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History of Thulasizwe hospital

Thulasizwe was named by a Swedish missionary doctor who proposed the building of the hospital. Thulasizwe Hospital was officially opened on the 27 November 1965 as the Ceza Hospital TB wing under Swedish missionaries.

The first medical superintendent was Marta Adolfson who moved with the first group of patients from Ceza Hospital. After her retirement Dr M. Wellsted took over for both Ceza and Thulasizwe Hospital.

Thereafter the post was occupied by doctors as follows: Dr Jan Larson, Dr Mthethwa, Dr Sort, Dr Rietenburg, Dr Bekkers. At present both hospitals have no medical superintendent. Dr Gonzalez is the doctor that is responsible for inpatient and discharged patients and does ward rounds on Wednesdays.

The first Matron was Anna Berntsson (Uzibukwana) after her retirement sister Johnson (uSphepho) took over. Thereafter the post was held as follows: Mr Msomi, Mrs F.M. Mkhwanazi, Miss L.T. Mbatha. At present there are two acting Chief Professional nurses, Mrs. A.W. Buthelezi and Mrs. N.E. Xulu.

The first CPN was Emely Mhlongo. Six groups of female that possessed standard six certificates were trained and employed as nursing assistants for male and female ward. Thereafter the number increased gradually, at present we there are 93 employees.

X-ray and Laboratory was the responsibility of radiographer Mr. R. Mthembu. Two nursing assistants trained by the missionaries were responsible for taking x-rays and routine ward duties. Mr. Cloete was the first administrator and Mr. Albert Mhlungu being his deputy. Later Mr. Redman took over as administrator.

Chaplain Sean Rickland was the first chaplain who offered a spiritual service for patients and staff before he left to Sweden. The KwaZulu-Natal Government took over Ceza and Thulasizwe in 1978. The word mission thus came to an end. Thulasizwe Hospital was under Ceza Management structure. Now Thulasizwe is stands on its own. The first CEO of Thulasizwe from Ceza Structure was B.B Dlamini and Mrs P.D. Buthelezi took since 2004 up until 2010.
Thulasizwe is known as TBMDR Hospital.

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