Quotation Adverts : October 2022

Note : Manguzi Hospital,  Ilembe District Office and Emmaus district hospital currently have technical issues with their server.  Service providers are requested to place hardcopies of bid documents in the tender box, and not to  submit via email .
Note : Emails at Madadeni Hospital.  Service providers are requested to place hardcopies of bid documents in the tender box located in the hospital, and not to submit via email
Note : eDumbe CHC is experiencing network problems, they further request for service providers to hand deliver their documents.


31 October

Name Health Facility Description Opening Date Closing Date
kev640.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital supply & print cards prescription repeat 2022/10/31 2022/11/07
KEV748-22.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital servicing of mv switch gear 11000 2022/10/31 2022/11/14
KEV749-22.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital servicing of mini substation 2022/10/31 2022/11/14
KEV750-22.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital service the fire panels in oto 2022/10/31 2022/11/14
KEV757-22.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital diesel fuel remediation and tank cleaning and servicing of nursery generator 2022/10/31 2022/11/14
KEV758-22.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital supply ahu pocket filters and all seals for oto 2022/10/31 2022/11/21
GJM 587.22.23.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital Supply and install CCTV cameras 2022/10/31 2022/11/11
KDH 377.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex Cuffed nasal tracheal tube with murphey eyes north facing tube 3.5 & 4.0 2022/10/31 2022/11/07
KDH 475.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex Tyvek rolls 75mm x 70mm 2022/10/31 2022/11/07
KDH 478.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex Neuro Suctioin Catheter Tips 2022/10/31 2022/11/07
KDH 473.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex VY Connector 2022/10/31 2022/11/07
KDH 514.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex Neonatal Plastic Wraps - Clear ( S/M/L) 2022/10/31 2022/11/07
KDH 515.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex Bilirubin Blanket - Newborn  2022/10/31 2022/11/07
KDH 338.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex CADD Administration set Set Ordinary - White Line (sterile) 2022/10/31 2022/11/07
KDH 342.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex Combined Spinal / Epidural pack with lock 26G /16G 2022/10/31 2022/11/07
KDH 518.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex CG4 I Stat Blood Gas Cartridge 2022/10/31 2022/11/07
KDH 345.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex Kit Chest drainage complete - adult (sterile) 1500-2000ML 2022/10/31 2022/11/07
KDH 537.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex Bags Paper Steam Steri 4 2022/10/31 2022/11/07
KDH 536.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex Bag paper medical for steam sterilizatioin (aspetor bag) size:7 2022/10/31 2022/11/07
KDH 535.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex Bag paper medical for steam sterilization (aspetor bag) size: 6 2022/10/31 2022/11/07
KDH 521.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex Body bag - XL (white) 2022/10/31 2022/11/07
KDH 254 OF 22-23.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex adult paediatric aed pacing pads set 2022/10/31 2022/11/07
KDH 264 OF 22-23.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex pvc silicone tubing 2022/10/31 2022/11/07
KDH 428 OF 22-23.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex auto premium ld soap 25 litre 2022/10/31 2022/11/07
COS221-22-23.pdf Church of Scotland Hospital sutures 2022/10/31 2022/11/04
COS231-22-23.pdf Church of Scotland Hospital disposable body bags 2022/10/31 2022/11/04
COS223-22-23.pdf Church of Scotland Hospital control suctions 2022/10/31 2022/11/04
GJC530-22-23.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital Supply material & repair to B1 ward & reception damaged ceiling board 2022/10/31 2022/11/09
GJC531-22-23.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital Supply material & repair fallen doors, supply & install folded trellidor burglaguards 2022/10/31 2022/11/09
LSH1436-22-23.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Supply and deliver forms chart observation,forms out-patient continuation sheet and folders
-patient record
2022/10/31 2022/11/03
LSH1413-22-23.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Supply and deliver post delivery maternity sanitary towels, without loops 300x100mm 2022/10/31 2022/11/03
LSH1344-22-23.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Supply and deliver polycarbonate bowls,cups,plates and camsquare translucent 2022/10/31 2022/11/03
LSH1416-22-23.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Supply and deliver pillows standard polyster white 70cmx44cmx570gram 2022/10/31 2022/11/03
LSH1411-22-23.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Supply and deliver spectacles and low vision devices for a contract of 06 months 2022/10/31 2022/11/03
LSH1439.pdf Ladysmith Hospital capentry materials 2022/10/31 2022/11/04
lsh1438.pdf Ladysmith Hospital plumbing materials 2022/10/31 2022/11/04
MAL.0212.23.pdf Mfundo Arnold Lushaba CHC Stationery 2022/10/31 2022/11/04
MAL.0215.23.pdf Mfundo Arnold Lushaba CHC Set,X-Ray request form; general file and carrier card 2022/10/31 2022/11/04
MAL.0214.23.pdf Mfundo Arnold Lushaba CHC Files 2022/10/31 2022/11/04
MAL.0213.23.pdf Mfundo Arnold Lushaba CHC Diaries 2022/10/31 2022/11/04
MAL.0216.23.pdf Mfundo Arnold Lushaba CHC Stamps 2022/10/31 2022/11/04
OTH-139-22-23.pdf Othobothini CHC Home based care kit 2022/10/31 2022/11/07
MAL.0211.23.pdf Mfundo Arnold Lushaba CHC Install new sceptic tank and divert sewer line to a new sceptic tank and soak pit 2022/10/31 2022/11/10
OTH-102-22-23.pdf Othobothini CHC Pedal bins and wheelie bins  2022/10/31 2022/11/07
OTH-131-22-23.pdf Othobothini CHC Photocopying paper A4 2022/10/31 2022/11/03
pmm-539-22-23.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 150 pkt, razor (medical) surgical shaving  2022/10/31 2022/11/04
EST 592-.pdf Estcourt Hospital dust pink dresses- short sleeve  2022/10/31 2022/11/10
EST 590-.pdf Estcourt Hospital protective clothing for general orderlies 2022/10/31 2022/11/10
pmm-538-22-23.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 440 boxes, needle iv cannula jelco 24g 2022/10/31 2022/11/04
NKO 416.pdf Nkonjeni Hospital Supply chromic catgut length 75cm gauge 2 (taper point) 2022/10/31 2022/11/03
NKO 417.pdf Nkonjeni Hospital Supply strps for hgt cera check blood glucometer machine 2022/10/31 2022/11/03
NKO 418.pdf Nkonjeni Hospital Supply strips hgt test hgt meter mission 2022/10/31 2022/11/03
NKO 419.pdf Nkonjeni Hospital Supply dressing primapore 20cmx10cm 2022/10/31 2022/11/03
NKO 420.pdf Nkonjeni Hospital Supply reading glasses 2022/10/31 2022/11/03
OSI 233-22-23.pdf Osindisweni Hospital supply and fit  720 x 1400/1890mm Hood type Dish washer 2022/10/31 2022/11/07
71-2223-LCM.pdf Regional Laundry Cato Manor Supply & deliver and install glass & aluminium frames 2022/10/31 2022/11/04
HOH0984-23.pdf Head Office Quotations Supply, deliver of aluminium barcodes 2022/10/31 2022/11/03
HOH1191-23.pdf Head Office Quotations Supply, deliver and replacement of UPS batteries at Townhill office park 2022/10/31 2022/11/08
cjm00188.pdf Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital Supply & deliver :Powder blue T-shirt Marked Dept. of Health. 2022/10/31 2022/11/10
clw-0216-22-23.pdf Clairwood Hospital linen laundry uniform 2022/10/31 2022/11/08
clw-0219-22-23.pdf Clairwood Hospital tick register 2022/10/31 2022/11/08
clw-0214-22-23.pdf Clairwood Hospital photocopy a4 2022/10/31 2022/11/08
IAL-1127-22-23.pdf Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital Sponge Absorbable 7cm x 5cm x 1cm 2022/10/31 2022/11/03
clw-0115-22-23.pdf Clairwood Hospital servicing of firedoors 2022/10/31 2022/11/08
IAL-1196-22-23.pdf Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital Phenylalanine Free Feed Containing Other Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids,
 Carbohydrates, Vitamins and Trace Elements 500G
2022/10/31 2022/11/03
clw-0218-22-23.pdf Clairwood Hospital supply hot water from ward7 to cssd and supply hot water from ward5 to ward4 2022/10/31 2022/11/15
PMM-514-22-23.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 1400 Units, spectacles  2022/10/31 2022/11/04
clw-0159-22-23.pdf Clairwood Hospital update  biometric system in pharmacy and repair electrical doors pharmacy  2022/10/31 2022/11/15
clw-0220-22-23.pdf Clairwood Hospital fabricate,supply and install entrance gate and cladding  2022/10/31 2022/11/15
clw-0221-22-23.pdf Clairwood Hospital annual calibration service of freezer  2022/10/31 2022/11/15
clw-0217-22-23.pdf Clairwood Hospital servicing of firedoors  2022/10/31 2022/11/15
OSI 78-22-23.pdf Osindisweni Hospital To assess catering equipment , identify faults and repair . 2022/10/31 2022/11/07
OSI 243-22-23.pdf Osindisweni Hospital supply high pressure copper type oxygen pigtails with bullnose connection on the cylinder ,
 supply O-ring viton green 111
2022/10/31 2022/11/04
OSI 310-22-23.pdf Osindisweni Hospital Cash in Transit for 12months 2022/10/31 2022/11/04
OSI 301-22-23.pdf Osindisweni Hospital De - Ironiser water purifier machine 2022/10/31 2022/11/04
82-2223-LCM.pdf Regional Laundry Cato Manor Replace bearings & put new moulding on wheels and re align drums on dryers 1,3,4,5,6 &7 2022/10/31 2022/11/04
IAL-1133-22-23.pdf Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital Filter Thermovent T Standard Size, Light Weight ". 2022/10/31 2022/11/03
IAL-1194-22-23.pdf Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital Suture 2-0 100cm 3/8c 90mm Reverse Cutting 2-0 2022/10/31 2022/11/03
IAL-1191-22-23(amanded).pdf Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital Haemostatic Patch with an Absorbable Sealant Made of Glycol 2x4; Haemostatic Patch with an
 Absorbable Sealant made of Glycol 5x10
2022/10/31 2022/11/03
IAL-1142-22-23.pdf Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital  - Ligaclip Multiple Clip Applier Titanium Clips, 30 medium titanium clips 29.2cm Applier;
Ligaclip Multiple Clip Applier, 20 Small Titanium Clips 23.8cm Applier
2022/10/31 2022/11/03
EST 573-.pdf Estcourt Hospital sphygmomanometer, electronic (hospital grade) specification 2022/10/31 2022/11/10
EST 572-.pdf Estcourt Hospital freezer refrigerator thermometer material: metal  2022/10/31 2022/11/10
142-22-23.pdf Addington Hospital black safety shoes  2022/10/31 2022/11/04
143-22-23.pdf Addington Hospital boots men black with safety toe cap  2022/10/31 2022/11/04
kev630.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital flat file fasteners  2022/10/31 2022/11/07
BCHC37-22-23.pdf Bruntville CHC Supply and delivery of office equipment 2022/10/31 2022/11/04
BCHC34-22-23.pdf Bruntville CHC Supply and delivery of oil plant 2022/10/31 2022/11/04
BCHC09-22-23.pdf Bruntville CHC Supply and delivery of stationary 2022/10/31 2022/11/04
bchc70-22-23.pdf Bruntville CHC Supply and Delivery of Electrical Material 2022/10/31 2022/11/04
EST 596.pdf Estcourt Hospital steam steriliser- table top 5 litres h .t .s spec S124 surgical 2022/10/31 2022/11/10



28 October

Name Health Facility Description Opening Date Closing Date
KEV755-22.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital repairs to to theatre 2 air conditioning 2022/10/28 2022/11/14
KEV385-22.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital repair to security electronic access doors 2022/10/28 2022/11/07
KEV409-22.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital repair to security access door 2022/10/28 2022/11/07
498-22-23.pdf Addington Hospital cash in transit services for 12 months  2022/10/28 2022/11/04
UGU.0127.22-23.pdf Ugu District Office Condom dispensers x 100 2022/10/28 2022/10/04
EPH184-2022-23.pdf Ekuhlengeni Psychiatric Hospital remove palisade fencing - supply install 44 meters clear view  2022/10/28 2022/11/07
UTH06-22-23 PDF.pdf Uthukela District Office Maintenance 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
UTH31-22-23 PDF.pdf Uthukela District Office Maintenance 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
UTH59-22-23 PDF.pdf Uthukela District Office Tyre chains - rescue equipment 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
UTH60-22-23 PDF.pdf Uthukela District Office Lexmark toner and drums 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
UTH08-22-23 PDF.pdf Uthukela District Office Maintenance - servicing of fire fighting equipment 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
UTH09-22-23 PPDF.pdf Uthukela District Office Adult clinical chart prep 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
UTH68-22-23 PDF.pdf Uthukela District Office Office furniture 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
277-22  MGM.pdf Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital Supply and deliver diesel for generator 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
UMK 059-22-23.pdf Umkhanyakude District Office Domestic equipment  2022/10/28 2022/11/03
UMK 065-22-23.pdf Umkhanyakude District Office Basic life support jumper bags  2022/10/28 2022/11/03
UMK 066-22-23.pdf Umkhanyakude District Office Jumper bags with content Cancelled 2022/10/28 2022/11/03
UMK 067-22-23.pdf Umkhanyakude District Office A4 white photocopying paper  2022/10/28 2022/11/03
GJM-583-22-23.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital Dishwashing Liquid 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
GJM-584-22-23.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital Catheter Suction 6fg 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
GJM-585-22-23.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital Rebreather Mask Adult 100% 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
NDW154-22.23.pdf Ndwedwe CHC Gloves examination non sterile  2022/10/28 2022/11/02
302.2223.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Two-lumen hemodialysis catheterization set with blue tip catheter 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
MAS172-22-23.pdf KwaMashu CHC Supply Intraosseous  neddles 2022/10/28 2022/11/02
303.2223.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Full - kit 63cm coiled catheter with double cuff 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
MAS 201-22-23.pdf KwaMashu CHC Cleaning of Building  and ablotion 2022/10/28 2022/11/02
314.2223.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Wechsler adult intelligence scale and Conner's rating scale 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
MAS 204-22-23.pdf KwaMashu CHC Supply conveen security plus urisheath 30ml 2022/10/28 2022/11/02
661.2223.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Collar and cuff 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
727.2223.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Diaries - A4 and A5 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
MAS 202-22-23.pdf KwaMashu CHC Supply Tick register 2022/10/28 2022/11/02
728.2223.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Library books as per list attached 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
STC-218,219,119,195,201,185,187-22-23.pdf St Chads CHC Surgical sundries 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
STC-284-22-23.pdf St Chads CHC Repair Sluice Washing Machine 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
GJM 581.22.23.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital Ink cartridges 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
EDN 325.22.23.pdf Edendale Hospital Supply Of Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
569.22.23ADH.pdf Addington Hospital maternity sanitary towels 2022/10/28 2022/11/03
HLB 218-22-23.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Folders out-patient record, form out-patient record, maternity case record, file covers brown department of health and card out-patient record 2022/11/01 2022/11/08
HLB 213-22-23.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Cleaning detergents 2022/11/01 2022/11/08
HLB 211-22-23.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Multiplug 3x16A with surge 2022/11/01 2022/11/08
HLB 212-22-23.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Tow tractor electric federal yellow 2022/11/01 2022/11/08
HLB 217-22-23.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Envelope brown B4 and envelope brown window  2022/11/01 2022/11/08
cbh0221.pdf Catherine Booth Hospital service of theatre lights.  2022/10/28 2022/11/04
HLB 216-22-23.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Arch lever file A4, indian files, file fastners 80mm and duplicate pen carbon book A4 2022/11/01 2022/11/08
cbh0222.pdf Catherine Booth Hospital annual service for infrared imaging and ups 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
cbh0220.pdf Catherine Booth Hospital supply and deliver plumbing materials 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
HLB 214-22-23.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Spoon plastic white strong type 2022/11/01 2022/11/08
cbh0196.pdf Catherine Booth Hospital repairs to kitchen ablutions and cold rooms 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
HLB 209-22-23.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Supply and install television 81cm 2022/11/01 2022/11/15
cjm00176 (AMENDED QUOTE).pdf Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital Supply & deliver : White body bags size : Medium, Large, X Large 2022/10/28 2022/11/03
CBH0223.pdf Catherine Booth Hospital supply and deliver toner catridges 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
EST 585.pdf Estcourt Hospital covers npa health 2022/10/28 2022/11/03
ITS 213.22.23.pdf Itshelejuba Hospital supply and delivery of syphillis test kits 5 months contract 2022/10/28 2022/11/03
ITS 241.22.23.pdf Itshelejuba Hospital supply and delivery of kitchen appliances 2022/10/28 2022/11/03
ITS 238.22.23.pdf Itshelejuba Hospital supply and delivery of electrical appliances 2022/10/28 2022/11/03
ITS 234.22.23.pdf Itshelejuba Hospital supply and delivery of x-ray envelopes 2022/10/28 2022/11/03
ITS 115.22.23.pdf Itshelejuba Hospital supply and delivery of pastor chairs 2022/10/28 2022/11/03
ITS 224.22.23.pdf Itshelejuba Hospital supply and delivery of patient health record book child 2022/10/28 2022/11/03
ITS 216.22.23.pdf Itshelejuba Hospital removal of pit toilet at kwashoba clinic 2022/10/28 2022/11/03
ITS 237.22.23.pdf Itshelejuba Hospital supply and delivery of office furniture 2022/10/28 2022/11/03
INA 147-22-23.pdf Inanda CHC supply and fit x-panda gate with slim lock 2022/10/28 2022/11/03
Ama061.22.23.pdf Amajuba District Office Hardware2 2022/10/28 2022/11/02
ctk56-2022-2023.pdf Christ the King Hospital supply and deliver cervical punch biopsy  2022/10/28 2022/11/04
INA 168-22-23.pdf Inanda CHC repairs to filling cabinet at patient admin 2022/10/28 2022/11/03
INA 182-22-23.pdf Inanda CHC replace new double miranti door with viewing glass panel 2022/10/28 2022/11/03
INA 193-22-23.pdf Inanda CHC erect shelter at inanda chc  2022/10/28 2022/11/03
INA 230-22-23.pdf Inanda CHC outdoor rollup blinds for paediatrics waiting area 2022/10/28 2022/11/03
POM-0136-22-23.pdf Pomeroy CHC Servicing of medical gas banks 2022/10/28 2022/11/02
DDE-00300-22-23.pdf Dundee Hospital Install and prefabricate guards huts 2022/11/01 2022/11/09
INA 232-22-23.pdf Inanda CHC supply and install medical wash hand basin 2022/10/28 2022/11/03
POM-0106-22-23.pdf Pomeroy CHC Servicing of sewer plant 2022/10/28 2022/11/02
DDE-00297-22-23.pdf Dundee Hospital Cannula iv without injection port and wings 2022/11/01 2022/11/09
APP200.22-23.pdf Appelsbosch Hospital Cleaning of windows 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
UMZ266-22-23.pdf Umzinyathi District Office Supply and deliver rescue equipment 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
APP201.22-23.pdf Appelsbosch Hospital Medical records 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
UMZ263-22-23.pdf Umzinyathi District Office Supply and deliver rescue equipment 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
UMZ165-22-23.pdf Umzinyathi District Office Servicing of sewer lines,gutters and storm water drainage  2022/10/28 2022/11/10
UMZ268-22-23.pdf Umzinyathi District Office Supply an deliver rescue equipment 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
UMZ267-22-23.pdf Umzinyathi District Office Supply and deliver rescue equipment 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
APP202.22-23.pdf Appelsbosch Hospital Hospital cubicle curtains 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
EDN 1235.22.23_.pdf Edendale Hospital Infusion pump- Peristaltic volumetric 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
EDN 1230.22.23_.pdf Edendale Hospital Vein locator- Transilluminator 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
EDN 1199.22.23_.pdf Edendale Hospital Intraluminal circular stapler size 29mm 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
ctk 195-2022-2023.pdf Christ the King Hospital supply and deliver introducer, rebreather masks and ambubags  2022/10/28 2022/10/28
ctk 56-2022-2023.pdf Christ the King Hospital supply and deliver cervical punch biopsy  2022/10/28 2022/11/04
NMH344-22-23.pdf Niemeyer Memorial Hospital reconnection of transport section to generator supply 2022/10/28 2022/11/11
NMH345-22-23.pdf Niemeyer Memorial Hospital supply and installation of blinds and curtains 2022/10/28 2022/11/11
EDN 784-22-23.pdf Edendale Hospital Premicath-This item is made of polyurethane that softens at body temperature 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
EDN 1142-22-23.pdf Edendale Hospital Syringe insulin 1ml 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
EDN 1132-22-23.pdf Edendale Hospital Envelope small buff 114x162mm 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
EDN 1114-22-23.pdf Edendale Hospital Optical assistive in the form of glasses, case, cloth and low vision 2022/10/28 2022/11/04
EDN 1329.22-23.pdf Edendale Hospital Swabs abdominal 450mm x 370mm x 4ply-sterile 2022/10/28 2022/11/02
EDN 971.22-23.pdf Edendale Hospital Gauze swabs 100 x 100 32ply - sterile 2022/10/28 2022/11/02
HLE301-22.23.pdf Hlengisizwe CHC Interior and exterior painting 2022/10/28 2022/11/04


27 October

Name Health Facility Description Opening Date Closing Date
GJM -539-22-23.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital Cuffed ET Tubes  2022/10/27 2022/11/03
GJM -568-22-23.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital Swabs Gauze Xray Detectable 2022/10/27 2022/11/03
GJM -572-22-23.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital N95 Particulate Respiratory Mask 2022/10/27 2022/11/03
MZH-575-22-23.pdf Manguzi Hospital hand soap liquid antibacterial 5 litre 2022/10/27 2022/11/03
MZH-583-22-23.pdf Manguzi Hospital couches genuine leather 2022/10/27 2022/11/03
MZH-580-22-23.pdf Manguzi Hospital office chairs  2022/10/27 2022/11/03
MZH-581-22-23.pdf Manguzi Hospital double bed  2022/10/27 2022/11/03
MZH-578-22-23.pdf Manguzi Hospital double door fridge domestic  2022/10/27 2022/11/03
MZH-579-22-23.pdf Manguzi Hospital office desk 3 drawer  2022/10/27 2022/11/03
MZH-577-22-23.pdf Manguzi Hospital office furniture  2022/10/27 2022/11/03
MZH-582-22-23.pdf Manguzi Hospital microwave 20 litre 2022/10/27 2022/11/03
MZH-587-22-23.pdf Manguzi Hospital composite material  2022/10/27 2022/11/03
MZH-586-22-23.pdf Manguzi Hospital industrial electric pot  2022/10/27 2022/11/03
MZH-585-22-23.pdf Manguzi Hospital electrical 4 burner stove with oven  2022/10/27 2022/11/03
MZH-584-22-23.pdf Manguzi Hospital floor polishing machine  2022/10/27 2022/11/03
MZH-590-22-23.pdf Manguzi Hospital transport water tank and sip centriful water pump 2022/10/27 2022/11/03
MZH-588-22-23.pdf Manguzi Hospital after service repair to sewege pump  2022/10/27 2022/11/03
MZH-576-22-23.pdf Manguzi Hospital stainless steel armpint chaiirs 4 seater  2022/10/27 2022/11/03
MZH-572-22-23.pdf Manguzi Hospital softener fabric 25 litre 2022/10/27 2022/11/03
MZH-589-22-23.pdf Manguzi Hospital renovation to mortuary  2022/10/27 2022/11/03
OSI  314-22-23.pdf Osindisweni Hospital Industrial complete Mop   Red , White , Green , Blue , Yellow 2022/10/27 2022/11/02
OSI  316-22-23.pdf Osindisweni Hospital Polish  Floor  5Lt 2022/10/27 2022/11/02
GJM-576-22-23.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital Mask T Piece 2022/10/27 2022/11/03
GJM-577-22-23.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital Cone Callipers 2022/10/27 2022/11/03
GJC526-22-23.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital Supply material & connect steam pot, tilting pan & steam oven 2022/10/27 2022/10/31
RVH 118-09-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital cordeless inpack driver 3 mode drill  impact with clutch 2022/10/27 2022/11/02
GJC527-22-23.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital Supply material & build bronze aluminium partition & ramp 2022/10/27 2022/11/07
OTH-130-22-23.pdf Othobothini CHC Optical devices 2022/10/27 2022/11/03
MVH059.pdf Mosvold Hospital Supply Uniform Pink Dress 2022/10/27 2022/11/08
MVH319.pdf Mosvold Hospital Supply Swivel & Visitors Chairs 2022/10/27 2022/11/08
OTH-137-22-23.pdf Othobothini CHC Printer drum units & toner catridge 2022/10/27 2022/11/03
MVH321.pdf Mosvold Hospital Supply Double Bed Set 2022/10/27 2022/11/08
MVH322.pdf Mosvold Hospital Supply 4Plate Stove & Microwave 2022/10/27 2022/11/08
MVH323.pdf Mosvold Hospital SUpply Brush Cutter 2022/10/27 2022/11/08
MVH324.pdf Mosvold Hospital SUpply Lounge SUites 2022/10/27 2022/11/08
MVH325.pdf Mosvold Hospital Supply Office Desk & Information Desk 2022/10/27 2022/11/08
MVH326.pdf Mosvold Hospital Supply Dinning Room Suites 2022/10/27 2022/11/08
FNH 222-2022-23KFNH.pdf Fort Napier Hospital Janitor  trolleys 2022/10/27 2022/10/31
FNH 223-2022-23KFNH.pdf Fort Napier Hospital Anti bacterial soap & floor stripper 2022/10/27 2022/10/31
FNH224-2022-23KFNH.pdf Fort Napier Hospital Galvanised linen trolley 2022/10/27 2022/11/07
RVH 124-10-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital security uniform 2022/10/27 2022/11/02
RVH 133-10-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital servicing of dental equipment 2 dental chair 2022/10/27 2022/11/02
RVH114-09-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital desk type stappler with capacity of 20 pages 2022/10/27 2022/11/02
VRH--453-22-23.pdf Vryheid Hospital supply and deliver electrical material 2022/10/27 2022/11/02
RVH 59-07-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital servicing of fire detection system 2022/10/27 2022/11/02
VRH--459-22-23.pdf Vryheid Hospital supply and install curtains and blinds at vryheid hospital and resident homes,general ward and doctors room(with rods and rails) 1.2 2022/10/27 2022/11/04
RVH 74-08-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital paediatric admission discharge and death register covid-19 2022/10/27 2022/11/02
VRH--457-22-23.pdf Vryheid Hospital supply and deliver solid plastic containers design .  see  attached photo 2022/10/27 2022/11/04
RVH 13-09-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital appointment patient card 2022/10/27 2022/11/02
RVH 50-07-2022-2023.pdf Rietvlei Hospital infinity basic set 2022/10/27 2022/11/02
LSH 1159 - 22-23 New.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Brother printers and drums 2022/10/27 2022/11/04
kev756.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital fluorescent tubes different sizes 2022/10/27 2022/10/31
Osi 83_22_23.pdf Osindisweni Hospital File cover personal pkt/25 , File cover housing pkt/25 ,Book manuscript A4 2quire 2022/10/27 2022/11/02
cjm00181.pdf Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital Remove old existing window & Replace with new at Nondweni clinic. 2022/10/27 2022/11/10
cjm00182.pdf Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital Replacement of a damaged perimeter fence at CJM Hospital 2022/10/27 2022/11/15
psh 620-2223.pdf Port Shepstone Hospital DIARIES 2023 A4 & A3 2022/10/27 2022/11/03
cjm00185.pdf Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital Replacement of a damaged perimeter fence at Nondweni clinic 2022/10/27 2022/11/10
psh619-2223.pdf Port Shepstone Hospital REGISTER FOR SCHEDULE 7 SUBSTANCES  2022/10/27 2022/11/03
cjm00183.pdf Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital Supply & Install a steel grid (hot dip galvanized) at CJM OPD gate 2022/10/27 2022/11/15
POM-0038-22-23.pdf Pomeroy CHC Supply and deliver direct thermal labels white and ribbons dnp wax 2022/10/27 2022/11/01
POM-0104-2022-23.pdf Pomeroy CHC servicing of vacuum plant 2022/10/27 2022/11/01
POM-0129-22-23.pdf Pomeroy CHC Servicing of room air-conditioners 2022/10/27 2022/11/01
POM-0130-22-23.pdf Pomeroy CHC Servicing of room air-conditioners at the clinics falling under Pomeroy CHC 2022/10/27 2022/11/01
POM-0103-22-23.pdf Pomeroy CHC Service and repair kitchen equipment 2022/10/27 2022/11/01
Osi 20_22_23.pdf Osindisweni Hospital Form x-ray request , Register opeation for theatre , card outpatient , card appointment , card
 family planning .
2022/10/27 2022/11/02
EME220.10.22-23.pdf eThekwini Metro district office multiple maintenance repairs  2022/10/27 2022/11/07
ETK148.10.22-23.pdf eThekwini Metro district office Serviceof water reticulation system  2022/10/27 2022/11/07
FPL243.10.22-23.pdf eThekwini Metro district office Formal saline (buffered neutral 10%) 20l 2022/10/27 2022/11/07
CHL229.10.22-23.pdf eThekwini Metro district office Replacement of lightings 2022/10/27 2022/11/07
EME219.10.22-23.pdf eThekwini Metro district office multiple maintanance repairs 2022/10/27 2022/11/07
LEM.041.22.23.pdf Ilembe District Office Supply & Deliver Navy Unisex Jackets (as per specification)  2022/10/27 2022/11/04
LEM.042.22.23.pdf Ilembe District Office Supply & Deliver Navy Skirts x 1926 Units for CHW 2022/10/27 2022/11/04
LEM.095.22.23.pdf Ilembe District Office Supply & Deliver Maintenance Material 2022/10/27 2022/11/04
LSH 1328 - 22 - 23.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Renovate Guard House at Gateway Clinic security house in hospital 2022/10/27 2022/11/04
LSH 1327 - 22 - 23.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Renovate Gyard House at Main Gate Security House in Hospital 2022/10/27 2022/11/04
LSH 1330 - 22 - 23.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Renovate Flat No. 1 in Hosppital 2022/10/27 2022/11/04
LSH 1369 - 22 - 23.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Supply and Install Heat Pumps in wards 5 & 6 2022/10/27 2022/11/04
LSH 1329 - 22 - 23.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Renovate House No. 8A White Road in Ladysmith 2022/10/27 2022/11/04
DPM 694.pdf Dr Pixley ka Isaka Seme Memorial Hospital security ppe 2022/10/27 2022/11/02
PSH632-2223.pdf Port Shepstone Hospital vac granufoam dressing 2022/10/27 2022/11/01
PSH633-2223.pdf Port Shepstone Hospital vac veralink cassette 2022/10/27 2022/11/01
516-22-23.pdf Addington Hospital ammonia detergent liquid 5l  2022/10/27 2022/11/03
PSH494-2223.pdf Port Shepstone Hospital sclero therapy needles 2022/10/27 2022/11/01
558-22-23.pdf Addington Hospital furniture polish  2022/10/27 2022/11/03
PSH636-2223.pdf Port Shepstone Hospital insulated peripheral nerve block needle 22g 2022/10/27 2022/11/01
PSH 634-2223.pdf Port Shepstone Hospital vac 1000ml canister with gel 2022/10/27 2022/11/01
517-22-23.pdf Addington Hospital dishwashing liquid 750ml 2022/10/27 2022/11/03
PSH631-2223.pdf Port Shepstone Hospital vac cleanse choice dressing and veraflo dressing 2022/10/27 2022/11/01
IAL-433-22-23.pdf Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital Auto suture loading unit 30mm-2.2mm (box of 6), auto suture vascular stapler 30mm-2mm(box of 3) 2022/10/27 2022/11/01
IAL-1135-22-23.pdf Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital Mesh dermacarrer 1.5:1 (box of 20) 2022/10/27 2022/11/01
IAL-1159-22-23.pdf Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital IV bag access spike with back check valve 2022/10/27 2022/11/01
IAL-125-22-23.pdf Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital Seldinger, Minitracheostomy kit,2cm,16G tuohy needle10ml syringe, 500mm flexible tipped
 guidewire, 16fg,70mm curved dailator, 11fg,200mm curved introducer
2022/10/27 2022/11/01
IAL-1168-22-23.pdf Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital - Percutaneous access set 22G x 15cm 2022/10/27 2022/11/01
IAL-1126-22-23.pdf Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital - Needle insulin adult, Novopen 30G, 8mm &, Insulin needle 32G x 4mm 2022/10/27 2022/11/01
IAL-386-22-23.pdf Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital Sheath Introducer - Various Sizes  2022/10/27 2022/11/01
IAL-1169-22-23.pdf Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital Indwelling Arterial catheter set : Adult arterial catheterisation set with integral extension
 line 22G x 5cm 
2022/10/27 2022/11/01
IAL-1155-22-23.pdf Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital Drape steri, c-set 254cm x30cm x195cm incise: 310cm x185cm 2022/10/27 2022/11/01
IAL-1149-22-23.pdf Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital Green Uncuffed endotracheal tubes for long term use in neonate and paediatric patients
 various size
2022/10/27 2022/11/01
IAL-1101-22-23.pdf Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital Guidwire J-tip 0.25 x150cm 2022/10/27 2022/11/01
NGW929.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital needles locoplex 50mm 2026/10/22 2002/11/22
HLE302-22.23.pdf Hlengisizwe CHC AYFS service charter 2022/10/27 2022/11/04
HLE304-22.23.pdf Hlengisizwe CHC Ortho-phthaladehyde solution disclaimer signage 2022/10/27 2022/11/04
HLE300-22.23.pdf Hlengisizwe CHC Repair and replace wooden flooring and vinyl 2022/10/27 2022/11/04
HLE305-22.23.pdf Hlengisizwe CHC Standard treatment guidelines and Essential medicines list for matentiy care in South Africa 2022/10/27 2022/11/04
DPM-550-(Amemded).pdf Dr Pixley ka Isaka Seme Memorial Hospital Two peice overall set  2022/10/27 2022/11/01
DPM-551-(Amended).pdf Dr Pixley ka Isaka Seme Memorial Hospital Rain coats 2022/10/27 2022/11/01
DPM-555-(Amended).pdf Dr Pixley ka Isaka Seme Memorial Hospital Shirt and golf t-shirts 2022/10/27 2022/11/01


26 October

Name Health Facility Description Opening Date Closing Date
gjc528-22-23.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital 12 months contract for seervice of removing disposed files 2022/10/26 2022/10/31
umh104.22-23_Re-quote.pdf Umgeni Hospital industrial tumble dryer 23kg 2022/10/26 2022/10/31
KDH 517 22 23.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex service of split units 2022/10/26 2022/10/31
TON 111.pdf Tongaat CHC Stationery items 2022/10/26 2022/10/28
emm457.pdf Emmaus Hospital convert two garages to medical file rooms as per attached specification 2022/10/26 2022/11/03
GAM178.pdf Gamalakhe CHC Cladding and glazzing of waiting area at Ntabeni clinic 2022/10/26 2022/11/08
VRH--436-22-23.pdf Vryheid Hospital linen saver disposable medical underpad 4 ply 510 x 650mm 300(ctn) 2022/10/26 2022/11/04
BET0263-22-23.pdf Bethesda Hospital Repair existing septic tank at Mhlekazi clinic 2022/10/26 2022/11/03
VRH--281-22-23.pdf Vryheid Hospital white medicine plastic bags for tablets / capsules resealable (zip lock style) with printed details,, see attached pick 2022/10/26 2022/11/04
VRH--437-22-23.pdf Vryheid Hospital electro surgical handle with (needle) s101c (100 units per box) 2022/10/26 2022/11/04
VRH--431-22-23.pdf Vryheid Hospital bags paper medicine brown size 3 ,size 6 ,size 20 2022/10/26 2022/11/04
VRH--429-22-23.pdf Vryheid Hospital floor stripper 350 units 5lt,  -  cleaner all purpose  detergent 5lt 2022/10/26 2022/11/04
VRH--428-22-23.pdf Vryheid Hospital toner cartridges brother   2022/10/26 2022/11/04
VRH--435-22-23.pdf Vryheid Hospital cera check blood glucose test strips 200(boxes),, cera check plus hb test strip 200(boxes) 2022/10/26 2022/11/04
VRH--433-22-23.pdf Vryheid Hospital reliance blue 880 x 900mm,, reliance ble 880 x 1500mm 2022/10/26 2022/11/04
VRH--432-22-23.pdf Vryheid Hospital daily wipes 200pts  ( white,yellow,red,blue) 2022/10/26 2022/11/04
SAH273_26102022_090451.pdf St Andrews Hospital infra red testing for st andrews hospital 2022/10/26 2022/11/01
PMM-516-22-23.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 2 units, executive high back chairs and 1 units, desk office, L shaped 2022/10/26 2022/11/04
vrh--430-22-23.pdf Vryheid Hospital folder outpatient records card 250 sheets / bundle (orange colour) 90 bundles 2022/10/26 2022/11/04
PMM-513-22-23.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 4 units, stainless steel 4 division electric bain main 2022/10/26 2022/11/04
PMM-531-22-23.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 5 units, 1tb 2.5 expansion portable hard drive usb 3.0 and 20 units, flash drive 64GB 3.0 USB drive 2022/10/26 2022/11/04
emm460_10262022_104604.pdf Emmaus Hospital cut and remove 2x trees and remove from site 2022/10/26 2022/11/03
PMM-530-22-23.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 4 units, heavy duty 3 shelf stainless steel tea trolleys 2022/10/26 2022/11/04
PMM-529-22-23.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital File ring pvc 2 ring A4 green, blue, black, yellow and red 2022/10/26 2022/11/04
PMM-515-22-23.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 17 units, desk L shape 2022/10/26 2022/11/04
PMM-467-22-23.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 50 pkts, perioperative anaesthetic record and 50 pkts, operative record (perioperative anaesthetic sheet)  2022/10/26 2022/11/04
PMM-409-22-23.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 149 Pkts, form request for consultation  2022/10/26 2022/11/04
cjm00180.pdf Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital Supply & deliver: Office Funicture, Blue swivel chair & Reception sofa 2022/10/26 2022/11/03
SAH277_26102022_090616.pdf St Andrews Hospital repair of toilet  2022/10/26 2022/11/01
82-22-23.pdf Addington Hospital water treatment services for 12 months  2022/10/26 2022/11/04
559-22-23.pdf Addington Hospital repairs to calorifiers  2022/10/26 2022/11/04
561-22-23.pdf Addington Hospital repairs to all cold rooms  2022/10/26 2022/11/04
565-22-23.pdf Addington Hospital repairs to vacuum pumps  2022/10/26 2022/11/04
566-22-23.pdf Addington Hospital repair to booster pumps 2022/10/26 2022/11/04
NKA224.pdf Nkandla Hospital Stationery 2022/10/26 2022/11/01
NKA16-22-23.pdf Nkandla Hospital Appointment of a suitable service provider to supply and install public address system at Nkandla hospital 2022/10/26 2022/11/07
PSH621-2223.pdf Port Shepstone Hospital Detergent Laundry Powder for machine use - 25kg 2022/10/26 2022/11/01
QNR596.pdf Queen Nandi Hospital Provisions of garden and grounds for QNRH, Sharon Courts and staff residences  2022/10/26 2022/11/03
HLE 249-22-23.pdf Hlengisizwe CHC Gun safe 2022/10/26 2022/10/31
HLE 250-22-23.pdf Hlengisizwe CHC Chairs 2022/10/26 2022/10/31
HLE 251-22-23.pdf Hlengisizwe CHC Filing cabinets and cupboards 2022/10/26 2022/10/31
HLE 262-22-23.pdf Hlengisizwe CHC Service of air cons and extractor fans 2022/10/26 2022/10/31
HLE 263-22-23.pdf Hlengisizwe CHC Annual servicing of fire equipment 2022/10/26 2022/10/31
HLE 264-22-23.pdf Hlengisizwe CHC Internal signage 2022/10/26 2022/10/31
HLE 265-22-23.pdf Hlengisizwe CHC Internal signage: Shongweni Dam Clinic 2022/10/26 2022/10/31
HLE 267-22-23.pdf Hlengisizwe CHC Tables 2022/10/26 2022/10/31
NGW881.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital 4 seater tea lounge coushioned sofa leather with steel legs 2022/10/26 2022/11/02
NGW246.pdf Newcastle Hospital blakesley nasal through cutting forcepts lenght app 11cm 2022/10/26 2022/11/02
NGW1021.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital 3d mesh 10x16cm light weight three dimensional anatomical 2022/10/26 2022/11/02
NGW1024.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital adult integrated heated breathing circuit model : 510-049 2022/10/26 2022/11/02
NGW1047.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital disposable foam cups 2022/10/26 2022/11/02
NGW1042.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital dressing wound irrigation solution 350ml 2022/10/26 2022/11/02
NGW1048.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital dressing wound intrasite gel 25g 2022/10/26 2022/11/02
NGW1050.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital tape autoclave indicator adhensive 24mm 2022/10/26 2022/11/02
NGW136.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital gramudacyn wound solution spray  2022/10/26 2022/11/02
NGW49.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital CVP SET QUED HUMEN 8.5FR, 16CM 2022/10/26 2022/11/02
NGW595.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital service and cleaning of concrete elevated 500k litres and concrete ground tank 1m litres 2022/10/26 2022/11/02
NGW433.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital keratoplasty scissors 2022/10/26 2022/11/02
NGW351.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital supply ups input 200v with output 240vac : 200va/1800w/8.3a(easton) 2022/10/26 2022/11/02
NGW551.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital supply and deliver self testing inveter for emergency light(192 building) type: tnx_1/3hr-e 2022/10/26 2022/11/02
NGW987.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital supply and deliver material for reparing at scm  2022/10/26 2022/11/02
NGW1045.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital 100% hydrofiber dressing for superficial burns with superficial thickness 15x15cm 2022/10/26 2022/11/02
NGW1044.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital 100% hydrofiber dressing  2022/10/26 2022/11/02
NGW957.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital supply and deliver exterior matt fine texture paint, weather tough stretch and strenght 12 years guarantee 2022/10/26 2022/11/02



25 October 2022

Name Health Facility Description Opening Date Closing Date
PHO1422223.pdf Pholela CHC Investigation of underground water for the borehole at Mqatsheni clinic 25/10/2022 02/11/2022
UEM 065.22.23.pdf Jozini Malaria Control supply and deliver diamond pencil 25/10/2022 03/11/2022
UEM 066.22.23.pdf Jozini Malaria Control supply and deliver sprayer pump 25/10/2022 03/11/2022
phx.170.22-23.pdf Phoenix CHC supply and deliver toners and drums 25/10/2022 31/10/2022
phx.171.22.23.pdf Phoenix CHC servicing of mid-wall split air-conditioning units 25/10/2022 31/10/2022
cjm00176.pdf Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital Supply & deliver: White body bags : medium , Large & X Large 25/10/2022 03/11/2022
GAM171.2223.pdf Gamalakhe CHC Servicing of UPS at Gcilima Clinic 25/10/2022 28/10/2022
GAM172.2223.pdf Gamalakhe CHC Servicing of UPS AT Ntabeni Clinic 25/10/2022 28/10/2022
GAM173.2223.pdf Gamalakhe CHC Servicing of fire extinguishers for 9 clinics 25/10/2022 28/10/2022
GAM174.2223.pdf Gamalakhe CHC Supply and replace curtains and blinds 25/10/2022 04/11/2022
EST 582.pdf Estcourt Hospital service of septic tanks Madiba, Ntabamhlophe, Haviland and Zwelisha 25/10/2022 03/11/2022
GTW 29.10.22-23.pdf Greytown Hospital Contraction of shelter for patient collection bay and patient garden shelter 25/10/2022 08/11/2022
GTW 30.10.22-23.pdf Greytown Hospital Replacement of worn out sewer line holes at M3/tb hospital 25/10/2022 08/11/2022
GTW 31.10.22-23.pdf Greytown Hospital Supply and install new fire booster pump 25/10/2022 08/11/2022
GTW 32.10.22-23.pdf Greytown Hospital Remove underground water piping and install new 25/10/2022 08/11/2022
EST 581.pdf Estcourt Hospital service of central plant at Ntabamhlophe clinic. 25/10/2022 03/11/2022
GTW 33.10.22-23.pdf Greytown Hospital Replacement of educational signage 25/10/2022 08/11/2022
EST 583.pdf Estcourt Hospital paper photocopy a3 white 25/10/2022 03/11/2022
VRH--425-22-23.pdf Vryheid Hospital sleeper couch genuine leather 25/10/2022 28/10/2022
VRH--426-22-23.pdf Vryheid Hospital 5 months 5GB data  supply   17x5gb Vodacom data (monthly) 7x5gb MTN data (monthly)   NB:
 local suppliers will be given first priority
25/10/2022 28/10/2022
VRH--427-22-23.pdf Vryheid Hospital stationery 25/10/2022 28/10/2022
cjm00177.pdf Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital Supply & deliver: Adult male Patient health record 25/10/2022 01/11/2022
cjm00178.pdf Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital Supply & deliver : 1M Heparinized syringe for blood gas  Cancelled 25/10/2022 03/11/2022
83-2223 LCM.pdf Regional Laundry Cato Manor Supply and deliver pneumatic banks x8 25/10/2022 28/10/2022
79-2223 LCM.pdf Regional Laundry Cato Manor Supply and deliver Diaphragm  25/10/2022 28/10/2022
GAM006.pdf Gamalakhe CHC Repair roof and ceiling board, replace doors at Ntabeni clinic 25/10/2022 08/11/2022
LNN 20-2022-23.pdf Umzinyathi District Office Major Service and Repair for Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor 25/10/2022 01/11/2022
UMZ 261-2022-23.pdf Umzinyathi District Office Supply and Deliver Rescue Equipment 25/10/2022 01/11/2022
UMZ 265-2022-23.pdf Umzinyathi District Office Supply and Deliver Rescue Equipment 25/10/2022 01/11/2022
GRS 2354-10-22.pdf Greys Hospital Carryout a major service to Rietchle vacuum pumps, supply all accessories at Greys Hospital 25/10/2022 01/11/2022
GRS 2406-09-22.pdf Greys Hospital Supply & Install double heavy duty aluminium doors, semi-glass (8mm shatterproof) and
 door frames with 8mm shatterproof glass and aluminum framework fitter
25/10/2022 01/11/2022
GRS 2705-10-22.pdf Greys Hospital Repairs to Perimeter fence at Greys Hospital 25/10/2022 01/11/2022
GRS 2706-10-22.pdf Greys Hospital Replacement of Air Conditioning Units at Parkhome 1 & Dermatology Clinic 25/10/2022 01/11/2022
GRS 2416-10-22.pdf Greys Hospital Supply PPE: Wide / Broad Brimmed Hat with Various Sizes and Colour 25/10/2022 01/11/2022
GRS 2700-10-22.pdf Greys Hospital Drug Labels - see specification attached for more 25/10/2022 01/11/2022
GRS 2562-10-22.pdf Greys Hospital Safety Intraveous Cannula 24g x 1" with Introducer needle and needle lock device, Safety IV
 Catheters to minimize needle stick injuries and related and infections radiopaque
25/10/2022 01/11/2022
GRS 2744-10-22.pdf Greys Hospital Cabtyre 1.5   3 Core white round SABS APPROVED 25/10/2022 01/11/2022
NKO 413.pdf Nkonjeni Hospital Supply powder blue t-shirt & navy skirt 25/10/2022 28/10/2022
EDU 185 22 23.pdf Edumbe CHC Construction of oxygen cylinder cage at eDumbe CHC 25/10/2022 28/10/2022
EDU 179 22 23.pdf Edumbe CHC Minor renovations at Hartland Clinic 25/10/2022 03/11/2022
EDU 182 22 23.pdf Edumbe CHC Installation of perimeter lights at Lunerburg Clinic 25/10/2022 03/11/2022
EDU 183 22 23.pdf Edumbe CHC Supply and installation of storage container 25/10/2022 28/10/2022
GRS 2742-10-22.pdf Greys Hospital 4ft Flourescent Tubing 36w cool white Bi-Pin Slimline 1-2 and 5ft Flourescent Tubing 58w
 cool white Bin Slimline 15m
25/10/2022 01/11/2022
GRS 2743-10-22.pdf Greys Hospital Valve Ball Ofix c-c cobra   22mm with metal lever - SABS APPROVED 25/10/2022 01/11/2022
GRS 2757-10-22.pdf Greys Hospital Steam Test Cards (Bowie Dick Test Cards) for Autoclave Machines 25/10/2022 01/11/2022
128-22-23.pdf Osindisweni Hospital To carry out the annual servicing of the fire equipment through out the institution 25/10/2022 01/11/2022
GRS 2753-10-22.pdf Greys Hospital Gauze Swabs; RAD OPAQ; 32 PLY; 100 x 100 x 32 ply Detectable sterile 5 pieces pouch of 500
pouches per case
25/10/2022 01/11/2022
OSI 109-22-23.pdf Osindisweni Hospital Elastonet Material , Dark Brown in colour. 25/10/2022 01/11/2022
OSI 168-22-23.pdf Osindisweni Hospital To carry out the servicing of the vacuum plant and the Dental compressor 25/10/2022 01/11/2022
OSI 170-22-23.pdf Osindisweni Hospital To carry out the servicing of the Sewer Plant Pumpstation 25/10/2022 01/11/2022
GRS 2763-10-22.pdf Greys Hospital Bag Polythene clear Large size: 560 x 610 x 32 micron and Medium size: 150 x 255 x 32 micron 25/10/2022 01/11/2022
GRS 2752-10-22.pdf Greys Hospital Extension Set Barrel IV Flow controller 16" (41cm) appx 3.0ml with 1 clave y-site injection
25/10/2022 01/11/2022
GRS 2594-10-22.pdf Greys Hospital 24g Jelco Intravenous Catheter Radiopaque L-19mm flow 24ml / min 25/10/2022 01/11/2022
GRS 2609-10-22.pdf Greys Hospital Single use Syringes  60ml, Not Luerlock sterile 25/10/2022 01/11/2022
GRS 2696-10-22.pdf Greys Hospital Barron Corneal Trephine  7.0mm, 7.25mm, 7.50mm and 8.0mm