option but to suspend the 24 hour service at Qadi Clinic - adding to another healthcare facility in Durban, where recently, the MEC was compelled to suspend the 24-hour service to protect the wellbeing of healthcare workers after the facility was attacked by criminals.

Qadi Clinic will now function until 18h00.

All emergencies, including birth deliveries, that would normally would have gone to Qadi Clinic after 18h00 will be transferred to neighbouring health facilities.

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