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Uthungulu Sports Tournament

Uthungulu Health District Sports and Recreation Committee wishes to say thank you very much firstly to Uthungulu Health District Management, Institutional Management for the support that they gave to Sports and Recreation Management while they were preparing the Tournament which took place at Richards Bay Sports Complex on the 8th July 2006.It was a day, we enjoyed to be there.

To our Participants, Guys you were Great without you this day wouldn’t be a day we salute you for your dedication, contributions, advices, and for every input that you have contributed with to make this day successful. We also want to welcome Omakoti Abasha kwi –Tournament yethu those are Enseleni CHC. Welcome guys.Sizizwile izigi zenu. To all the Districts Siyeza Madoda 8th September is not far away. Umphela ndaba uzoba se Richards Bay nge 8 zika September. IYOLALA IBONENE.

To the winners: Soccer number one with a big trophy and Gold Medals - Ngwelezana Hospital
Number two with Medium trophy and Gold Medals – KWA – Magwaza Hospital
Number three with Small trophy and Gold Medals – Eshowe Hospital

Netball – 1. Mbongolwana Hospital with big trophy and Gold Medals
2. Eshowe Hospital with Medium Trophy and Gold Medals
3. Ngwelezana Hospital Small Trophy and Gold Medals

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