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Peptic Ulcer & Hiatus Hernia

This diet serves as a guide as different foods may cause discomfort to different people.  Ideally, it is a light, spice-free diet

  1. Try to lose weight if you are overweight
  2. Eat small, frequent meals in a relaxed atmosphere
  3. Quit smoking
  4. To avoid heartburn, do not take liquids with a meal, rather or 1 hour before or after
  5. Do not lie down for 2-3 hours after eating a large meal and avoid exercise after a meal
  6. Avoid all fatty foods eg: pies, chips, fast foods, fried foods...
  7. Avoid all foods which are known to cause you specific discomfort, possibly : highly spiced, curried or peppery foods
  8. Avoid the following
    • Caffeine eg: tea, coffee, cola drinks
    • Peppermints
    • Chocolates
    • alcohol
  9. Cut down on your salt intake - use in limited amounts

Produced by the Department of Health Services and Welfare

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