Grey's Hospital History

Sir George Grey (1812-1898) - Founder of Grey's Hospital

The need for a hospital in Pietermaritzburg was evident for some years but the inhabitants of the colony were not able to finance such a project. Sir George Grey, Governor of the Cape Colony and High Commissioner for adjacent territories, visited Pietermaritzburg in October 1855. He had recently made provision for the building of a hospital in Port Elizabeth and now set about planning one for Pietermaritzburg. He promised funds of 1000 pounds for the erection of the building, provided that the Town Council contributed a suitable site, and 1000 acres of "choice spots in various parts of the Town Lands". The lease of these lands was intended to finance the running of the hospital. On completions of the building the Town Council was to take over its administration.

Once these matters had been settled, Peter Sutherland, Surveyor General of Natal and himself a doctor, set about finding a site. He decided upon a piece of ground lying on the outskirts of the Town which then ended at Burger Street. The site was bounded on one side by the Little Bushman's River (Umsinduzi) with a view over what was planned to be Alexandra Park

In January 1856, the Cape Government was informed that the Town Council had met the conditions laid down; funds were made available and work began in February.

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