Quotation Adverts : July 2022

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29 July 2022

Name Health Facility Description Opening Date Closing Date
GTW 21.04.22-23.pdf Greytown Hospital Major service to airconditioning  2022/07/29 2022/08/09
GTW 34.06.22-23.pdf Greytown Hospital Baby diaper Large and Premature 2022/07/29 2022/08/04
KDH 212 22 23.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex carpentry tools 2022/07/29 2022/08/08
KMG51-22-23.pdf KwaMagwaza Hospital INSTALLATION OF PERIMETER LIGHTS AT KWAMAGWAZA HOSPITAL 2022/07/29 2022/08/18
KMG 71-22-23.pdf KwaMagwaza Hospital URGENT REIRS TO FAULTY LAUNDRY WASHING MACHINE 2022/07/29 2022/08/05
NEH-191-22-23.pdf Newcastle Hospital aterial line transducer giving set 2022/07/29 2022/08/03
NEH-188-22-23.pdf Newcastle Hospital blood admin sets & tpn sets 2022/07/29 2022/08/03
NEH-192-22-23.pdf Newcastle Hospital Step on mat size 90x150cm and stap on mat size 60x115cm 2022/07/29 2022/08/03
RVH 63-07-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital servicing of cold room 2022/07/29 2022/08/09
RVH -664-07-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital service air conditioner and 6 months after service 2022/07/29 2022/08/09
RVH 62-07-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital service 4.5 kg dry chemical power fire extinguisher 2022/07/29 2022/08/05
RVH 61-07-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital servicing theatre table and replacement of its accessories 2022/07/29 2022/08/05
RVH 65-07-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital service of bore-hole pump and human consumption water testing 2022/07/29 2022/08/05
RVH 60-07-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital servicing of surgical light theatre distribution board  2022/07/29 2022/08/05
RVH 59-07-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital servicing of fire detection system 2022/07/29 2022/08/05
RVH-50-07-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital infinity basic sets 2022/07/29 2022/08/05
RVH 49-07-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital vision blue 2022/07/29 2022/08/05
RVH-31-07-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital surgical gowns sterile for theatre use disposable 2022/07/29 2022/08/05
RVH 51-07-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital vaginal speculum medium and large 2022/07/29 2022/08/05
RVH 55-07-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital quality foaming washing powder 50kg 2022/07/29 2022/08/05
RVH 48-07-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital foldable lenses and hard lenses 2022/07/29 2022/08/05
RVH 58-07-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital tournique medium and large 2022/07/29 2022/08/05
RVH 56-07-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital fabric softener 25 liters 2022/07/29 2022/08/05
RVH 57-07-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital patient record male blue and child white 2022/07/29 2022/08/05
RVH 54-07-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital arch lever files 2022/07/29 2022/08/05
RVH 52-07-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital cover health services slip cover 2022/07/29 2022/08/05
RVH 53-07-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital diathermy (courtly) 2022/07/29 2022/08/05
umh71.22-23.pdf Umgeni Hospital Panties, vests & boxer shorts 2022/07/29 2022/08/05
UMH67.22-23.pdf Umgeni Hospital Uniform ot & psychio dept uniform & takkies 2022/07/29 2022/08/05
UMH68.22-23.pdf Umgeni Hospital Uniform ppe assorted items 2022/07/29 2022/08/05
UMG 32-22-23.pdf Umgungundlovu District Office N95 mask 2022/07/29 2022/08/04
UMG 103-22-23.pdf Umgungundlovu District Office Cleaning detergents 2022/07/29 2022/08/04
UMK 029.22.23.pdf Umkhanyakude District Office TB STATIONERY Cancelled 2022/07/29 2022/08/10
UMK 031.22.23.pdf Umkhanyakude District Office MMC STATIONERYCancelled 2022/07/29 2022/08/10
356.22.23adh.pdf Addington Hospital bloodgas syringes 2022/07/29 2022/08/03
cbh0083.pdf Catherine Booth Hospital cash in transit service 2022/07/29 2022/08/04
cjm0098.pdf Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital Supply & Install 60w led solar yard lights & repair the existing electrical yard 3clinics:Mhlungwane, Zamimpilo & Mkhonjane Clinic. 2022/07/29 2022/08/16
cjm0099.pdf Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital Construction of waste storage cages to 11 clinics: Mangeni,Masotsheni,Nondweni,Felani,Isandlwane,Hlati Dam,Kwanyezi,Mkhonjane,Ntinini,Nkande & Gateway Clinic 2022/07/29 2022/08/16
cjm00100.pdf Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital Supply & deliver: Sanitary pads, maternity with loops Autoclavable Dr white non-woven absorbent. 2022/07/29 2022/08/04
cjm00101.pdf Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital Supply & deliver:Themostatic,Chest drainage,Diathermy plate,Sterisheet green,Buttefly needle 19G,Needle 29G orange & Eye bands. 2022/07/29 2022/08/04
DGW-131.pdf Doris Goodwin Hospital Supply and Install Food Waste Disposer Cancelled 2022/07/29 2022/08/11
GJM-293-22-23.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital Stationery 2022/07/29 2022/08/04
GJM-294-22-23.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital Sutures 2022/07/29 2022/08/04
GJM-297-22-23.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital Blood Gas Syringes 2022/07/29 2022/08/04
GJM-300-22-23.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital Mackintosh Roll Heavy Duty 2022/07/29 2022/08/04
LSH755-22-23.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Supply and deliver diesel Cancelled 2022/07/29 2022/08/02
OSI 41_22_23.pdf Osindisweni Hospital Autorefractor 2022/07/29 2022/08/05
PSH 310 22 23.pdf Port Shepstone Hospital install awning at southport clinic 2022/07/29 2022/07/11
PSH312 22 23.pdf Port Shepstone Hospital repair/replace fence at southport clinic 2022/07/29 2022/07/11
PSH311 22 23.pdf Port Shepstone Hospital repair/extend brick wall at southport clinic 2022/07/29 2022/07/11
Pmm-173-22-23.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 40 boxes, Suture  67-70cm 2/0 Vs176(Vs453G); 252 boxes, Suture Vs21 3260SQ( V524G), 28 boxes Suture 140cm 2/0 (V617G) 2022/07/29 2022/08/03
Pmm-65-22-23.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 07 boxes, Syringes Ct multipack 200l Hp 2022/07/29 2022/08/03
pmm-251-22-23.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 41 units, catheter premicath 28G 2022/07/29 2022/08/03
Pmm-254-22-23.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 124 boxes, syringe sterile heparinised without needle 3ml (Blood gas) 2022/07/29 2022/08/03
RKK288.22-23.pdf RK Khan Hospital Replace Fire Line and Pressure Reducing Valve - Re Advertised 2022/07/29 2022/08/05
RKK289.22-23.pdf RK Khan Hospital Replacement Of Roof in Medical Waste Area 2022/07/29 2022/08/05
RKK368.22-23.pdf RK Khan Hospital Supply Of Apron Disposable  - Green 2022/07/29 2022/08/05
RKK369.22-23.pdf RK Khan Hospital Supply of Books , Admission, Transfer and Discharge Register 2022/07/29 2022/08/05
RKK370.22-23.pdf RK Khan Hospital Supply Of Catheter Mount  2022/07/29 2022/08/05
RKK371.22-23.pdf RK Khan Hospital Supply Of Reading Spectacles 2022/07/29 2022/08/05
RKK372.22-23.pdf RK Khan Hospital Supply of Sterile Mayo Stand Covers  - 75cm x 140cm 2022/07/29 2022/08/05
RKK373.22-23.pdf RK Khan Hospital Supply of 3 Inch Internal Paddle  2022/07/29 2022/08/05
RKK374.22-23.pdf RK Khan Hospital Supply of Various Stationery Item  2022/07/29 2022/08/05
sah 191-22-23.pdf St Andrews Hospital repair of roof ( santombe clinic) Cancelled 2022/07/29 2022/08/12
sah 190-22-23.pdf St Andrews Hospital repair of roof ( meadowsweet clinic) Cancelled 2022/07/29 2022/08/12
Kmg 52-22-23.pdf KwaMagwaza Hospital SERVICE/CLEANING OF WATER TANKES 2022/07/29 2022/08/18
Kmg 54-22-23.pdf KwaMagwaza Hospital SRVICING/CLEANING OF WATER TANKERS  2022/07/29 2022/08/18
Kmg 55-22-23.pdf KwaMagwaza Hospital MAJOR SERVICE TO AIR CONDITIONING UNITS AND MUNUS 40 FRIDGES 2022/07/29 2022/08/18
Kmg 66-22-23.pdf KwaMagwaza Hospital SERVICING/CLEANING OF WATER TANKERS 2022/07/29 2022/08/18
Kmg 67-22-23.pdf KwaMagwaza Hospital SERVICING/CLEANING OF WATER TANKERS 2022/07/29 2022/08/18
Kmg 69-22-23.pdf KwaMagwaza Hospital SERVICING/CLEANING OF WATER TANKERS 2022/07/29 2022/08/18
Kmg 70-22-23.pdf KwaMagwaza Hospital MAJOR SERVICE TO AIR CONDITIONIGNAND MINUS 40 FRIDGES 2022/07/29 2022/08/18
kmg 68-22-23.pdf KwaMagwaza Hospital SERVICE/CLEANIG OF WATER TANKERS 2022/07/29 2022/08/18
RKK289.22-23.pdf RK Khan Hospital Replacement of Roof in Medical Waste Area  - Re Advertised 2022/07/29 2022/08/12
ZNQ.RKK375.22-23.pdf RK Khan Hospital Repairs to Steam Leaks  2022/07/29 2022/08/05
STC154-156-157-158-155.pdf St Chads CHC stationery or printed items 2022/07/29 2022/08/05
STC54-66-04-123.pdf St Chads CHC stationery items 2022/07/29 2022/08/05
STC-153.22.23.pdf St Chads CHC replacement of broken ceramic tiles and door at sgweje clinic 2022/07/29 2022/08/05
Full HOH.0584.23.pdf Head Office Quotations Installation of Evaporator unit Ilembe district- kwadukuza MLM 2022/07/29 2022/08/04
dpm288.pdf Dr Pixley ka Isaka Seme Memorial Hospital swabs guaze  2022/07/29 2022/08/03
Pmm-250-22-23.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 214 Units, catheter closed suction 6Fr 270-300mm 2022/07/29 2022/08/03
Pmm-252-22-23.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 19124 units, sets admin I.V 45mm 20 drops , 1.8mm adult use 2022/07/29 2022/08/03
Pmm-253-22-23.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 339 boxes, Test kit (syphilis) I.P.R 2022/07/29 2022/08/03
Pmm-57-22-23.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 150 pkts, Razor medical shaving double edge single use 2022/07/29 2022/08/03
PSH 213-2223.pdf Port Shepstone Hospital supply & install water tank, awning and repair roof at marburg clinic 2022/07/29 2022/07/14
sah 191-22-23.pdf St Andrews Hospital repair of roof (santombe clinic) 2022/07/29 2022/08/12
sah 190-22-23.pdf St Andrews Hospital repair of roof ( meadowsweet clinic) 2022/07/29 2022/08/12


28 July 2022

Name Health Facility Description Opening Date Closing Date
239.22.23ADH.pdf Addington Hospital disposable surgical gowns 2022/07/28 2022/08/03
243.22.23ADH.pdf Addington Hospital mini volume extention set 2022/07/28 2022/08/03
245.22.23ADH.pdf Addington Hospital rapid readout biological indicator 2022/07/28 2022/08/03
253.22.23ADH.pdf Addington Hospital handheald electro sugical pencil 2022/07/28 2022/08/03
322.22.23ADH.pdf Addington Hospital polypectomy snares 2022/07/28 2022/08/03
323.22.23ADH.pdf Addington Hospital endoscopic spot marker 2022/07/28 2022/08/03
325.22.23ADH.pdf Addington Hospital disposable biopsy forceps 2022/07/28 2022/08/03
329.22.23ADH.pdf Addington Hospital disposable ligator multibands 2022/07/28 2022/08/03
330.22.23ADH.pdf Addington Hospital sclerotherapy needles 2022/07/28 2022/08/03
331.22.23ADH.pdf Addington Hospital bowie dick test packs 2022/07/28 2022/08/03
332.22.23ADH.pdf Addington Hospital disposable vaginal speculums 2022/07/28 2022/08/03
GJM-286-22-23.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital Consumables for eye therapy 2022/07/28 2022/08/05
GJM-289-22-23.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital Insulin Syringes 1 ml 2022/07/28 2022/08/05
GJM-291-22-23.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital Kits Chest Drainage Adult 2022/07/28 2022/08/05
IAL-447-22-23.pdf Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital Kit full heart study, standard size 2022/07/28 2022/08/02
IAL-485-22-23.pdf Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital Embolization particles 2022/07/28 2022/08/02
IAL-509-22-23.pdf Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital Convex urostomy one piece bags 15mm -43mm 2022/07/28 2022/08/02
IAL-573-22-23.pdf Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital Pre-heparinised for blood sampling. 3ml 2022/07/28 2022/08/02
IAL-574-22-23.pdf Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital Port shielded bladed obturator with fixation sleeve advanced 11x100mm and 5ml leur lock 2022/07/28 2022/08/02
MZH-346-22-23.pdf Manguzi Hospital adhesive tape indicator 2022/07/28 2022/08/02
MZH-323-22-23.pdf Manguzi Hospital sp02 adult and peads 2022/07/28 2022/08/02
SAP61.2022.2023.pdf St Apollinaris Hospital Supply and deliver linen 2022/07/28 2022/08/04
007.NKA.22.23.pdf Nkandla Hospital Supply, install ,commission one  22 kw air to water pump 2022/07/28 2022/08/05
GTW 04.06.22-23.pdf Greytown Hospital Security uniform 2022/07/28 2022/08/04
GTW 10.06.22-23.pdf Greytown Hospital SCM Uniform Cancelled 2022/07/28 2022/08/04
GAM093.pdf Gamalakhe CHC Plambing material 2022/07/28 2022/08/02
GAM094.pdf Gamalakhe CHC Supply and install megicard machine 2022/07/28 2022/08/02
PSH300-22223.pdf Port Shepstone Hospital ring pessary 2022/07/28 2022/08/02
PSH238-2223.pdf Port Shepstone Hospital blood gas recording paper 2022/07/28 2022/08/02
PSH305-2223.pdf Port Shepstone Hospital re-usable patient return electrode 2022/07/28 2022/08/02
PSH304-2223.pdf Port Shepstone Hospital filters for airvo hi-flow oxygen unit 2022/07/28 2022/08/02
UKH 0041.23.pdf Umzimukhulu Hospital Mortice lock set 2022/07/28 2022/08/02
HLE 041-22-23.pdf Hlengisizwe CHC Replace broken network cable and install network point 2022/07/28 2022/08/08
HLE 172-22-23.pdf Hlengisizwe CHC Shelters for KZN vehicles 2022/07/28 2022/08/08
HLE 171-22-23.pdf Hlengisizwe CHC Link new building to generator, install floodlights 2022/07/28 2022/08/08
HLE 143-22-23.pdf Hlengisizwe CHC Electrical material 2022/07/28 2022/08/08
HLE 170-22-23.pdf Hlengisizwe CHC Interior / exterior painting 2022/07/28 2022/08/08
EST 316.pdf Estcourt Hospital 24x30cm grid channel 2022/07/28 2022/08/04
EST 317.pdf Estcourt Hospital gastrostomy feeding tube 24fr diaameter 7-10ml balloon 2022/07/28 2022/08/04
EST 318.pdf Estcourt Hospital absorbable heamostat oxidised regenerated cellulose 200mmx50mm 2022/07/28 2022/08/04
EST 309.pdf Estcourt Hospital sensura 1 piece open apaque 10x76mm,bravo powder  2022/07/28 2022/08/04
HOH 0571.pdf Head Office Quotations sound system 2022/07/28 2022/08/04
HOH 0573.pdf Head Office Quotations KZN DOH branded gazebos 2022/07/28 2022/08/04


27 July 2022

Name Health Facility Description Opening Date Closing Date
EDU 095.22.23.pdf Edumbe CHC uniform (chw's) 2022/07/27 2022/08/02
EDU 108.22.23.pdf Edumbe CHC Pedal bins 2022/07/27 2022/08/02
EDU 109.22.23.pdf Edumbe CHC delivery and offload diesel and petrol 2022/07/27 2022/08/02
EDU 115.22.23.pdf Edumbe CHC painting material 2022/07/27 2022/08/02
EDU 110.22.23.pdf Edumbe CHC painting of paulpietersburg clinic 2022/07/27 2022/08/02
EDU 112.22.23.pdf Edumbe CHC servicing of generator  2022/07/27 2022/08/02
KEV182.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital Adhesive transparent post-op wound dressing 44x55cm. 2022/07/27 2022/08/01
KEV316.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital Accessories for Panetti endoscopic ear surgery instrument. 2022/07/27 2022/08/01
KEV346.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital Uterine balloon tamponade 2022/07/27 2022/08/01
KEV426.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital Supply of theatre linen and re-usable protective theatre clothing. 2022/07/27 2022/08/01
nko187-22-23.pdf Nkonjeni Hospital supply biological indicator 2022/07/27 2022/08/01
nko188-22-23.pdf Nkonjeni Hospital supply chemical indicator for use with bowie and dick 2022/07/27 2022/08/01
nko202-22-23.pdf Nkonjeni Hospital supply diesil for standby generator 2022/07/27 2022/08/01
nko186-22-23.pdf Nkonjeni Hospital supply castel iron sewer and storm drain main cover 2022/07/27 2022/08/01
nko200-22-23.pdf Nkonjeni Hospital supply syphilis test kit 2022/07/27 2022/08/01
nko201-22-23.pdf Nkonjeni Hospital supply paper photocopy A4 white bond 80gsm 2022/07/27 2022/08/01
nko185-22-23.pdf Nkonjeni Hospital annual service of ups 2022/07/27 2022/08/01
PSH 309-2223.pdf Port Shepstone Hospital Dressing sponge gelatin absorbable standard 75X50X10MM 2022/07/27 2022/07/29
umh69.22-23.pdf Umgeni Hospital Slip-on sneakers 2022/07/27 2022/08/03
UMZ 76-08-2022.pdf Umzinyathi District Office Replacement of Roller Door 2022/07/27 2022/08/05
VRH-233-22-23.pdf Vryheid Hospital cutting of trees from ground and trim trees next to the gate at mason clinic and deep cleaning mortuary coldroom and office roofs  2022/07/27 2022/08/05
BCHC 19-22-23.pdf Bruntville CHC Jojo tank with booster pump at mpofana clinic 2022/07/27 2022/08/01
COS128-22-23.pdf Church of Scotland Hospital Servicing of water storage tanks 2022/07/27 2022/08/02
COS129-22-23.pdf Church of Scotland Hospital 12 Months contract for sucking and disludging septic tanks 2022/07/27 2022/08/02
EMS276.07.22.pdf Emmaus Hospital supply and install new rhino board cielings at stores 2022/07/27 2022/08/05
EMM286.07.22.pdf Emmaus Hospital supply and install barrier at main entrance 2022/07/27 2022/08/05
GJM-260-22-23.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital Ravens CPM SA Kit 2022/07/27 2022/08/04
GJM-278-22-23.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital Bougie Gum Elastic Disposal 2022/07/27 2022/08/04
GJM-279-22-23.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital Finesse Filter Pack 2022/07/27 2022/08/04
HGD16202223.pdf Harry Gwala District Office Supply and deliver of Home base Care Kit to the various institutions 2022/07/27 2022/08/03
HGD17202223.pdf Harry Gwala District Office Supply and deliver of ladies shoes and mens shoes 2022/07/27 2022/08/03
105.KCD.22.23.pdf King Cetshwayo District Office CLINICAL STATIONERY  2022/07/27 2022/08/01
ZNQ114.KCD.22.23.pdf King Cetshwayo District Office jumb bag (advanced life support) & (intermediate life support bag) 2022/07/27 2022/08/01
KEV426 Amended.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital Supply of theatre linen & protective clothing 2022/07/27 2022/08/01
kev354.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital SINGLE PLATE DIATHERMY 2022/07/27 2022/08/01
KEV446.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital AIRWAY GUIDAL 2022/07/27 2022/08/01
KEV405.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital SUTURE 1 BROWN CHROMIC CATGUT 2022/07/27 2022/08/01
LSH 712 - 22 - 23.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Wall Mounted / Portable Diagnostic Sets Direct Opthalmoscope + Retinoscopes 2022/07/27 2022/08/02
LSH 713 - 22 - 23.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Hearing Aid Analyser (Primus Fitting Unit Pro) 2022/07/27 2022/08/02
LSH 714 - 22 - 23.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Adjustable Trial Frames for Adult and Children 2022/07/27 2022/08/02
LSH 715 - 22 - 23.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Stationery Bike-Cardiothoracic Trainer with Vital Signs Monitor Respiratory Rate, Heat Rate etc, & Different Resistance Mode Adjustable 2022/07/27 2022/08/02
LSH 716 - 22 - 23.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Supply and Deliver Portable Binocular InDirect Opthalmocope with 20 Diopters Lens 2022/07/27 2022/08/02
LSH 666 - 22 - 23.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Supply and Deliver Detergent Laundry LSD 2000 - SABS Approved 25kg 2022/07/27 2022/08/02
OSI 155-2022-23.pdf Osindisweni Hospital Floor sweeper red, white, blue, green and yellow 2022/07/27 2022/08/01
SAH 178.22.23.pdf St Andrews Hospital uniform 2022/07/27 2022/07/29
SAH 145.22.23.pdf St Andrews Hospital mutual 2&6 bay locker dual locking safe 2022/07/27 2022/07/29
SAH 125.22.23.pdf St Andrews Hospital cleaning material Cancelled 2022/07/27 2022/07/29
PSH313-2223.pdf Port Shepstone Hospital Red Bags 910mmX760mmX50 Micron 2022/07/27 2022/08/02


26 July 2022

Name Health Facility Description Opening Date Closing Date
dan 080.22.23.pdf Dannhauser CHC supply installation  of aircon split units 2022/07/26 2022/08/05
ESW-16-23.pdf Eshowe Hospital sutures 2022/07/26 2022/08/02
ESW-17-23.pdf Eshowe Hospital head count 2022/07/26 2022/08/02
GJC 187 - 22 - 23.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital TELLY SHED WITH SHELVING 2022/07/26 2022/07/29
GJC 269 - 22 - 23.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital Supply swivel black bonded leather high back chairs +/- 150kg. crome armrest and base. 2022/07/26 2022/07/29
GRS 161-04-22.pdf Grey’s Hospital Suture Grasper 14 Gauge 15cm length Sterile 2022/07/26 2022/08/02
GRS 210-04-22.pdf Grey’s Hospital Portable Handheld Non-Contract Vein Finder that can Display the Veins Beneath the Surface of the skin in for peripheral intravenous cannulation 2022/07/26 2022/08/02
GRS 315-04-22.pdf Grey’s Hospital Stocknatte Surgical Cotton Type, Knitted Unbleached Size: A  150mm x 25m 2022/07/26 2022/08/02
GRS 342-04-22.pdf Grey’s Hospital Supply Parts to repair in Hospital: Cables for Beds and Pistons for Beds 2022/07/26 2022/08/02
GRS 372-04-22.pdf Grey’s Hospital Supply Bag Filters - Sizes: 600 x 600 x 600 and 300 x 600 x 600 - 95% efficiency 2022/07/26 2022/08/02
GRS 846-05-22.pdf Grey’s Hospital Controlled Suction Catheter 10fr  2022/07/26 2022/08/02
GRS 1181-06-22.pdf Grey’s Hospital Disposable Adult Yankauer Suction Nozzle with Rosetip. Must be sterile must have manufacture and expiry dates 2022/07/26 2022/08/02
GRS 1400-07-22.pdf Grey’s Hospital Endoscopic Single use dual ended cleaning brushes. 6mm brush either end. Separate port brush 11mm x 53 2022/07/26 2022/08/02
GRS 1417-07-22.pdf Grey’s Hospital Paediatric tracheostomy tube cuffless, Size: 3.5 PED  ID: 3.5mm  OD: 5.2mm, length 40mm with a Universal 15mm connector 2022/07/26 2022/08/02
GRS 1418-07-22.pdf Grey’s Hospital Adult tracheostomy tube cuffless Size:  7.0 fenestrated ID: 7.0mm OD:  10.4mm length 74mm with a Universal 15mm connector 2022/07/26 2022/08/02
GRS 1439-07-22.pdf Grey’s Hospital Peripherally inserted Central Venous Polyurethane Catheter 1fr, 28g 2022/07/26 2022/08/02
GRS 4067-01-22.pdf Grey’s Hospital Methylene Blue Dye 1ml Staning Solution Sterile 2022/07/26 2022/08/02
GRS 4374-02-22.pdf Grey’s Hospital Self Expanding Nitinol Bilary Stent 10mm x 60mm and 10mm x 80mm length 800mm 2022/07/26 2022/08/02
GRS 4486-03-22.pdf Grey’s Hospital Supply Collection and Transporting services for waste recycling project at Grey's Hospital for 24 Months period 2022/07/26 2022/08/02
GRS 4529-03-22.pdf Grey’s Hospital 18g - 22gy Biopsy Needles Sterile item single use 20cm Luer Connection Notch length 15mm - 22mm 2022/07/26 2022/08/02
HGD14202223.pdf Harry Gwala District Office Supply and deliver of MMC Hygiene packs 2022/07/26 2022/08/02
MUR 24_22_23.pdf Murchison Hospital White bond paper photocopy A4 2022/07/26 2022/08/03
MUR 56_22_23.pdf Murchison Hospital Semi-elemental entral feeds for adult & children 2022/07/26 2022/08/03
MUR 120_22_23.pdf Murchison Hospital Contract for visual assistive devices 2022/07/26 2022/08/03
znq.phx.102.22.23.pdf Phoenix CHC supply & deliver insulin syringes 1ml with bonded needle 29g 2022/07/26 2022/08/01
ZNQPHO0752223.pdf Pholela CHC Service borehole 2022/07/26 2022/08/01
ZNQPHO0762223.pdf Pholela CHC Service, remove and install new airconditioners 2022/07/26 2022/08/01
ZNQPHO0772223.pdf Pholela CHC Service fire extinguishers  and fire hose 2022/07/26 2022/08/01
SAP51-2022-2023.pdf St Apollinaris Hospital Service provider to construct waiting area  2022/07/26 2022/08/04
SAP50-2022-2023.pdf St Apollinaris Hospital Supply,deliver and install inter-locking pavers at Qulashe clinic  2022/07/26 2022/08/04
THH 74-2022-23.pdf Town Hill Hospital Supply & Install a Hydro Boil complete 2022/07/26 2022/08/11
THH 79-2022-23.pdf Town Hill Hospital Replace Geyser & Toilets at Townhill Hospital 2022/07/26 2022/08/11
THH 80-2022-23.pdf Town Hill Hospital Repair sinkhol & Damaged Tar at entrance road to Kitchen 2022/07/26 2022/08/11
THH 62.2022-23.pdf Town Hill Hospital Supply/Deliever Crockery & Cutlery  2022/07/26 2022/08/04
THH 70.2022-23.pdf Town Hill Hospital Supply/Deliver Janitor Trolley as per spec 2022/07/26 2022/08/04
THH 71-2022-23.pdf Town Hill Hospital Suplly/Deliver Brooms & Brushes Items as indicated 2022/07/26 2022/08/04
ZNQ-VRH-230-22-23.pdf Vryheid Hospital various toner cartridges 2022/07/26 2022/07/29
BEN116.23.22.pdf Benedictine Hospital DESLUDGING OF SEPTIC TANK FOR 14 CLINICS 2022/07/26 2022/07/29
cjm0091.pdf Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital Supply and deliver : PL9 fitting round , Masonry cutting disc 230mm & Day light switch. 2022/07/26 2022/08/02
dgw110.pdf Doris Goodwin Hospital industrial heavy duty 2-speed lawnmower with briggs engine 420cc 2022/07/26 2022/07/29
dpm232-22-23.pdf Dr Pixley ka Isaka Seme Memorial Hospital labels a4 red,white and roller red labels 2022/07/26 2022/07/29
dpm237-22-23.pdf Dr Pixley ka Isaka Seme Memorial Hospital close suction catheter for paedriatric and neonatal; size 6fr, 8fr,and 10fr 2022/07/26 2022/07/29
dpm240-22-23.pdf Dr Pixley ka Isaka Seme Memorial Hospital batteries power 9v 2022/07/26 2022/07/29
dpm254-22-23.pdf Dr Pixley ka Isaka Seme Memorial Hospital cover urinals  2022/07/26 2022/07/29
dpm253-22-23.pdf Dr Pixley ka Isaka Seme Memorial Hospital disposable bedpan cover  2022/07/26 2022/07/29
dpm272-22-232.pdf Dr Pixley ka Isaka Seme Memorial Hospital lin bins size6,7 and 8 2022/07/26 2022/07/29
dpm409-22-23.pdf Dr Pixley ka Isaka Seme Memorial Hospital microclave connectors with luer sterile 2022/07/26 2022/07/29
dpm407-22-23.pdf Dr Pixley ka Isaka Seme Memorial Hospital dinifecting for needles connectors 2022/07/26 2022/07/29
dpm278-22-23.pdf Dr Pixley ka Isaka Seme Memorial Hospital stationary  2022/07/26 2022/07/29
dpm252-22-23.pdf Dr Pixley ka Isaka Seme Memorial Hospital theatre tags card operation identification  2022/07/26 2022/07/29
dpm243-22-23.pdf Dr Pixley ka Isaka Seme Memorial Hospital push rod drain/pipe inspection  2022/07/26 2022/07/29
dpm256-22-23.pdf Dr Pixley ka Isaka Seme Memorial Hospital syringe hypodemic luer sterile single use 10ml 2022/07/26 2022/07/29
dpm279-22-23.pdf Dr Pixley ka Isaka Seme Memorial Hospital stationery  2022/07/26 2022/07/29
EST 294.pdf Estcourt Hospital Servicing of generators 2022/07/26 2022/08/04
HOH.0416.23.pdf Head Office Quotations To Renovate/Upgrading the Ablutions at Natalia Building 2022/07/26 2022/08/02
HLB 041-22-23.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Plumbing materials 2022/07/26 2022/08/02
HLB 059-22-23.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Adult female patient record 2022/07/26 2022/08/02
HLB 055-22-23.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Major service for laundry equipments 2022/07/26 2022/08/02
HLB 056-22-23.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Major service for main kitchen equipments 2022/07/26 2022/08/02
HLB 054-22-23.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Stationery 2022/07/26 2022/08/02
HLB 060-22-23.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Cling wrap cater roll 2022/07/26 2022/08/02
KDH 219 22 23.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex repair street lights msb 2022/07/26 2022/08/08
KDH 221.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex Suction catheter with finger control - size : 8/10/14/6 FG 2022/07/26 2022/08/01
KDH 130.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex Syringe Pump Extension Set 2022/07/26 2022/08/01
KDH 222.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex Loops - DLP - W11x03- White 2022/07/26 2022/08/01
KDH 223.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex Syphillis test kit - rapid 2022/07/26 2022/08/01
376.2223.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Laundry detergent - 25lt 2022/07/26 2022/07/29
377.2223.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Paracetic acid - 25lt 2022/07/26 2022/07/29
396.2223.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Disposable gowns 2022/07/26 2022/07/29
397.2223.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Disposable scrub suits 2022/07/26 2022/07/29
401.2223.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Theatre surgeon's gown 2022/07/26 2022/07/29
OTH-065-2022-2023.pdf Othobothini CHC Replacement of 24000 BTU air conditioner at Makhathini clinic 2022/07/26 2022/07/29
OTH-066-2022-2023.pdf Othobothini CHC Stationery 2022/07/26 2022/07/29
EGU 30-22-23.pdf EG and Usher Memorial Hospital Servicing airconditioners and coldrooms 2022/07/26 2022/08/05
EGU 18-22-23.pdf EG and Usher Memorial Hospital Ecg recording paper 2022/07/26 2022/07/29
EGU 34-22-23.pdf EG and Usher Memorial Hospital Mobile dental suction unit 2022/07/26 2022/07/29
ITS 141.22.23.pdf Itshelejuba Hospital supply and delivery of orthopaedic gloves 2022/07/26 2022/08/01
ITS 144.22.23.pdf Itshelejuba Hospital supply and delivery of patient linen 2022/07/26 2022/08/01
ITS 146.22.23.pdf Itshelejuba Hospital supply and delivery of garbage bags 2022/07/26 2022/08/01
ITS 071.22.23.pdf Itshelejuba Hospital supply and delivery of laundry soap detergent 2022/07/26 2022/08/01
Ndh  298 22 23.pdf Northdale Hospital uniforms  2022/07/26 2022/07/29
Ndh 293 22 23.pdf Northdale Hospital goods  2022/07/26 2022/07/28
OSI 126-22-23.pdf Osindisweni Hospital Install a 10m Lx4.5m W x 2.5m H stainless steel general waste storage cage 2022/07/26 2022/08/01
OSI 129-22-23.pdf Osindisweni Hospital To supply and install new electrical cable  2022/07/26 2022/08/01
OSI 132-22-23.pdf Osindisweni Hospital to remove the existing Calorifier in catering and install new complete calorifier 2022/07/26 2022/08/01
OSI 90-22-23.pdf Osindisweni Hospital Delivery trollies  2022/07/26 2022/08/01
OSI 154-22_23.pdf Osindisweni Hospital Supply general waste trollies  2022/07/26 2022/08/01


25 July 2022

Name Health Facility Description Opening Date Closing Date
cbh0061.pdf Catherine Booth Hospital supply and deliver anti-bacterial hand wash soap  2022/07/25 2022/07/28
COS027-22-23.pdf Church of Scotland Hospital Plumbing spares 2022/07/25 2022/07/27
COS128-22-23.pdf Church of Scotland Hospital Disludge septic tank and sewerline in primary health care 2022/07/25 2022/07/27
GRS 1133.pdf Grey’s Hospital Supply Conti Suits (SABS Approved) 100% Cotton Set 2022/07/25 2022/08/02
GRS 1120.pdf Grey’s Hospital Navy Jersey V Neck - Male  2022/07/25 2022/08/02
GRS 1122.pdf Grey’s Hospital Female Navy Skirts 2022/07/25 2022/08/02
GRS 1117.pdf Grey’s Hospital Uniform  2022/07/25 2022/08/02
GRS 1353.pdf Grey’s Hospital Mens Lace Up Shoes (Black)  2022/07/25 2022/08/02
GRS 1343.pdf Grey’s Hospital Khakhi Uniform & Steel Toe Cap Boots 2022/07/25 2022/08/02
GRS 1352.pdf Grey’s Hospital Security Uniform  2022/07/25 2022/08/02
GRS 1121.pdf Grey’s Hospital Light Blue Short Sleeve Shirts  2022/07/25 2022/08/02
GRS 1125.pdf Grey’s Hospital Black Safety Shoes  2022/07/25 2022/08/02
GRS 1118.pdf Grey’s Hospital Powder Blue Female Short Sleeve Shirts 2022/07/25 2022/08/02
KEV406-22.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital supply and instsll of a refrigeration control alarm 2022/07/25 2022/08/22
KEV409-22.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital repair security electronic access doors Cancelled 2022/07/25 2022/08/22
KEV407-22.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital service oto aircon Cancelled 2022/07/25 2022/08/15
KEV408-22.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital repair split units 2022/07/25 2022/08/15
KEV415.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital Airway exchange catheter with blunt tip 14fr. 2022/07/25 2022/08/01
KEV416.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital Retrograde intubating set 14fr. 2022/07/25 2022/08/01
KEV417.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital Mission haemoglobin test strips. 2022/07/25 2022/08/01
KEV418.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital Barci fascial closure instruments. 2022/07/25 2022/08/01
KEV419.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital Nasal packing standard for adult & paediatrics. 2022/07/25 2022/08/01
KEV421.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital Sterile, absorbable strap fixation devices. 2022/07/25 2022/08/01
KEV422.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital Uncuffed fenestrated tracheostomy tubes, different sizes. 2022/07/25 2022/08/01
KEV423.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital Radiation decontamination liquid 1lt. 2022/07/25 2022/08/01
KEV424.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital Acid citrate dextrose  solution 500ml 2022/07/25 2022/08/01
KEV425.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital Wooden bobath plinth. 2022/07/25 2022/08/01
KEV427.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital Cuff Rae oral tracheal tube with murphy eye, diffent sizes. 2022/07/25 2022/08/01
KEV428.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital Re-usable intubating introducers and intubating catheters. 2022/07/25 2022/08/01
KEV429.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital Disp. antree intubation catheter 19fr. 2022/07/25 2022/08/01
KEV430.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital Non-occlusive airway dilation balloon, different sizes. 2022/07/25 2022/08/01
KEV431.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital Synthetic splint system 12.5 x4.6m. 2022/07/25 2022/08/01
KEV445.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital Re-usable bougie endotracheal tube introducer with coude tip. 2022/07/25 2022/08/01
KEV426.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital Supply of theatre linen & re-usable protective clothing. Cancelled 2022/07/25 2022/08/01
104.2223.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Laminating pouch - A3 2022/07/25 2022/07/29
133.2223.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Catheter heamaturia - 24FG, 2way 2022/07/25 2022/07/29
151.2223.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Oxford handbooks 2022/07/25 2022/07/29
231.2223.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Acapella DH vibratory pep therapy and posture mirror 2022/07/25 2022/07/29
314.2223.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Wechsler adult intelligence scale and Conners rating scale 2022/07/25 2022/07/29
372.2223.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Single use lubricated catheters 2022/07/25 2022/07/29
378.2223.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Cards, carrier out-patient 2022/07/25 2022/07/29
379.2223.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Paper photocopy A3 white bond 80gsm 2022/07/25 2022/07/29
380.2223.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Books, kitbook 2022/07/25 2022/07/29
381.2223.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Books manuscript - A4, 2quire 2022/07/25 2022/07/29
382.2223.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Adult female patient health record 2022/07/25 2022/07/29
383.2223.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Adult male patient health record 2022/07/25 2022/07/29
384.2223.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Headcount register 2022/07/25 2022/07/29
385.2223.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Luer slip hypodermic syringe - 3ml 2022/07/25 2022/07/29
MZH-317-22-23.pdf Manguzi Hospital A4 photocopying paper white 80gsm  2022/07/25 2022/07/28
SMM.120.23.pdf St Mary’s Marianhill Hospital EXECUTIVE DESK AND BOARDROOM TABLE  Cancelled 2022/07/25 2022/07/29
SMM.119.23.pdf St Mary’s Marianhill Hospital VARIOUS FURNITURE Cancelled 2022/07/25 2022/07/29
SMM.121.23.pdf St Mary’s Marianhill Hospital VARIOUS FURNITURE Cancelled 2022/07/25 2022/07/29
160-22-23.pdf Addington Hospital major & minor service to 4 oil jacket pots Cancelled 2022/07/25 2022/08/05
159-22-23.pdf Addington Hospital major & minor service to 3 electrical tilting pans Cancelled 2022/07/25 2022/08/05
cjm0090.pdf Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital Supply and deliver :Re-enforced disposable surgical gowns, sterile (blue) with 2hand towels size: xxxl 2022/07/25 2022/08/02
EST 294.pdf Estcourt Hospital service of generators 2022/07/25 2022/08/04
GJM-217  22.23.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital check,assess and repair to pa system in pharmacy department 2022/07/25 2022/07/28
GJM-268  22.23.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital stationery materials 2022/07/25 2022/07/28
GJM-249  22.23.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital maintenance uniforms 2022/07/25 2022/07/28
GJM-254  22.23.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital plumbing materials 2022/07/25 2022/07/28
GJM-253  22.23.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital electrical materials 2022/07/25 2022/07/28
HOH.0541.23.pdf Head Office Quotations Supply and deliver Blood sampling analyser & metronome 2022/07/25 2022/07/28
mad393.pdf Madadeni Hospital De-sludging of septic tank at clinics (12 months contract) 2022/07/25 2022/07/27
mad394.pdf Madadeni Hospital Pushing of coal (12 months contract) 2022/07/25 2022/07/27
OTH-060-2022-2023.pdf Othobothini CHC Hospital linen & patient clothing 2022/07/25 2022/07/29
sah 446.22.23.pdf St Andrews Hospital cash register machine  2022/07/25 2022/07/29
UTH01-22-23.pdf Uthukela District Office PHOTOCOPY PAPER WHITE A4 (50 BOXES) 2022/07/25 2022/08/01
UTH30-22-23.pdf Uthukela EMS RE-JACKING OF PARK-HOMES AT VARIOUS EMS FACILITIES   2022/07/25 2022/08/01
GJM-274-22-23.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital Dial A Flow Regulators 2022/07/25 2022/07/29
HOH.0530.23.pdf Head Office Quotations Cleaning of Building and Offices at Nseleni CHC for the period of six months 2022/07/25 2022/08/02
QNR375.pdf Queen Nandi Hospital Cannula Intravenous 24g with introducer needle 2022/07/25 2022/07/28
QNR379.pdf Queen Nandi Hospital Folders Out - Patient Record 2022/07/25 2022/07/28
QNR374.pdf Queen Nandi Hospital Glove surgical surgeons, size: 7 2022/07/25 2022/07/28
UMP0419-22-23.pdf Umphumulo Hospital pest control services for a period of 12 months at mthandeni clinic see attached specification Cancelled 2022/07/25 2022/07/29
UMP0418-22-23.pdf Umphumulo Hospital pest control services for a period of 12 months at Umphumulo Hospital see attached specification Cancelled 2022/07/25 2022/07/29
UMP0477-22-23.pdf Umphumulo Hospital repairs to network cable at Asset management, paeds, male ward ,  finance and PHC Cancelled 2022/07/25 2022/07/29
UMP0248-22-23.pdf Umphumulo Hospital network points Cancelled 2022/07/25 2022/07/29
UMP0271-22-23.pdf Umphumulo Hospital advertisement of scraps gyser , hyster , and trailer for hyster Cancelled 2022/07/25 2022/07/29
UMP1085-22.pdf Umphumulo Hospital patient recovery stretches-hydraulic controlled, height adjustable see attached specification Cancelled 2022/07/25 2022/07/29


22 July 2022

Name Health Facility Description Opening Date Closing Date
AMA009-22-23.pdf Amajuba District Office A4 white copy paper contract 2022/07/22 2022/07/27
Edu095.22.23.pdf Edumbe CHC uniform 2022/07/22 2022/07/28
EDU065.22.23.pdf Edumbe CHC plumbing material 2022/07/22 2022/07/28
Edu076.22.23.pdf Edumbe CHC stationery 2022/07/22 2022/07/28
Edu085.22.23.pdf Edumbe CHC health record cover 2022/07/22 2022/07/28
ETK84.07.22-23.pdf eThekwini Metro district office Garden and grounds (05 Months)  2022/07/22 2022/07/29
MAS 46.pdf KwaMashu CHC Cleaning of Garden & Gounds 2022/07/22 2022/08/10
Mas 44.pdf KwaMashu CHC Cleaning of Garden & Grounds 2022/07/22 2022/08/10
Mas 47.pdf KwaMashu CHC Cleaning of Garden & Grounds 2022/07/22 2022/08/10
MAS 45.pdf KwaMashu CHC Cleaning of Garden & Grounds 2022/07/22 2022/08/10
MAS 31.pdf KwaMashu CHC Supply Diagnostic Set 2022/07/22 2022/07/27
MAS 64.pdf KwaMashu CHC Supply Comprehensive Taxbook 2022/07/22 2022/07/27
MAS 63.pdf KwaMashu CHC Supply  Introesseous Needles 2022/07/22 2022/07/27
MAS 61.pdf KwaMashu CHC Service Medical Oxygen Plant 2022/07/22 2022/07/27
MAS 65.pdf KwaMashu CHC Supply Hypordemic Disposable Syringes 2022/07/22 2022/07/27
MAS 56.pdf KwaMashu CHC Unblock underground sewer 2022/07/22 2022/07/27
MAS 55.pdf KwaMashu CHC Supply and Install Geysers 2022/07/22 2022/07/27
MAS 33.pdf KwaMashu CHC Supply Torch-Rechargable Led  2022/07/22 2022/07/27
MAS 42.pdf KwaMashu CHC Supply High Disinfecting Powder Sodium 100g 2022/07/22 2022/07/27
MAS 04.pdf KwaMashu CHC Supply & Install 50mm HDPE Water inlet and stand pipe to water Tank 2022/07/22 2022/07/27
MAS 66.pdf KwaMashu CHC Supply  Hypordemic Needles 19 g 2022/07/22 2022/07/27
LCP 106 2022.pdf KZN Central Provincial Laundry Terreline Guide tape rolls x 100 2022/07/22 2022/07/29
LCP 107 2022.pdf KZN Central Provincial Laundry Ironer wax (Doll Wax) 5 kg bucket x 60 2022/07/22 2022/07/29
advert - mch - 131-22.pdf McCord Hospital Single Vision Spectacles CR39 (stock & surfaced )  2022/07/22 2022/07/28
advert - mch - 147-22.pdf McCord Hospital Cleaning of Gardens and Grounds  2022/07/22 2022/07/28
advert - mch - 133-22.pdf McCord Hospital Glaucoma Ahmed Valve Length 25.4mm - Inner and Outer D 2022/07/22 2022/07/28
MUR 138-22-23.pdf Murchison Hospital Annual staff uniform (waste management and general orderly 2022/07/22 2022/07/29
NEH-181-22-23.pdf Newcastle Hospital wall mountable elbow operated stainless steel handsoap & handrub dispenser 2022/07/22 2022/07/27
NEH-183-22-23.pdf Newcastle Hospital dry laser film for carestream x-ray equipment 2022/07/22 2022/07/27
RVH23072022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital photocopy paper a4,210x297mm 500 sheets 160 cie whiteness (80g/m2 2022/07/22 2022/07/28
RVH 24072022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital requisition for psychotropic and adult female patient health record 2022/07/22 2022/07/28
RVH 31-07-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital sterile surgical gowns and gloves 2022/07/22 2022/07/28
RVH 25-07-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital stationery items 2022/07/22 2022/07/28
RVH 26-07-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital polymer floor polish scuf and marks resistant high gloss strips away easily with cleaning floor stripper 2022/07/22 2022/07/28
RVH 27-07-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital bleach(multi purpose removes stains and also whitening clothes 25 lt 2022/07/22 2022/07/28
RVH 28-07-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital cleaning material 2022/07/22 2022/07/28
ZNQ RVH 29-07-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital patient strecher with 4 wheels,rails on both sides,drip stand and water proof mattress 2022/07/22 2022/07/28
ZNQ 30-07-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital intensive care crib-infant resuscitator 2022/07/22 2022/07/28
ZNQ RVH 32-07-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital infusion pump syringe 2022/07/22 2022/07/28
UMK 020.22.23.pdf Umkhanyakude District Office A4 paper photocopier Cancelled 2022/07/22 2022/07/28
UMK 023.22.23.pdf Umkhanyakude District Office jumper bag with contents Cancelled 2022/07/22 2022/07/28
UMK 024.22.23.pdf Umkhanyakude District Office medical male circumcision hygiene pack Cancelled 2022/07/22 2022/07/28
UTH28-22-23.pdf Uthukela District Office Body bags 2022/07/22 2022/07/29
UTH27-22-23.pdf Uthukela EMS Cleaning material 2022/07/22 2022/07/29
317.22.23ADH.pdf Addington Hospital linen towels jade green 2022/07/22 2022/07/29
320.22.23ADH.pdf Addington Hospital adult female patient health record 2022/07/22 2022/07/29
ctk06-2022-2023.pdf Christ the King Hospital supply and deliver electrical material  2022/07/22 2022/07/29
EST 290.pdf Estcourt Hospital Servicing of all fire equipment 2022/07/22 2022/08/04
EST 291.pdf Estcourt Hospital Supply and install xpanda gates 2022/07/22 2022/08/04
EST 270.pdf Estcourt Hospital dressing gown child blue and pink 2022/07/22 2022/07/28
EST 277.pdf Estcourt Hospital blankets navy large Cancelled 2022/07/22 2022/07/28
EST 281.pdf Estcourt Hospital protective clothing epwp  2022/07/22 2022/07/28
EST 289.pdf Estcourt Hospital pap strirrer s/steel 1200mm, can opener ,alluminium scoop flat 2022/07/22 2022/07/28
EST 275.pdf Estcourt Hospital Supply and deliver hand wash soap liquid 5l 2022/07/22 2022/07/28
HOH.0511.23.pdf Head Office Quotations Supply and delivery of Heavy Duty storage box for Archiving documents 2022/07/22 2022/07/28
NDW41-22.23.pdf Ndwedwe CHC Replacement of damaged roof ceiling @ Wosiyana Clinic 2022/07/22 2022/08/01
NDW89-22.23.pdf Ndwedwe CHC concrete paving in entrance gate @ Thafamasi clinic 2022/07/22 2022/08/01
NDW91-22.23.pdf Ndwedwe CHC Remove timber door and install aluminium door with frame 2022/07/22 2022/08/01
NDW92-22.23.pdf Ndwedwe CHC Partitioning in Martenity and Pharmacy 2022/07/22 2022/08/01
NDW93-22.23.pdf Ndwedwe CHC installation of airconditioners @ Thafamasi clinic 2022/07/22 2022/08/01
NDW99-22.23.pdf Ndwedwe CHC Replacement of vinyl sheeting @ Mwolokohlo clinic 2022/07/22 2022/08/01
NDW101-22.23.pdf Ndwedwe CHC Aluminium frame with door and curtain rail track @ thafamasi 2022/07/22 2022/08/01
NDW102-22.23.pdf Ndwedwe CHC Replacement of street light fittings 2022/07/22 2022/08/01
NDW104-22.23.pdf Ndwedwe CHC storm water v drain @ Wosiyane clinic 2022/07/22 2022/08/01
NDW105-22.23.pdf Ndwedwe CHC replace damaged aluminium gutter and boom gate 2022/07/22 2022/08/01
NGW603.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital renovations to state house number 21 peace cresent  2022/07/22 2022/07/27
NGW652.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital patient mobilization chair drop arm covulescent recliner 2022/07/22 2022/07/27
NGW620.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital prontosan wound gel 250g 2022/07/22 2022/07/27
NGW619.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital prontosan wound gel 50g 2022/07/22 2022/07/27