MEC Dhlomo visits home of slain Edendale Hospital nurse; urges women not to stay in abusive marriages and relationships

15 May 2018

KZN Health MEC Dr Sibongiseni Dhlomo has urged women not to tolerate abusive marriages and relationships, but instead speak out and report abuse to the police and find a way to leave those who abuse them – before it is too late.

MEC Dhlomo was speaking at Edendale Hospital’s maternity ward earlier today, during a brief prayer meeting held in remembrance of nursing sister Ntombizodwa Charlotte Dlamini (40), who was allegedly gunned down by her husband in front of her parents, sister and brother in law, on Sunday (13 May 2018), Mother’s Day – one day after International Nurses’ Day.

It is alleged that the late Mrs Dlamini, a mother of two, and her husband first got involved in an altercation on Saturday, which resulted in her being severely assaulted and injured. On Sunday morning, despite being injured, she went to work. However, after her colleagues discovered that she was not well, they referred her to a doctor at the hospital, but she refused treatment, opting instead to be seen by a private doctor. After the consultation, she left for her parents’ home.

It was there that her husband arrived, stormed inside and found her sitting in the dining room.

It is alleged that he then demanded that she comes home with him. He then went into her bedroom, shot at the door, kicked it down and then shot her in the neck and on the stomach. He fled the scene, and it is believed that he later killed himself.

MEC Dhlomo visited sister Dlamini’s distraught colleagues at Edendale Hospital and gave them words of comfort and a prayer. He then visited the slain nurse’s parents at their home, the scene of the incident, at Westgate, near Beazley, Pietermaritzburg.

Addressing nurses at Edendale Hospital, MEC Dhlomo said: "Please, I really want to urge you… even on a day like this... I advocate for the education of the girl child. Traditionally, we grew up in an environment where only boys were sent to school, and not girls. Now women are getting educated, but we see many of them still involved in relationships of bondage. I urge you to get out of those relationships. Women need to say, 'God, even if you blessed me with this marriage, I will not stand being abused, because eventually, I will die.' I am pleading with you to ensure that wherever you go, in the name of uMaNtuli (the slain nurse) you must say, 'I will not stand this complicated relationship. I would rather take my children and find another place to stay'. A woman who is not educated becomes dependent on an abusive partner, and ends up dying. To women who are educated… nurses, teachers, please, get out of such marriages. We can’t have one more person dying because they persevered in a dangerous environment. It's a painful death that is unimaginable. [For the father] To see his child murdered in front of him, it’s too much."

MEC Dhlomo shares words of comfort with Sister Dlamini’s parents, Mr Lot Ntuli and his wife Bongekile.
MEC Dhlomo shares words of comfort with Sister Dlamini’s parents, Mr Lot Ntuli and his wife Bongekile.

MEC Dhlomo during his visit to Edendale Hospital.
MEC Dhlomo during his visit to Edendale Hospital.

Sister Dlamini's father Mr Lot Ntuli thanked management of Edendale Hospital and the Department, and said that his family is battling to come to terms with his daughter’s gruesome death.

I am grateful for the support we are getting. But I would be lying if I said I've been able to sleep. I just can't. I noticed that my wife’s body was shaking when she was trying to sleep. It’s bad. Very bad. The pain is just too much."

A memorial service for Sister Dlamini will be held at Edendale Hospital on Thursday (17 May 2018) at 12pm.

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