It's jobs galore as KZN Health welcomes 320 cleaners and porters; while KZN Treasury announces brand new R390M health staff capacitations grant for the employment of nurses, medical interns and more porters

07 March 2019

The KwaZulu-Natal Department of health is set to help hundreds of people put food on the table, following the confirmation today of the employment of 178 cleaners and 142 porters. As if that was not enough, KZN Finance MEC Ms Belinda Scott also today unveiled a brand new Human Resources Capacitation Grant worth R390 million for the public health sector in the Province. The grant is expected to create hundreds of jobs for nurses, medical nurses and more porters.

“This was initially a component of the National Health Insurance (NHI) indirect grant held under the National Department of Health, but a decision was taken by the sector to make this a direct grant allocated to each province. This allocation is to assist provinces to appoint critical staff in Health, including nurses, medical interns and porters, to name a few. The amount allocated to KZN in this regard is R122.3 million, R130.4 million and R138.7 million over the Medium Term Expenditure Framework,” said MEC Scott, while delivering her Department’s 2019/2020 annual budget speech

“It’s a beautiful coincidence that today we were listening to the budget speech by finance MEC Ms Belinda Scott who, among other things, mentioned this specific benefit to health, which is the Human Resources Capacitation grant. That grant is a creation of Honourable President Cyril Ramaphosa through the Presidential Stimulus Package. In this province, we’ve prioritised the employment of cleaners and porters. It’s now history that in this province in January 2019 we enrolled 300 Enrolled Nurses and Enrolled Nursing Assistants. Today, we were confirming the employment of 320 cleaners and porters for all our hospitals, but we would have wanted to have more, but we are happy.”

MEC Dhlomo said the Health Capacitation grant would be a significant boost to the Department’s human resources capacity.

The MEC said while it was disheartening to know that the 320 posts were chosen out of 16200 job applications, the recruitment of these mostly previously unemployed, poverty-stricken people would still make a huge difference in their lives.

“We are very grateful. The excitement that has been here from this few, who now have a chance to eradicate poverty, develop themselves, and improve their self-esteem, is something that you could see from their tears. We commend our Government. We want to thank our President Mr Cyril Ramaphosa who came up with this idea to stimulate and inject some resources into our healthcare system. It cannot be that we only need nurses, doctors and pharmacists in our hospitals. You also need cleaners and porters, among others. So, for us to have injected 320 cleaners and porters in the province is something that is highly commendable.”

Ntombizonke Hadebe (35), from Caluza in Pietermaritzburg, was among those who were overjoyed at finally being hired. After looking for a stable job unsuccessfully for the past 14 years, she can hardly wait for the day when she would finally get her first pay cheque. “I’m a single parent. I don’t even know whether I’ll be getting paid on the 15th or the 30th, but when that day comes, I will be jumping all over the house with joy. I will wake up and go to the ATM at midnight. My neighbours will have to wake up.”

Like many others, she thanked the ANC-led government profusely for this job opportunity, and has vowed to work with diligence and respect the public.

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