Exposed: alleged administration of KZN hospitals is not true

11 JUNE 2018

The KwaZulu-NATAL Department of Health notes with concern false and deliberately misleading allegations by a political party whereby it is claimed that five KZN Hospitals are to be placed under administration.

This cannot be any further from the truth.

For the record, the facts are as follows:

  • Thirty (30) support teams per province have been established by the National Department of Health, as part of an initiative to identify and address challenges with healthcare service across the country, including in KZN;
  • These teams will be spending a few days at each health facility;
  • This exercise was formally communicated to all provinces, with a request to identify five facilities per province to form part of this exercise;
  • The KZN Department of Health chose RK Khan, Ngwelezane, Murchison, Northdale, and Ladysmith hospitals;
  • Support teams that are made up of officials from the National Department of Health will be visiting and inspecting these identified hospitals;

This initiative is a response by a caring and responsive Government in its quest to improve the provision of healthcare services, with a particular focus on addressing challenges such as waiting times, staff shortages, availability of hospital beds, overcrowding, and the clearance of patient backlogs, particularly at the casualty areas.

These support teams will work closely with their counterparts at provincial, district and facility levels and will present reports to the provincial Heads of Department.

Meanwhile, MEC Dhlomo met the support team from the National Department of Health at his office in Durban this morning, and has this to say: "The delegation is welcome, and they are part of us. Minister Motsoaledi last week did announce that they will be visiting, and he further elaborated on this when we met at the National Health Council on Wednesday (06 June 2018). We are looking forward to receiving support in strengthening capacity at some of our health institutions."

The Department remains committed to providing quality healthcare to the people of KwaZulu-Natal despite the high burden of diseases, and rejects with contempt any deliberate disinformation campaigns by unscrupulous individuals.

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