Out-patient Attendance Procedures : Osindisweni hospital

New cases / First visit

  • If a patient is unable to walk ask the porter for assistance who will provide a wheelchair or stretcher and help transport the patient
  • Present yourself ( or a friend/relative on your behalf) at the main admission counter
  • A new record folder will be prepared with all your personal particulars and details
  • You may be asked to produce your identity document, grant book, UIF card or proof of your income. In the case of children under six years of age the birth certificate or immunisation card may be required. Present any referral letter from a clinic, another hospital or private doctor. This will be attached to your folder.
  • You will be asked to pay the prescribed outpatient fee.
  • You will be issued with your new record folder and a blue carrier card. Keep the blue card safely in your purse or pocket.
  • Proceed to the sorting station. The nurse in attendance will enquire the nature of your visit and direct you to the appropriate waiting area or department. Urgent cases will be attended to immediately.
  • After your consultation with the doctor proceed to the pharmacy to collect your medication. Leave your record folder at the pharmacy which will later be filed in the outpatient registry. Keep your blue carrier card with you.
  • If the doctor has decided to admit you to the ward, you will be directed to the inpatient admission counter. An inpatient record folder will be prepared with all your details and you will be escorted to the ward.

Repeat Visits

  • Present your blue carrier card at the outpatient admission counter
  • Your outpatient record folder will be issued to you
  • You will be asked to pay the prescribed outpatient fee.
  • Proceed to the department where you have your appointment or seek the assistance of the nurse at the sorting station.

Pink repeat cards

  • Pink repeat cards are issued to those patients with chronic illnesses who visit the hospital on a monthly basis only to collect their medication. Their medication is reviewed every six months so they only see the doctor once in six months.
  • Present your carrier card at the admission counter, pay the prescribed fee and collect your pink repeat prescription card.
  • Proceed direct to the pharmacy and collect your medication.
  • If you have hypertension or diabetes, proceed to the sister first to have your blood pressure taken and your blood sugar test done.
  • If you wish to see the doctor for any reason, inform the sister in charge.


  • You are advised not to eat or drink anything while in the outpatients department.
  • Smoking or the consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden.
  • Carrying of firearms is forbidden. Declare these for safe keeping at the Security Office at the main gate before entering the hospital.
  • Pay attention to educational posters, video programmes and lectures given by the health education nurse and disseminate this information.

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