Quotation Adverts : June 2021

Note : Ilembe District Office currently has technical issues with their server.  Service providers are requested to place hardcopies of bid documents in the tender box, and not to  submit via email .

Note : Emails at Madadeni Hospital are down.  Service providers are requested to place hardcopies of bid documents in the tender box located in the hospital, and not to  submit via email .

Note: Emails are down at Benedictine Hospital. Service providers are requested to place hardcopies of bid documents in the tender box, and not to submit via email.

Advert 30 June 2021

Name Health Facility Description Opening Date Closing Date
CJM 066-2021-22.pdf Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital hypodermic syringe 5ml and 10 ml  2021/06/30 2021/07/13
CJM 067-2021-22.pdf Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital hgt machine for accu - check  2021/06/30 2021/07/13
EMM.125.pdf Emmaus Hospital Convert pit toilet to water born toilet at Busingatha clinic 2021/06/30 2021/07/13
GJC219-21-22.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital ag foam non-adhevise  2021/06/30 2021/07/07
gjc169-21-22.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital lockable cabinet with pigeon holes storafe area 2021/06/30 2021/07/07
gjc187-21-22.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital medication trolley with lockable door 2021/06/30 2021/07/07
gjc222-21-22.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital hydro fiber ag technology  2021/06/30 2021/07/07
gjc221-21-22.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital absorbent polyurethane foam pad 2021/06/30 2021/07/07
gjc220-21-22.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital hydrogel dressing impregnated with honey  2021/06/30 2021/07/07
gjc223-21-22.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital extra thin hyrocolloid dressing with pectin 2021/06/30 2021/07/07
gjc232-21-22.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital i-care tonometer probes 2021/06/30 2021/07/07
gjc230-21-22.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital temperature monitoring devices 2021/06/30 2021/07/07
gjc228-21-22.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital freezer tags 2021/06/30 2021/07/07
ZNQ.HOH.0323.22.pdf Head Office Quotations Ultrasound / Interferential Unit, Physical Therapy 2021/06/30 2021/07/07
KEV303-21-22.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital Double gloves size 7/ and 8 2021/06/30 2021/07/07
268.2122.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Pressure infusion bag - 1000ml 2021/06/30 2021/07/09
269.2122.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Nasal dressing - laminated 2021/06/30 2021/07/09
270.2122.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Transparent, large, sterile, adherent dressing 2021/06/30 2021/07/09
271.2122.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Patient control administration set  2021/06/30 2021/07/09
272.2122.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Disposable surgeon's gown, sterile x-large and large  2021/06/30 2021/07/09
ZNQ-MZH-0179-21-22.pdf Manguzi Hospital gloves surgeon size 7 and 7.5 Cancelled 2021/06/30 2021/07/07
ZNQ-MZH-0178-21-22.pdf Manguzi Hospital drum for brother printer 2350 and brother toner 2355 tn Cancelled 2021/06/30 2021/07/07
ZNQ-MZH-0176-21-22.pdf Manguzi Hospital service to particle count theatre  2021/06/30 2021/07/07
ZNQ-MZH-0180-21-22.pdf Manguzi Hospital non sterile gloves size medium and large  2021/06/30 2021/07/07
ZNQ-MZH-0182-21-22.pdf Manguzi Hospital bleach 25 litre  2021/06/30 2021/07/07
ZNQ-MZH-0183-21-22.pdf Manguzi Hospital floor striper  2021/06/30 2021/07/07
ZNQ-MZH-0181-21-22.pdf Manguzi Hospital sutures 2021/06/30 2021/07/07
ZNQ-MZH-0177-21-22.pdf Manguzi Hospital floor polish  2021/06/30 2021/07/07
ZNQ-MZH-0184-21-22.pdf Manguzi Hospital pest control service for manguzi hospital 2021/06/30 2021/07/07
NEH-154-21-22.pdf Newcastle Hospital Serving to particle count test in theatres04,cssd01 and casualty01 2021/06/30 2021/07/07
NEH-156-21-22.pdf Newcastle Hospital Service of holding diesel tanks at newcastle hospital 2021/06/30 2021/07/07
NKA025.21.22.pdf Nkandla Hospital Convert pit toilet flushing system for clinics (Bring this doc on site meeting) 2021/06/30 2021/07/12
NKA008.21.22.pdf Nkandla Hospital Supply of optical devices x 12 months contract Cancelled 2021/06/30 2021/07/08
Nse 121.2021.2022.pdf Nseleni CHC Catering for inpatients  2021/06/30 2021/07/07
Nse 119.2021.2022.pdf Nseleni CHC I care tonometer 2021/06/30 2021/07/07
PSH 173-2122.pdf Port Shepstone Hospital toner cartridges brother tn 3185 & 3290 2021/06/30 2021/07/08
RMH58.2021.22.pdf Richmond Hospital supply and install external double doors 2023x1813 x40mm Cancelled 2021/06/30 2021/07/09
UMH 51.21.pdf Umgeni Hospital Gloves Cancelled 2021/06/30 2021/07/07
UMH 52.22.pdf Umgeni Hospital Computer cartridges Cancelled 2021/06/30 2021/07/07
ZNQ-VRH-135-21-22.pdf Vryheid Hospital High density filling cabinet 2021/06/30 2021/07/07
CAT.119.06.pdf eThekwini Metro district office haemoglobin test strips for cera check 2021/06/30 2021/07/07
CAT.121.06.pdf eThekwini Metro district office gloves examination 2021/06/30 2021/07/07
NGW05.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital enternal feeding pump 2021/06/30 2021/07/07
znq sap73-2021-2022.pdf St Apollinaris Hospital supply and deliver medical protective mask non sterile kn95 2021/06/30 2021/07/07
znq sap16-2021-2020.pdf St Apollinaris Hospital supply and deliver non sterile examination latex gloves powder free  2021/06/30 2021/07/07
znq sap15-2021-2022.pdf St Apollinaris Hospital supply and deliver laundry soap powder low foam 25kg 2021/06/30 2021/07/07


Advert 29 June 2021

Name Health Facility Description Opening Date Closing Date
40.2122.ADD.pdf Addington Hospital supply and install doors for plant rooms  2021/06/29 2021/07/08
43.2122.ADD.pdf Addington Hospital supply and install burglar guards for windows  2021/06/29 2021/07/08
63.2122.ADD.pdf Addington Hospital replacement of old and broken doors 2021/06/29 2021/07/08
64.2122.ADD.pdf Addington Hospital change 22 alluminium windows and 11 doors  2021/06/29 2021/07/08
106.2122.ADD.pdf Addington Hospital supply and install hot well tank  2021/06/29 2021/07/08
223.2122.ADD.pdf Addington Hospital chane 7 doors to solid meranti doors  2021/06/29 2021/07/08
CAH-THU-114-21-22.pdf Ceza Hospital /  Thulasizwe Hospital Two piece boiler suits royal blue. 2021/06/29 2021/07/08
CAH-THU-105-21-22.pdf Ceza Hospital /  Thulasizwe Hospital service air conditioners in the hospital (window split) 2021/06/29 2021/07/08
CAH-THU-103-21-22.pdf Ceza Hospital /  Thulasizwe Hospital service borehole pumps in the 8 clinics and do yield test 2021/06/29 2021/07/08
ZNQ-COS053-21-22.pdf Church of Scotland Hospital Armsling/universal sling and venturi oxygen mask 60% 2021/06/29 2021/07/06
ZNQ-COS100-21-22.pdf Church of Scotland Hospital Mission hb haemoglobin test strips and stat test strips 2021/06/29 2021/07/06
ZNQ-COS096-21-22.pdf Church of Scotland Hospital Reliance sms sterilization wrap 2021/06/29 2021/07/06
117.21.22.EDN.pdf Edendale Hospital Stirrups with screws stainless steel 2021/06/29 2021/07/06
430.20.21.EDN.pdf Edendale Hospital Vision blue cataract surgery - stain anterior capsule - 0.5ml 2021/06/29 2021/07/06
1644.20.21.EDN.pdf Edendale Hospital Kerlix AMD anticicrobial bandage roll, 6ply 4 X 12.3 (11.4CM X 3.7M) 2021/06/29 2021/07/06
288.21.22.EDN.pdf Edendale Hospital 24H real time temperature monitoring system with alerts for 5 fridges 2021/06/29 2021/07/06
250.21.22.EDN.pdf Edendale Hospital Dressing 3% bismuth tribromophenate in petroleum 2021/06/29 2021/07/06
1817.20.21.EDN.pdf Edendale Hospital Total body cooling device for neonatal and paediatric use 2021/06/29 2021/07/06
emm.125.05.2021.pdf Emmaus Hospital Convert pit toilet to a water born toilet at Busingatha clinic Cancelled 2021/06/29 2021/07/13
emm.206.06.2021.pdf Emmaus Hospital Service of all air handling units and  condensors units (vrv units)1me 2021/06/29 2021/07/06
HLB 060 _21 _22.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Supply and deliver face mask KN95 Respiratory  2021/06/29 2021/07/06
MSH73-21-22H.pdf Mseleni Hospital Cooler boxes and water ice  2021/06/29 2021/07/05
NDW81-21.22.pdf Ndwedwe CHC remove and re-install cables and water pipe @ wosiyana clinic 2021/06/29 2021/07/06
NEH-155-21-22.pdf Newcastle Hospital Servicing of infa-red scanning on distribution boards in the hospital 2021/06/29 2021/07/07
NEH-157-21-22.pdf Newcastle Hospital Service to hot water calorifires and circulating pumps at newcastle hospital 2021/06/29 2021/07/07
NEH-158-21-22.pdf Newcastle Hospital Service to cold room and freezew rooms in main kitchen,mortuary and pharmacy 2021/06/29 2021/07/07
PSH168-2122.pdf Port Shepstone Hospital carpenter materials  2021/06/29 2021/07/08
PSH169-2122_.pdf Port Shepstone Hospital plumbing materials  2021/06/29 2021/07/08
PSH167-2122.pdf Port Shepstone Hospital fitting materials  2021/06/29 2021/07/08
PSH166-2122.pdf Port Shepstone Hospital electrical materials  2021/06/29 2021/07/08
STA 77-2021.pdf St Aidan’s Hospital Catheter Foley 3way 100% silicone 22FG x 50ml curved  2021/06/29 2021/07/06
STA 78-2021.pdf St Aidan’s Hospital Catheter foley 3way 100% silicone 24FG 50ML curved 2021/06/29 2021/07/06
STA 00104-21.pdf St Aidan’s Hospital Supply and install doors for Theatre and CSSD 2021/06/29 2021/07/06
STA 0098-21.pdf St Aidan’s Hospital Paper photocopy A4 (5 reams /box) white 80GSM  2021/06/29 2021/07/06
STA 00102-21.pdf St Aidan’s Hospital Hand and arm surgery board with connections 2021/06/29 2021/07/06
STA 00103-21.pdf St Aidan’s Hospital Medical solution and blanket warming - Dual chamber unit  2021/06/29 2021/07/06
ZNQ-VRH-133-21-22.pdf Vryheid Hospital Patient records 2021/06/29 2021/07/07
CAH-THU-111-21-22.pdf Ceza Hospital /  Thulasizwe Hospital Sucking of septic tank contract for 12 months. 2021/06/29 2021/07/15
CAH-THU-112-21-22.pdf Ceza Hospital /  Thulasizwe Hospital 12 months contract for catering. 2021/06/29 2021/07/15
CAH-THU-110-21-22.pdf Ceza Hospital /  Thulasizwe Hospital Oxi-act 25L 2021/06/29 2021/07/08
CAH-THU-109-21-22.pdf Ceza Hospital /  Thulasizwe Hospital Who approved cooler boxes and ice packs/ coolant packs. 2021/06/29 2021/07/08
CAH-THU-113-21-22.pdf Ceza Hospital /  Thulasizwe Hospital Non sensitive tape roll 2021/06/29 2021/07/08
CAH-THU-106-21-22.pdf Ceza Hospital /  Thulasizwe Hospital Tape autoclave indicator. 2021/06/29 2021/07/08
CAH-HTU-107-21-22.pdf Ceza Hospital /  Thulasizwe Hospital Wall mounted examination lamp. 2021/06/29 2021/07/08
KEV305-21-22.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital Cannula iv catheter radiopaque 20g 2021/06/29 2021/07/05
MSH73.21.22.H.pdf Mseleni Hospital Insulated Container 33 litres and water ice pack 2021/06/29 2021/07/05
CAH-HTU-107-21-22.pdf Ceza Hospital /  Thulasizwe Hospital wall mounted examination lamp Cancelled. 2021/06/29 2021/07/08


Advert 28 June 2021

Name Health Facility Description Opening Date Closing Date
BET-0150-21-22.pdf Bethesda Hospital Supply and deliver electrical material Cancelled 2021/06/28 2021/07/05
BET-0155-21-22.pdf Bethesda Hospital Service of laundry tow tractor 2021/06/28 2021/07/05
BET-0149-21-22.pdf Bethesda Hospital Galvanised stailness steel pedal bins 20 l 2021/06/28 2021/07/05
BET-0152-21-22.pdf Bethesda Hospital Dressing granuflex hydrocolliod extra thin  2021/06/28 2021/07/05
BET-0153-21-22.pdf Bethesda Hospital Bair hugger blanket body warning (filtered flo adult/pacu 2021/06/28 2021/07/05
BET-0151-21-22.pdf Bethesda Hospital Supply and deliver stationery 2021/06/28 2021/07/05
BET-0154-21-22.pdf Bethesda Hospital Genuine tone cartridge and drum for brother toner 2021/06/28 2021/07/05
EDN 511.21-22.pdf Edendale Hospital Wall mounted fan heaters  2021/06/28 2021/07/06
ESW-23-22.pdf Eshowe Hospital major service to theatre lights 2021/06/28 2021/07/06
ESW-24-22.pdf Eshowe Hospital intraossous needle 2021/06/28 2021/07/06
ZNQ HOH 0283.pdf Head Office Quotations supply and delivery of uniforms for maintanance staff 2021/06/28 2021/07/05
HOH.0272.22.pdf Head Office Quotations Removal of Drywall Partition wall paper  2021/06/28 2021/07/05
HOH.0273.22.pdf Head Office Quotations Remove existing wall tiles and re-tilling 2021/06/28 2021/07/05
HOH.0274.22.pdf Head Office Quotations Replacement of corroded cast iron sewer line with PVC pipe 2021/06/28 2021/07/05
HOH.0275.22.pdf Head Office Quotations T replace double door 2021/06/28 2021/07/05
HOH 0319.22.pdf Head Office Quotations Supply and deliver of re-usable shopper bag 2021/06/28 2021/07/05
HOH.0314.22.pdf Head Office Quotations Supply and deliver of Stationery 2021/06/28 2021/07/05
HLE089-21-22.pdf Hlengisizwe CHC Stainless steel pedal bins 2021/06/28 2021/07/05
HLE085-21-22.pdf Hlengisizwe CHC Commissioning of CSSD at new location 2021/06/28 2021/07/05
HLE038-21-22.pdf Hlengisizwe CHC Pest control 2021/06/28 2021/07/05
INA 33.pdf Inanda CHC supply and deliver non pheumatic antishock garment and mackintosh  2021/06/28 2021/07/06
INA 42.pdf Inanda CHC supply and deliver vaccine carries  2021/06/28 2021/07/06
INA 45.pdf Inanda CHC supply and deliver electrodes  2021/06/28 2021/07/06
INA 83.pdf Inanda CHC servicing of fire equipment  2021/06/28 2021/07/06
INA 85.pdf Inanda CHC servicing of z93 fire control panel 2021/06/28 2021/07/06
INA 86.pdf Inanda CHC servicing of medical gas station  2021/06/28 2021/07/06
INA 100.pdf Inanda CHC supply and deliver diesil 2021/06/28 2021/07/06
INA 105.pdf Inanda CHC supply and deliver gloves powder free 2021/06/28 2021/07/06
INA 106.pdf Inanda CHC supply and deliver gloves powder free medium  2021/06/28 2021/07/06
UEM 010.21.22.pdf Jozini Malaria Control adjustable safety face shield 2021/06/28 2021/07/09
UEM 011.21.22.pdf Jozini Malaria Control professional sprayer pump 2021/06/28 2021/07/09
UEM 009.21.22.pdf Jozini Malaria Control microscopic slides 2021/06/28 2021/07/06
UEM 012.21.22.pdf Jozini Malaria Control cleaning material 2021/06/28 2021/07/06
KDH 31 21-22.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex Reliance Tandem - Disposable 1160x1700 , 1160x1400 2021/06/28 2021/07/05
KDH 110 21-22.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex Filshie Clip Applicator Set 2021/06/28 2021/07/05
KDH 137 21-22.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex Theatre Dirt Trap Mat - 90x115cm 2021/06/28 2021/07/05
KDHC 157 2122.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex pyjama trousers  2021/06/28 2021/07/05
KDHC 159 2122.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex gowns patient blue medium large 2021/06/28 2021/07/05
KDHC 163 2122.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex gown dressing towelling medium large 2021/06/28 2021/07/05
KDHC 168 2122.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex cot sheets cotton white  2021/06/28 2021/07/05
KDHC 169 2122.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex draw sheet white cotton 2021/06/28 2021/07/05
KDHC 170 2122.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex sheet bed poly cotton blue  2021/06/28 2021/07/05
KDHC 179 2122.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex pyjama jackets 2021/06/28 2021/07/05
KEV281.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital Wrist roller with pronation and supination function. 2021/06/28 2021/07/05
KEV282.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital kraft storage boxes with lids. Cancelled 2021/06/28 2021/07/05
KEV283.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital Non-disposable laparoscopic grasper with ratchet handle. 2021/06/28 2021/07/05
NDW80-21.22.pdf Ndwedwe CHC Tablet pocket bags 2021/06/28 2021/07/05
PMM-163-21-22.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital Bags garbage clear 280mmX450mm (tto) pkt/250 2021/06/28 2021/07/05
PMM-214-21-22.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital Disinfectant cleaner 5Litre 2021/06/28 2021/07/05
PMM-218-21-22.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital Drager ventilator breathing circuts baby log vn800 2021/06/28 2021/07/05
PMM-217-21-22.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital Voice recognition system  2021/06/28 2021/07/05
LCM 37-21.pdf Regional Laundry Cato Manor Supply and deliver men's and ladies uniforms.As per attached list. 2021/06/28 2021/07/07
LCM 38-21.pdf Regional Laundry Cato Manor Supply and deliver men's and ladies safety shoes.as per list attached 2021/06/28 2021/07/07
RKK36.21-22.pdf RK Khan Hospital Graft Gortex Items  2021/06/28 2021/07/06
RKK44.21-22.pdf RK Khan Hospital Paediatric Exchange Tubes & Bougies 2021/06/28 2021/07/06
RKK178.21-22.pdf RK Khan Hospital Re-Usable Power Driver Gun & Stabilizer Kits 2021/06/28 2021/07/06
RKK228.21-22.pdf RK Khan Hospital Central Venous Catheter Two Lumen Sets- 8fr 2021/06/28 2021/07/06
RKK229.21-22.pdf RK Khan Hospital Central Venous Catheter Three Lumen Sets - 8fr 2021/06/28 2021/07/06
RKK230.21-22.pdf RK Khan Hospital Endotracheal Closed Suction Catheter 2021/06/28 2021/07/06
RKK231.21-22.pdf RK Khan Hospital Premicath - 28g 2021/06/28 2021/07/06
RKK232.21-22.pdf RK Khan Hospital Disposable Ambubags Neonatal 2021/06/28 2021/07/06
RKK233.21-22.pdf RK Khan Hospital Mucus Extractor  2021/06/28 2021/07/06
RKK235.21-22.pdf RK Khan Hospital Stoma Belts - Standard 2021/06/28 2021/07/06
RKK236.21-22.pdf RK Khan Hospital Hydrofibre Dressing  2021/06/28 2021/07/06
RKK237.21-22.pdf RK Khan Hospital Wound Paste 2021/06/28 2021/07/06
RKK123.21-22.pdf RK Khan Hospital Insulin Syringes Disposable - 1ml 2021/06/28 2021/07/06
RKK143.21-22.pdf RK Khan Hospital Volumetric Line 2021/06/28 2021/07/06
RKK145.21-22.pdf RK Khan Hospital Serres Suction Liners With Serial Tubing  2021/06/28 2021/07/06
RKK225.21-22.pdf RK Khan Hospital Provision Of Cash In Transit Services 2021/06/28 2021/07/06
RKK161.21-22.pdf RK Khan Hospital Respirstor Mask KN95 / FFP2 2021/06/28 2021/07/06
THH 33.21.pdf Town Hill Hospital Supply/Deliver Various Cleaning Products as per spec attached 2021/06/28 2021/07/08
THH 43.21.pdf Town Hill Hospital Supply/Deliver Various Patient Clothing 2021/06/28 2021/07/08
THH 15.21.pdf Town Hill Hospital To Supply Doors & Door Frames at Townhill Hospital 2021/06/28 2021/07/08
THH 39.21.pdf Town Hill Hospital To Supply/Deliver to Site Water Pipe Fittings as per List 2021/06/28 2021/07/08
EDN310.21.22.pdf Edendale Hospital upgrading of ablution 2021/06/28 2021/07/06


Advert 25 June 2021

Name Health Facility Description Opening Date Closing Date
BCHC31-21-22.pdf Bruntville CHC pest control service 12 months contract 2021/06/25 2021/07/02
518.21.22 EDN.pdf Edendale Hospital Hand washing liquid soup 5litre (250 to be delivered monthly for 10  months) Cancelled 2021/06/25 2021/06/30
031.21.22.EDU.pdf Edumbe CHC gloves surgical Cancelled 2021/06/25 2021/07/05
EGU30-21-22.pdf EG and Usher Memorial Hospital Fire extinguishers and Detectors 2021/06/25 2021/07/02
EGU33-21-22.pdf EG and Usher Memorial Hospital Steam reticulation system 2021/06/25 2021/07/02
EGU35-21-22.pdf EG and Usher Memorial Hospital Govt inspection on boiler 2 2021/06/25 2021/07/02
EGU38-21-22.pdf EG and Usher Memorial Hospital Coldrooms and Split airconditioners 2021/06/25 2021/07/02
emm259.06.2021.pdf Emmaus Hospital various items theatre 2021/06/25 2021/07/02
emm260.06.2021.pdf Emmaus Hospital various items therapy 2021/06/25 2021/07/02
EST 222.pdf Estcourt Hospital Cleaning material 2021/06/25 2021/07/01
EST 223.pdf Estcourt Hospital Aprons white full body disposable Cancelled 2021/06/25 2021/07/01
EST 224.pdf Estcourt Hospital Brown paper bags size 4 & 10 2021/06/25 2021/07/01
GTW 17.06.2021.pdf Greytown Hospital Pest control for x-MDR TB Hospital 2021/06/25 2021/07/09
GTW 18.06.2021.pdf Greytown Hospital Pest control for Greytown Hospital m4 2021/06/25 2021/07/09
GTW 19.06.2021.pdf Greytown Hospital Pest control for all clinics 2021/06/25 2021/07/09
LSH503-21-22.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Installation of heat pump in theatre and cssd plant room 2021/06/25 2021/07/06
LSH501-21-22.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Replacement inline heater with heat pump 90kw 2021/06/25 2021/07/06
LSH499-21-22.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Remove and replace cooking island in main kitchen 2021/06/25 2021/07/06
LSH502-21-22.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Replace vinyl sheeting with ceramic tiles in laundry 2021/06/25 2021/07/06
LSH493-21-22.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Glove latex exa. non-sterile medium 2021/06/25 2021/07/06
LSH494-21-22.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Glove latex exam. non-sterile large 2021/06/25 2021/07/06
LSH495-21-22.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Dressing adhesive sterile opsite 2021/06/25 2021/07/06
257.2122.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital K-wire double ended trochar point 1.4, 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0mm 2021/06/25 2021/07/02
258.2122.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Cerclage wire 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0mm x 10m 2021/06/25 2021/07/02
MCH - 129-21.pdf McCord Hospital Riboflavin Soultion for Epi - off and on  2021/06/25 2021/07/02
NDW75-21.22.pdf Ndwedwe CHC Service to ups 2021/06/25 2021/07/05
NDW70-21.22.pdf Ndwedwe CHC Finishing of flue clinic structure @ Ndwedwe CHC 2021/06/25 2021/07/05
NDW12-21.22.pdf Ndwedwe CHC medical freezer 2021/06/25 2021/07/05
NDW40-21.22.pdf Ndwedwe CHC service to electric karcher 2021/06/25 2021/07/05
NDW28-21.22.pdf Ndwedwe CHC service to autoclave 2021/06/25 2021/07/05
NDW46-21.22.pdf Ndwedwe CHC service to laundry machines 2021/06/25 2021/07/05
NDW71-21.22.pdf Ndwedwe CHC repair to alarm system 2021/06/25 2021/07/05
NDW73-21.22.pdf Ndwedwe CHC repair to fridges 2021/06/25 2021/07/05
NDW74-21.22.pdf Ndwedwe CHC repair to drill press 2021/06/25 2021/07/05
OSI 120.pdf Osindisweni Hospital Stretcher Trolley with Fixed Mattress 2021/06/25 2021/07/02
OSI 119.pdf Osindisweni Hospital Electrical Material  2021/06/25 2021/07/02
OSI 118.pdf Osindisweni Hospital Painting Material 2021/06/25 2021/07/02
OSI 117.pdf Osindisweni Hospital Service Provider required for the Annual servicing of Catering equipmentas per Maintenance Manual 2021/06/25 2021/07/02
OSI 116.pdf Osindisweni Hospital Service provider required to Perform the annual service of Refrigeration Plant in Mortuary + Pharmacy + Catering 2021/06/25 2021/07/02
OSI  115.pdf Osindisweni Hospital Service provider required for Annual servicing of Extractor fan in catering - Certificate of Complletion is required or Detailed Report  2021/06/25 2021/07/02
OSI 114.pdf Osindisweni Hospital Suupl and Install new eqiuvalent compressor in laundry Steam Press and make sure working properly 2021/06/25 2021/07/02
OSI 113.pdf Osindisweni Hospital Servicing of Laundry Equipment as per Schedule in Maintenance manual 2021/06/25 2021/07/02
OSI 11.pdf Osindisweni Hospital Devices I.V. flow 2021/06/25 2021/07/02
PMM-216-21-22.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 06 months contracts, request for provision of cleaning at umlazi k clinic Cancelled 2021/06/25 2021/07/05
PMM-215-21-22.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital supply hospital plumbing material 2021/06/25 2021/07/05
Rmh18.21.2022.pdf Richmond Hospital standard data projector x1,standard laptop x1,standard desktop computer x2 2021/06/25 2021/07/02
znq rvh 14-05-2021-2022.pdf Rietvlei Hospital vision blue,infinit basic set,turbosonic needle,victrectomy&micro songe 2021/06/25 2021/07/02
znq rvh 24-05-2021-2022.pdf Rietvlei Hospital construction of ramp to eye clinic 2021/06/25 2021/07/02
SAH.125.21.22.pdf St Andrews Hospital surgical gloves 2021/06/25 2021/07/02
STC 171-21-22.pdf St Chads CHC BP Machines with cuffs and spare batteries 2021/06/25 2021/07/01
SMM.080.22.pdf St Mary’s Marianhill Hospital Disposable blue plastic aprons 2021/06/25 2021/07/02
SMM.081.22.pdf St Mary’s Marianhill Hospital Ultrasound gel warmer 2021/06/25 2021/07/02
SMM.082.22.pdf St Mary’s Marianhill Hospital Remove, supply and intsall 11 geysers 2021/06/25 2021/07/02
THH 44.21.pdf Town Hill Hospital To Carry Put a Service on Specified Heat Pumps & Hot Water Tanks 2021/06/25 2021/07/08
THH 45.21.pdf Town Hill Hospital Repair Potholes & Tarring within the Hospital Roads 2021/06/25 2021/07/08
THH 36.21.pdf Town Hill Hospital Supply/Deliver Various Printer Items as per spec attached 2021/06/25 2021/07/01
umh-45-21-22.pdf Umgeni Hospital Patient Toiletries 2021/06/25 2021/07/02
NGW77.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital external temporary pacemaker  2021/06/25 2021/07/07
NGW61.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital cash intransit 2021/06/25 2021/07/07
NGW88.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital surgical suture  2021/06/25 2021/07/07
NGW96.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital suprapubic catheter kit  2021/06/25 2021/07/07
NGW100.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital sanitary pads bins  2021/06/25 2021/07/07
NGW101.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital glaucoma sets  2021/06/25 2021/07/07
NGW103.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital repair to leaking hot water storange tank  2021/06/25 2021/07/07
NGW106.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital magill's forceps angled in two planes 2021/06/25 2021/07/07
NGW108.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital phaco machine  2021/06/25 2021/07/07
NGW109.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital supply and deliver star heads parts  2021/06/25 2021/07/07
NGW111.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital foldable lenses  2021/06/25 2021/07/07
NGW113.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital disposable theatre shoes  2021/06/25 2021/07/07
NGW114.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital kzn head register  2021/06/25 2021/07/07
NGW115.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital paper steri sheet 1000x1400mm 2021/06/25 2021/07/07
ngw102.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital 05 months contract for cleaning of gardens and grounds  2021/06/25 2021/07/07
NGW105.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital bedsheet mazblue size 180x275cm 2021/06/25 2021/07/07
NGW98.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital ripple mattress & pump model  2021/06/25 2021/07/07


Advert 24 June 2021

Name Health Facility Description Opening Date Closing Date
149.21.22ADH.pdf Addington Hospital bags paper steam sterilization 2021/06/24 2021/07/02
280.21.22ADH.pdf Addington Hospital indicator strips for steam sterilization 2021/06/24 2021/07/02
281.21.22ADH.pdf Addington Hospital anti-microbial skin solution 28ml 2021/06/24 2021/07/02
282.21.22ADH.pdf Addington Hospital urine drainage bags 2000ml 2021/06/24 2021/07/02
283.21.22ADH.pdf Addington Hospital pre-gelled ecg electrodes 2021/06/24 2021/07/02
329.21.22ADH.pdf Addington Hospital neonatal closed suction catheter 2021/06/24 2021/07/02
CJM 065-2021-22.pdf Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital strip and replace 110 mm pipe for 50 m long  2021/06/24 2021/07/08
dgw0078.pdf Doris Goodwin Hospital enclose sides for parkhome shelter 2021/06/24 2021/07/09
dgw0079.pdf Doris Goodwin Hospital construction of state vehicle carport  2021/06/24 2021/07/09
ESB58.22.pdf East Boom CHC Body aprons plastic large  2021/06/24 2021/07/01
ESB37.22.pdf East Boom CHC Floor polish liquid 5lt 2021/06/24 2021/07/01
ESB55.22.pdf East Boom CHC Syringe disposable 10ml 2021/06/24 2021/07/01
ESB69.22.pdf East Boom CHC Spectacles 2021/06/24 2021/07/01
ESB44.22.pdf East Boom CHC Test strips for Hgb meter (mission) 2021/06/24 2021/07/01
ESB53.22.pdf East Boom CHC HPRS Booklet (child) 2021/06/24 2021/07/01
ESB54.22.pdf East Boom CHC HPRS Booklet (male) 2021/06/24 2021/07/01
ESB52.22.pdf East Boom CHC HPRS Booklet (female) 2021/06/24 2021/07/01
ESB48.22.pdf East Boom CHC Medical freezer up-right 310L 2021/06/24 2021/07/01
ZNQ 109.20.pdf East Boom CHC Privacy screen boards 2021/06/24 2021/07/01
ESB261.21.pdf East Boom CHC Dental ultra sonic scaler 2021/06/24 2021/07/01
GRS 910-06-21.pdf Grey’s Hospital supply a 100amp 3 phase cbi circuit breaker 2021/06/24 2021/06/29
GRS 988-06-21.pdf Grey’s Hospital repairs to cctv system 2021/06/24 2021/06/29
IMB83.pdf Imbalenhle CHC lowering of counter to be wheel chair user friendly at patient adiministration at imbalenhle chc 2021/06/24 2021/07/09
IMB84.pdf Imbalenhle CHC supply & constract wheel chair ramp at grange clinic 2021/06/24 2021/07/09
IMB85.pdf Imbalenhle CHC supply and install extractor fans in consultation rooms at the clinics   2021/06/24 2021/07/09
IMB75.pdf Imbalenhle CHC supply and install kitchenette  2021/06/24 2021/07/02
IMB76.pdf Imbalenhle CHC supply and install ceramic tiles at snathing clinic as per specification 2021/06/24 2021/07/02
IMB77.pdf Imbalenhle CHC supply and install chicken wire mash around the facility at snathing clinic as per specification  2021/06/24 2021/07/02
IMB78.pdf Imbalenhle CHC supply and install pedestrian gate and supply and stall fencing as per specification  Cancelled 2021/06/24 2021/07/02
IMB79.pdf Imbalenhle CHC supply and install new galvanised gate as per specification Cancelled 2021/06/24 2021/07/02
ITS.088.21.pdf Itshelejuba Hospital who approved thermally insulated cooler box 2021/06/24 2021/06/30
ITS.095.21.pdf Itshelejuba Hospital paving returning blocks and channeling water to main gate 2021/06/24 2021/06/30
ITS.096.21.pdf Itshelejuba Hospital installation of vovered walkway from existing opd 2021/06/24 2021/06/30
ITS.097.21.pdf Itshelejuba Hospital renovation at tobolsk clinic 2021/06/24 2021/06/30
ITS.098.21.pdf Itshelejuba Hospital installation of signage within the hospital 2021/06/24 2021/06/30
ITS.099.21.pdf Itshelejuba Hospital cleaning of hospital buildings for two months contract 2021/06/24 2021/06/30
ITS.100.21.pdf Itshelejuba Hospital supply and delivery of ups battries 2021/06/24 2021/06/30
078.21.22.ITS.pdf Itshelejuba Hospital supply and delivery of oxygen stand 2021/06/24 2021/06/30
107.KCD.2122.pdf King Cetshwayo District Office mmc packs ( 580 packs) 2021/06/24 2021/07/01
KEV 301-21.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital pressure Vessels 3 yearly inspectorate testing 2021/06/24 2021/07/12
KEV 232-21.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital Heat pumps service  2021/06/24 2021/07/12
KEV 300-21.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital Service laundry equipment 2021/06/24 2021/07/05
299-21.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital kitchen extractor canopy service 2021/06/24 2021/07/05
217.2122.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Arthrodial inclinometer 2021/06/24 2021/07/02
218.2122.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Therapeutic massage gun 2021/06/24 2021/07/02
219.2122.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Monocryl suture 3/0 2021/06/24 2021/07/02
NEH-147-21-22.pdf Newcastle Hospital Step-on mat 90 X 150 cm (blue antibaterial special adhessive mat) 120 units in a box 2021/06/24 2021/07/07
NMH 78-21-22.pdf Niemeyer Memorial Hospital surgical mask 2021/06/24 2021/07/01
NMH 93-21-22.pdf Niemeyer Memorial Hospital staff uniform 2021/06/24 2021/07/01
psh165-2122.pdf Port Shepstone Hospital repairs to drain line in main kitchen 2021/06/24 2021/07/08
psh 164-2122.pdf Port Shepstone Hospital repairs to sink hole in parking area and walkway 2021/06/24 2021/07/08
SAH.115.21.22.pdf St Andrews Hospital surgical items 2021/06/24 2021/06/30
SAH.116.21.22.pdf St Andrews Hospital surgical items 2021/06/24 2021/06/30
ZNQ.UGU.0069.2122.pdf Ugu District Office Original Brother Toner 3185 2021/06/24 2021/07/01
14.20.21.ZUL.pdf Zululand District Office high risk gloves various sizes 2021/06/24 2021/07/01
CBH0022.pdf Catherine Booth Hospital supply and deliver cvp monitor 2021/06/24 2021/07/02
CBH0091.pdf Catherine Booth Hospital supply and deliver fluorescent fittings and tubes 2021/06/24 2021/07/02
CBH0079.pdf Catherine Booth Hospital service of theatre table and lights x 02 2021/06/24 2021/07/02
CBH0054.pdf Catherine Booth Hospital supply and deliver delivery beds x 04 2021/06/24 2021/07/02


Advert 23 June 2021

Name Health Facility Description Opening Date Closing Date
Ama041.21.22.pdf Amajuba District Office KN95 Masks Cancelled 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
emm 125.05.2021.pdf Emmaus Hospital Supply and install new toilets, disable toilets urinal and jo-jo tanks Cancelled 2021/06/23 2021/07/02
EMM 255.06.2021.pdf Emmaus Hospital supply labour to cut grass at Oliviershoek clinic  2021/06/23 2021/07/02
EMM 256.06.2021.pdf Emmaus Hospital supply labour to remove old damaged vinyl floor tiles  2021/06/23 2021/07/02
EMM 232.06.2021.pdf Emmaus Hospital service and repair to O2 manifold and medical and vaccum plant  2021/06/23 2021/06/30
EMM 230.06.2021.pdf Emmaus Hospital servicing of sewer plant at hospital  2021/06/23 2021/06/30
EMM 228.06.2021.pdf Emmaus Hospital high pressure jet cleaning of sewer system at Busingatha clinic  2021/06/23 2021/06/30
EMM 226.06.2021.pdf Emmaus Hospital high pressure jet cleaning of sewer system at Oliviers hoek clinic  2021/06/23 2021/06/30
EMM 229.06.2021.pdf Emmaus Hospital high pressure jet cleaning of sewer system at Amazizi clinic  2021/06/23 2021/06/30
EMM 227.06.2021.pdf Emmaus Hospital high pressure jet cleaning of sewer system at Dukuza clinic  2021/06/23 2021/06/30
EMM 234.06.2021.pdf Emmaus Hospital service of kitchen equipment  2021/06/23 2021/06/30
EMM 233.06.2021.pdf Emmaus Hospital service to all laundry equipment  2021/06/23 2021/06/30
EMM 231.06.2021.pdf Emmaus Hospital service of all heat pumps  2021/06/23 2021/06/30
EMM 235.06.2021.pdf Emmaus Hospital service of refigiration at hospital  2021/06/23 2021/06/30
001.05.2021.EME.pdf eThekwini EMS isolation gowns largge 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
002.05.2021.EME.pdf eThekwini EMS isolation gowns extra large 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
003.05.2021.EME.pdf eThekwini EMS gloves high risk large 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
004.05.2021.EME.pdf eThekwini EMS gloves high risk extra large 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
005.05.2021.EME.pdf eThekwini EMS respirators kn95.ffp2 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
008.05.2021.EME.pdf eThekwini EMS disposable theatre caps 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
009.05.2021.EME.pdf eThekwini EMS disposable overshoes 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
010.05.2021.EME.pdf eThekwini EMS multi trauma dressings 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
013.05.2021.EME.pdf eThekwini EMS wire splint short 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
014.05.2021.EME.pdf eThekwini EMS wire splint long 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
015.05.2021.EME.pdf eThekwini EMS gloves high risk medium 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
016.05.2021.EME.pdf eThekwini EMS gloves high risk large 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
017.05.2021.EME.pdf eThekwini EMS gloves high risk extra large 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
018.05.2021.EME.pdf eThekwini EMS paper photocopy a4 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
24.05.21.FPL.pdf eThekwini Metro district office microtome blades 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
84.05.21.GSM.pdf eThekwini Metro district office pest control (24 months) 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
86.06.21.PHX.pdf eThekwini Metro district office service to fire fighting equipment 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
87.06.21.PHX.pdf eThekwini Metro district office post mortem blood alcohol sampling kits 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
88.06.21.PHX.pdf eThekwini Metro district office respirators (ffp2,kn95) 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
98.06.21.PTN.pdf eThekwini Metro district office post mortem blood alcohol sampling kit 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
93.06.21.PHX.pdf eThekwini Metro district office maintenance of gardens and grounds 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
96.06.21.PTN.pdf eThekwini Metro district office pest control (24 months) 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
gjc181-21-22.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital supply and install cosmetal water cooler 2021/06/23 2021/07/05
gjc204-21-22.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital thick pressure care cushion with contoured base various sizes 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
gjc182-21-22.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital 3meter visual acuity charts 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
gjc190-21-22.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital towel,non-woven,non linting fabric with absorbancy 600 mmx350mm 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
gjc192-21-22.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital bags urine closed circuit system 2 litre 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
gjc191-21-22.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital mask respiratory n95 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
KDH 128 21-22.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex CG4 Blood gas cartridges for blood gas machine 2021/06/23 2021/06/29
LSH431-21-22.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Supply and Delever Foldable Portable Mobile Hospital Screen  collapsible Screens (PVC Material) 2021/06/23 2021/06/29
NEH-126-21-22.pdf Newcastle Hospital Repitration of corpses for the period of 12 months 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
NEH-127-21-22.pdf Newcastle Hospital Replace blown pcbas and sts boards for 2 ups units 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
NEH-128-21-22.pdf Newcastle Hospital Replacement of inverter for speed queen washing machine in laundry 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
NEH-129-21-22.pdf Newcastle Hospital Re-condition gearbox for airstream compressor model nom-scr20m Cancelled 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
UKH 0026.22.pdf Umzimukhulu Hospital Pest control services 2021/06/23 2021/07/06
UKH 0011.22.pdf Umzimukhulu Hospital Patient trousers 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
UKH 0012.22.pdf Umzimukhulu Hospital Patient clothing 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
UKH 0028.22.pdf Umzimukhulu Hospital 20lt plastic buckets 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
UKH 0027.22.pdf Umzimukhulu Hospital Men;s golf shirts 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
UKH 0029.22.pdf Umzimukhulu Hospital Medication box 2021/06/23 2021/06/30
13.21.22.ZUL.pdf Zululand District Office sypply and deliver paper photocopy a4 white 80g 2021/06/23 2021/07/01
IMB80.pdf Imbalenhle CHC servicing of boreholes 2021/06/23 2021/07/02
ZNQ-OS 108-2021-2022.pdf Osindisweni Hospital service provider requird to carry out annual service to entire sewer pumpstation as per schedule 2021/06/23 2021/07/05
ZNQ-OS-106-2021-2022.pdf Osindisweni Hospital service provider required to suply and install steel buglar gaurs which are epoxy coated 2021/06/23 2021/07/05
ZNQ-OS-107-2021-2022.pdf Osindisweni Hospital volumetric building no 1 main range- four toilet unit 3.6m x 3.0mt 2021/06/23 2021/07/05
ZNQ-OS-104-2021-2022.pdf Osindisweni Hospital removal of existing flooring of the identified rooms which are used for covid wards 2021/06/23 2021/07/05
ZNQ-OS-105-2021-2022.pdf Osindisweni Hospital service provider required to remove electrical s foot flourescent double light fittingd 2021/06/23 2021/07/05
ZNQ-OS-109-2021-2022.pdf Osindisweni Hospital service provider required to carry out annual service to emergency standby generator 2021/06/23 2021/07/05
ZNQ-OS-111-2021-2022.pdf Osindisweni Hospital annual service for medical gasd station and banks 2021/06/23 2021/07/05
ZNQ-OS-110-2021-2022.pdf Osindisweni Hospital service foe all fire equipment  2021/06/23 2021/07/05
EMM 227.06.2021.pdf Emmaus Hospital high pressure jet cleaning of sewer system at Dukuza clinic 2021/06/23 2021/06/30


Adverts 22 June 2021

Name Health Facility Description Opening Date Closing Date
22-2122.ADD.pdf Addington Hospital service of air-con plant at Addington  2021/06/22 2021/06/29
24-2122.ADD.pdf Addington Hospital service main air-con plant  2021/06/22 2021/06/29
47-2122.ADD.pdf Addington Hospital carry out earth monitoring service  Cancelled 2021/06/22 2021/06/29
70-2122.ADD.pdf Addington Hospital service 04 generator sets  2021/06/22 2021/06/29
71-2122.ADD.pdf Addington Hospital service all ups  2021/06/22 2021/06/29
96-2122.ADD.pdf Addington Hospital service 02 diesel tanks and 03 make up tanks Cancelled 2021/06/22 2021/06/29
103-2122.ADD.pdf Addington Hospital service 13 transformers and 25 switch gears  2021/06/22 2021/06/29
104-2122.ADD.pdf Addington Hospital service of 2 washing machine in laundry  2021/06/22 2021/06/29
115-2122.ADD.pdf Addington Hospital service 3 electrical tilting pans  2021/06/22 2021/06/29
28-2122.ADD.pdf Addington Hospital change hepa filters and do particle count  2021/06/22 2021/06/29
97-2122.ADD.pdf Addington Hospital service 03 electrical oil jacket pots  2021/06/22 2021/06/29
27-2122.ADD.pdf Addington Hospital service all air handling units in tower block  2021/06/22 2021/06/29
BET-0137-21-22.pdf Bethesda Hospital ADULT HOSPITAL BED HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE 2021/06/22 2021/06/29
znq-clw-0077-21-22.pdf Clairwood Hospital renovations to supply chain management  2021/06/22 2021/07/27
znq-clw-0078-21-22.pdf Clairwood Hospital supply and install meranti doors  2021/06/22 2021/07/13
znq-clw-0074-21-22.pdf Clairwood Hospital infrared thermal imaging of lv electrical distribution boards and compliance reporting  2021/06/22 2021/07/13
znq-clw-0081-21-22.pdf Clairwood Hospital installation of hvac system in cssd  2021/06/22 2021/07/13
znq-clw-0079-21-22.pdf Clairwood Hospital installation and service of airconditioners  2021/06/22 2021/07/06
97.21.22.EDN.pdf Edendale Hospital Labels size: 60mm X 40mm 2021/06/22 2021/06/30
375.21.22.EDN.pdf Edendale Hospital 3 Way urethral catheters coudet tip Size: 22FR, 20FR & 24FR 2021/06/22 2021/06/30
370.21.22.EDN.pdf Edendale Hospital Premicath 1FR Catheter with polyurethane material 2021/06/22 2021/06/30
313.21.22.EDN.pdf Edendale Hospital Uniform 2021/06/22 2021/06/30
EDN 295.21-22.pdf Edendale Hospital Supply personal protective equipment (PPE)  2021/06/22 2021/06/30
EDN 67.21-22.pdf Edendale Hospital Physiotherapy : Ergometers - static cycle  2021/06/22 2021/06/30
EDN 443.21-22.pdf Edendale Hospital Jade Green theatre gowns various size  2021/06/22 2021/06/30
EDN 1083.21-22.pdf Edendale Hospital Emergency replacing of disc (impro) plus master disc for reprogramming 2021/06/22 2021/06/30
EDN 409.21.22.pdf Edendale Hospital Workshop consumables 2021/06/22 2021/06/30
EDN 408.21-22.pdf Edendale Hospital ECG Electrodes adult 2021/06/22 2021/06/30
EGU31-21-22.pdf EG and Usher Memorial Hospital Gas supression system 2021/06/22 2021/06/29
EGU32-21-22.pdf EG and Usher Memorial Hospital Oxygen suction plant rooms 2021/06/22 2021/06/29
EGU34-21-22.pdf EG and Usher Memorial Hospital Diesel tank and Genset 2021/06/22 2021/06/29
EGU36-21-22.pdf EG and Usher Memorial Hospital 3 Year Govt inspection boiler 2 2021/06/22 2021/06/29
EGU37-21-22.pdf EG and Usher Memorial Hospital Servicing Kitchen equipment 2021/06/22 2021/06/29
EST 216.pdf Estcourt Hospital Wall mounted infrared heaters Cancelled 2021/06/22 2021/07/08
EST 217.pdf Estcourt Hospital Supply & Air conditioners 2021/06/22 2021/07/08
EST 219.pdf Estcourt Hospital Supply & Deliver Electrical material 2021/06/22 2021/07/01
Est 221.pdf Estcourt Hospital Fit notice boards 2021/06/22 2021/07/01
Est220.pdf Estcourt Hospital Wall mounted diagnostic sets Cancelled 2021/06/22 2021/07/01
EST 218.pdf Estcourt Hospital Supply & Deliver Uniforms for staff Cancelled 2021/06/22 2021/07/01
gjc195-21-22.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital gloves non sterile:large powder free 2021/06/22 2021/06/29
gjc194-21-22.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital gloves non sterile :small powder free 2021/06/22 2021/06/29
gjc193-21-22.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital crutches wooden adult 2021/06/22 2021/06/29
gjc196-21-22.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital 18cm mini bore extension set neutron and luer slip 2021/06/22 2021/06/29
gjc203-21-22.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital impression syringex1 impression material & hardener x10 2021/06/22 2021/06/29
gjc165-21-22.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital spectacles-bifocal and single vision-12months contract 2021/06/22 2021/06/29
gjc166-21-22.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital trial frame adult x01 trial frame paediatric x01 2021/06/22 2021/06/29
HOH0297.pdf Head Office Quotations Mobile Trolleys 2021/06/22 2021/06/29
LEM.050.21.22.pdf Ilembe District Office Desktop computers 2021/06/22 2021/06/29
LEM.052.21.22.pdf Ilembe District Office Cleaning of building and office 2021/06/22 2021/06/29
143.21.22-IALCH.pdf Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital The femoral venous cannula sizes 2021/06/22 2021/06/28
115.21.22-IALCH.pdf Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital Disposable Ph Catheter Alpine  2021/06/22 2021/06/28
130.21.22-IALCH.pdf Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital Soft interleaves tissue 500 sheet 2021/06/22 2021/06/28
132.21.22-IALCH.pdf Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital Thin wall stretch graft