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MomConnect is a National Department of Health initiative using cell phones to register each pregnancy in South Africa.

MomConnect has three main objectives:

  1. To register each pregnancy at a government health facility.
  2. To send stage-based, personalised SMSes to each mom in the registry.
  3. To allow women to engage with the health system through help desk tools and services.

How To Register:
  1. Ask someone at a public health care facility to confirm that you are pregnant.
  2. Dial *134*550# from your cellphone to register.
  3. Answer a few simple questions about your pregnancy.
  4. You will then be registered – welcome to the family!
  5. Pregnancy is registered in the national database
  6. User receives weekly SMS messages to inform them of their pregnancy and baby health (up to when the child is one year old)

Registered pregnant women will receive an SMS appropriate to their stage of pregnancy. MomConnect will also encourage expecting mothers to start ante-natal care, test for conditions such as hypertension, HIV/Aids and diabetes very early in their pregnancy. It will also emphasise preventing mother to child transmission at 14 weeks.

Once the baby is born, new moms can reply “baby” to any SMS sent from MomConnect for information on how to care for their babies until the age of one year.



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