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Fluid Restricted Diet

When the kidneys are not working properly, not enough urine  is made by the kidneys.  When the amount of urine passed is  less than the amount of fluid taken in, it means fluid is retained in the body.  This is dangerous as it causes overloading, swelling of the ankles and around the eyes, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, and may result in heart failure

If you gain weight quickly it usually means that fluid is building up in your body.  It is important to check the amount of fluid taken in and compare it to the amount of urine passed.  A minimum of 500ml (2 cups) of water / fluids should be taken daily to make up for the fluids lost from the body through breathing and sweating

To calculate the amount of fluid that you drink per day:

Method Example
Measure the total amount of urine passed on day 1 Urine passed on day 1: 250ml (1cup)
On day 2 add this to 500 ml to give a total amount of fluids that can be taken Fluid allowed on day 2: 250 ml + 500ml = 750ml (3 cups)

Keep in mind the following foods are counted as fluids

Water Coffee Tea
Maas Milk Yoghurt
Cold drinks Juices Alcoholic drinks
Soup Sauces Gravy
Thin porridge Custard Jelly
Ice Ice Cream  

Tips for overcoming the feeling of thirst

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