Kamoso awards victory for KZN Health : community caregiver programme lauded for improving access to healthcare for vulnerable communities

19 October 2018

The KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health has walked away with the prestigious Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) Kamoso Award. (Kamoso means tomorrow in seSotho, and in this instance denotes aspiration for a better tomorrow). This award is in recognition of the contribution of the Department's Community Care Giver (CCG) programme in improving access to healthcare for vulnerable communities.

As an extension of the Primary Health Care system, the Department’s 10 200 CCGs are based in communities and play a significant role in health education and promotion. They visit people’s homes, rendering a host of services which include assessing clients; facilitating treatment for chronic and other ailments; identifying and tracing who default on medication and referring them accordingly.

They also mobilise communities against diseases and ill-health through awareness campaigns, health promotional material, word of mouth, and role modelling, among others.

CCGs form part of Government’s Expanded Public Works Programme, which is an initiative that is designed to create job opportunities, promote sustainable livelihoods and skills development for vulnerable and unemployed people through labour intensive programmes.

Mr Londa Langa, who heads up the Department’s CCG programme, said he was pleased that the hard work of CCGs is being recognised.

Mr Langa, who is also a director: Inter-Governmental Relations, said the award was dedicated to all hard working and dedicated CCGs in the province.

“The Kamoso Awards are facilitated by the Department of Public Works. The Department of Health has registered more than 10 000 CCGs under the EPWP Social Sector Incentive Grant. So the Department has won the award as the best home community-based care in the province, as recognition of the good work that is being done at household level... assisting communities that are in need of help.

“We all know that there is poverty, illnesses, but CCGs assist communities by giving people hope, and educating them about health prevention and promotion. We really appreciate their efforts.”

KZN Health MEC Dr Sibongiseni Dhlomo congratulated Mr Langa and his team. He also paid tribute to CCGs, saying that they work tirelessly to improve the health outcomes of some of the poorest of the poor.

“CCGs have been making a huge contribution within the health sector for a long time. We have always appreciated their input and seen the work that they do very clearly. This award bears testimony to their work, which complements that of healthcare professionals very well. We congratulate them for this award, and wish that they continue serving their fellow compatriots as they have been doing,” said MEC Dhlomo.

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