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Avoid hospital queues! Get your medication at your nearest clinic..

The days of sitting in long queues at the hospital are over! Did you know that you could now get your repeat medication at a clinic closest to your home?  Northdale Hospital has made arrangements with the clinics listed below so that you can go to them and collect your repeat medication – saving you the trip to the hospital and the long wait when you get there. do you do this? It’s very simple! The next time you collect your repeat medication at the Pharmacy here at the Hospital, or the doctor writes you out a prescription, just tell them that you would now like to collect your medication at the clinic closer to your home (choose any clinic from the list below). Your Pharmacy pink card will then be sent to the clinic of your choice and when your next medication is due you can go collect it there. No more sitting in long queues waiting for your file!So, remember, take a very good look at the list of clinics given, see which one is closest to you, and make sure you tell your doctor or the Pharmacy staff the next time you collect your medication that you now want to use your local clinic.


Be treated at PHC without your patient file

If you have a common illness like the flu, headache, stomach trouble, etc. you can be treated and given medication at our Primary Health Care department without getting your file from the Clerks at the Outpatients Department. Yes, you can walk in to the Hospital and go straight to Primary Health Care where you will be seen by nurses and given medication for your ailment. YOU DON’T NEED TO WAIT FOR YOUR FILE OR SEE THE DOCTOR! The nurses are qualified to make proper assessments of minor illnesses and dispense the right medication for you. If the nurse feels you need to see a doctor he/she will then refer you. The next time you’re in the Hospital for a minor ailment, just go straight to PHC.

Express queue for the elderly and physically challenged

Northdale Hospital has implemented a special queue at the Outpatients Department for patients who are 60 years and older and those who are physically challenged. A designated area has been demarcated for these patients and they will be serviced by a clerk assigned to them. If you are 60 years old or older, look for the signs directing you to this area and there you will get prompt assistance. Ask Security personnel if you are unsure of where to go.

How the Eye Clinic works
Here are a few things to note about the Eye Clinic at Northdale Hospital:

Patients are seen by appointment only. It is very important to keep your appointment and make sure you come on time on the day of the appointment (you must be at the Clinic door at 06h30 as the Nurses start seeing patients at 07h00). If you miss your appointment it will take you months before you can see the doctor again.

Emergencies will be seen immediately. The fact that the Eye Clinic operates by appointment does not mean that if you have an urgent problem that the doctor cannot see you immediately. Please feel free to call at the Clinic if you have an emergency.

The consulting doctor sees patients on Mondays and Tuesdays. If you have an emergency on any other day, you must go to the Casualty Department where you will be assessed by a doctor and given a priority referral to either the Edendale or Grey’s Eye Clinics.

Injuries on duty will not be seen at the Eye Clinic. Because injuries on duty are covered by employers’ insurances, these will not be seen at public health care institutions and should go to private institutions.

If you are transferred to another eye clinic (e.g., Grey’s, Edendale), you must provide your own transport.

Please feel free to speak to our friendly nurses in the Eye Clinic if you have any queries.


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