MEC Dhlomo in spirited march to protect people with albinism from cancer and violence

14 March 2019

MEC Dhlomo has just finished a march in Mbazwana, at UMkhanyakude District near the Mozambican border, which was aimed at raising awareness about skin cancer among people living with albinism. The MEC also distributed sunscreen and hats to help members of this community to protect themselves from the harmful rays of the sun, which cause cancer, and which this community is particularly susceptible to.

Among those who were involved in the march were traditional healers. They joined MEC Dhlomo in speaking out strongly against dangerous myths about people with a shortage of melanin, which result in them being abducted and murdered for muthi.

MEC Dhlomo called on all responsible members of society to reject these fallacies and rather embrace, support and protect people living with albinism. This campaign will be spread to other districts, which have large numbers of people with albinism.

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