History of Ngwelezana hospital

The history of the hospital cannot be written without recalling the Norwegian Lutheran Missionaries who arrived in this Province on the 1st January 1844 to preach the gospel, led by Hans P.S. Schrender. The missionaries received a warm welcome from the Inkosi Mkhonto Ntuli who gave them a piece of land called Umphumulo (Place of rest). Inkosi Mkhonto Ntuli was the trusted friend of King Mpande kaSenzangakona

Inkosi Mkhonto Ntuli asked Schrender to accompany him to visit King Mpande who suffered from gout and pleaded once more to preach the gospel of God in Zululand. King Mpande gave Hans Schrender approximately 120 hectares of land which included Matshana, Ngwelezana Township and Qhubandabe under Inkosi Zungu. This place was called Embangweni, but is now known as Empangeni.

The hospital began to operate in 1970 as a convalescence hospital . In 1974 the hospital was taken over by the State Health, it had previously been operating under Empangeni hospital. In October 1977, all services were taken over by the KwaZulu-Natal Government. Initially

Ngwelezana hospital was intended to be one of the T.B settlements in the Province

The hospital has grown to be one of the largest hospitals in District 28. The hospital has a staff of over 1200 and it services about 7 700 patients per month including referrals from other hospitals.

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