Surprise visit : MEC Dhlomo pleased with cleanliness and overall good state of award-winning Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital; says no wonder there's no maternal mortality despite 3000 baby deliveries each year

02 May 2019

KwaZulu-Natal Health MEC Dr Sibongiseni Dhlomo has given the staff and management of Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital in Nquthu a pat on the back for running a tight ship.

During an unannounced visit earlier this morning, MEC Dhlomo found an extremely clean health facility, with patients brimming with satisfaction and staff and management who enjoy good inter-relations and co-operation.

“It’s very heart-warming to make an unannounced visit to a facility and really find them doing the best of their best,” said MEC Dhlomo. “As expected, I found a spotless hospital, internally and externally.”

“I visited three areas; one was the Out-Patient Department, where I noticed patients had big smiles, waiting to receive their cards. Within 2 to 3 minutes, patients were getting their files already. I further noticed that the room where files are kept was remarkably neat. This means that even if an adverse incident were to happen in the hospital, you’d be able to retrieve a patient’s file and attend to it promptly."

“The second area was the labour wards. The reason I wanted to visit these wards was because at the MEC’s Annual Service Excellence Awards (MASEAs) last week, this hospital received the silver award for maternal outcomes. This was because out of their 3000 deliveries per annum, this hospital recorded only one death. If you observe the synergy between this hospital and the clinics it supports and the prevention programme within the hospital, it’s no wonder they have been so successful. This well organised-system is extremely important and is something that not only hospitals in and around Umzinyathi can learn from, but others in the province as well, so that they can also improve.”

MEC Dhlomo also commended hospital CEO Mrs Margaret Khanyile for the synergy that she enjoys with her senior management team and staff.

“This underpins our observation that in any facility, whether in education or in health, where there is good collective leadership you are likely to obtain good results. Something that is to be noticed is that they did not know I was coming, they saw me and I caught them doing good things, which is something you cannot attribute to the visit of the MEC. It is a daily practice of this hospital. It’s also the consensus of the patients I spoke to. This is something to be commended and deserves recognition.”

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