Quotation Adverts : December 2023


No further adverts will be uploaded for December.  Uploading of adverts will commence on 09 January 2024




14 December 2023

Name Health Facility Description Opening Date Closing Date
ZUL-77.23.24.pdf Zululand District Office Supply and deliver printing of clinical charts for adult and Paediatric  2023/12/14 2023/12/20
RKK772.23-24.pdf RK Khan Hospital Supply of automotive diesel fuel oil 2023/12/14 2023/12/20
RKK799.23-24.pdf RK Khan Hospital Supply of illuminating paraffin  2023/12/14 2023/12/20
NKO 511 A.pdf Nkonjeni Hospital Urgent goetech test & drilling of bore-hole for length of 200m down 2023/12/14 2023/12/20
sah 403.pdf St Andrews Hospital detergent hand wash 2023/12/14 2024/01/19
GAM198.pdf Gamalakhe CHC Service of fire fighting equipment for clinics  Cancelled 2023/12/14 2024/01/12
GAM199.pdf Gamalakhe CHC Spillage kit for biohazard waste 2023/12/14 2024/01/12
vrh-130-23-24.pdf Vryheid Hospital major service of all hospital kitchen equipments and do minor repairs as per specification 2023/12/14 2024/01/12
vrh-657-23-24.pdf Vryheid Hospital major service of kitchen coldroom storage for vryheid hospital x 02 2023/12/14 2024/01/12
vrh-133-23-24.pdf Vryheid Hospital major service for mortuary cold storage for corpses at vryheid hospital  as per service schedule  x 01 2023/12/14 2024/01/12
vrh-123-23-24.pdf Vryheid Hospital metering accuracy report including raw data files to be made available within 7 working days after removal of meters as per attached quotation  2023/12/14 2024/01/12
MSH340.pdf Mseleni Hospital supply and install steel galvanized sliding gate and security boom gate 2023/12/14 2023/12/19
MSH341.pdf Mseleni Hospital supply and install window balustrade glass 2023/12/14 2023/12/19



13 December 2023

Name Health Facility Description Opening Date Closing Date
MAL.0179.24.pdf Mfundo Arnold Lushaba CHC Facility Telephone Tracing Register 2023/12/13 2024/01/19
UMK099-23-24.pdf Umkhanyakude District Office empty jumper bags Cancelled 2023/12/13 2023/12/18
KMG 432-23-24.pdf KwaMagwaza Hospital supply and delivery of brown chromic catgut absorbable suture 2023/12/13 2024/01/11
msh351-23-24H.pdf Mseleni Hospital supply and install: new extinguishers and hose reels 2023/12/13 2023/12/18
vrh-441d- 23-24.pdf Vryheid Hospital supply and deliver staff uniform as per attached specification and quotation 2023/12/13 2023/12/18
vrh-706-23-24.pdf Vryheid Hospital supply and deliver pouch urostomy 1 piece ( 10-76cm sensura flat bag x 100 boxes ( 20 per box ) 2023/12/13 2023/12/18


12 December 2023

Name Health Facility Description Opening Date Closing Date
MUR509 2324.pdf Murchison Hospital Supply and deliver 50PPM diesel at the clinics 2023/12/12 2023/12/14
GAM 060.pdf Gamalakhe CHC Plumbing spares 2023/12/12 2024/01/12
GAM 168.pdf Gamalakhe CHC Cleaning equipment 2023/12/12 2024/01/12
GAM 183.pdf Gamalakhe CHC Supply tools 2023/12/12 2024/01/12
RKK796.23-24.pdf RK Khan Hospital Supply of illuminating paraffin liquid - delivered via road tanker 2023/12/12 2023/12/18
MAL.0261.24.pdf Mfundo Arnold Lushaba CHC Attend to clinics minor service to generators (Baphumile, Gqayinyanga and Morrison's) 2023/12/12 2024/01/16
MAL.0262.24.pdf Mfundo Arnold Lushaba CHC Supply and deliver 50PPM diesel at the clinics (Morrison's, Gqayinyanga and Baphumile) 2023/12/12 2024/01/16
cjm00255.pdf Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital Supply and deliver : Scalpel blades size : 10, 12, 22, 23, & 24 2023/12/12 2024/01/16
cjm00256.pdf Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital Supply and deliver : Photocopy paper A4 500 sheets whiteness matt white 2023/12/12 2024/01/16
psh 564-2324.pdf Port Shepstone Hospital nutritionally complete rtd infant formula 2023/12/12 2024/01/17
psh 644-2324.pdf Port Shepstone Hospital injectra needle 2023/12/12 2024/01/17
psh 652-2324.pdf Port Shepstone Hospital carriage back bag pack 2023/12/12 2024/01/17
MZH-764-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital service to firefighting equipment (fire extinguishers) 2023/12/12 2023/12/15
MSH346-23-24H.pdf Mseleni Hospital Cleaning material  2023/12/12 2023/12/18
MSH349-23-24H.pdf Mseleni Hospital surgical Items  2023/12/12 2023/12/18
MSH350-23-24H.pdf Mseleni Hospital Repair after service to oxygen and vaccume pumps  2023/12/12 2023/12/18
vrh-457c -23-24.pdf Vryheid Hospital liquid polymer floor polish 5l x 400 bottles  2023/12/12 2023/12/14
vrh-459 c -23-24.pdf Vryheid Hospital liquid polish stripper 5l x 400 bottles 2023/12/12 2023/12/14
vrh-676 b -23-24.pdf Vryheid Hospital supply and deliver white semi gloss self adhesive labels and thermal wax ribbon   2023/12/12 2023/12/14
vrh-381 c -23-24.pdf Vryheid Hospital supply and deliver incontinent maxi pads  x 200 pkt 2023/12/12 2023/12/14
edu 248.23.24.pdf Edumbe CHC Back pack bag 2023/12/12 2023/12/19




11 December 2023

Name Health Facility Description Opening Date Closing Date
NEH-381-23-24.pdf Newcastle Hospital wound dressingCancelled 2023/12/11 2023/12/14
NEH-386-23-24.pdf Newcastle Hospital consumables for eeg machine  Cancelled 2023/12/11 2023/12/14
NEH-385-23-24.pdf Newcastle Hospital aerogen nebulizer solo & aerogen nebulizer t-piece 2023/12/11 2023/12/14
NEH-382-23-24.pdf Newcastle Hospital infant ventilator circuits 2023/12/11 2023/12/14
NEH-383-23-24.pdf Newcastle Hospital body cooling mattress 2023/12/11 2023/12/14
NEH-384-23-24.pdf Newcastle Hospital daisy dot sensor covers for temperature probes 2023/12/11 2023/12/14
NEH-389-23-24.pdf Newcastle Hospital Pre-sterilization protector 4 litre instrument rust and corrosion remover 4 litre 2023/12/11 2023/12/14
NEH-392-23-24.pdf Newcastle Hospital Ofifice furniture-stationery  Cancelled 2023/12/11 2023/12/14
UMZ410-2023-24.pdf Umzinyathi District Office supply and deliver clinical charts for adult and peadiatric 2023/12/11 2023/12/18
MAL 0256 24.pdf Mfundo Arnold Lushaba CHC Supply and deliver water at MAL CHC and clinics (24 months contract) 2023/12/11 2023/12/14
MAL 0257 24.pdf Mfundo Arnold Lushaba CHC Notice boards and banners 2023/12/11 2023/12/14
ZUL-74.23.24.pdf Zululand District Office Hiring of space for conducting post-mortem examination at Vryheid Area Cancelled 2023/12/11 2023/12/14
KMG 356-23-24.pdf KwaMagwaza Hospital Supply and delivery of colostomy bags 15x60mm rpll up one piece 2023/12/11 2023/12/14
LSH1148-23-24.pdf Ladysmith Hospital hemo-flow double lumen antegrade catheter size:14.5cmx28cm straight 2023/12/11 2023/12/14
emm191.pdf Emmaus Hospital paper photocopy white bond A4 2023/12/11 2023/12/20
NKO 506.pdf Nkonjeni Hospital Supply & delivery pf 50pp diesel at Lomo clinic,Wela clinic & Kwa-Mame 2023/12/11 2023/12/14
NKO 507.pdf Nkonjeni Hospital Supply & delivery of 50pp diesel at Nomdiya clinic,Mashona clinic,Ulundi A clinic & Umdumezulu clinic 2023/12/11 2023/12/14
NKO 508.pdf Nkonjeni Hospital Supply & delivery of 50pp diesel at Makhosini Clinic,Nhlopheni Clinic & Mabedlane Clinic 2023/12/11 2023/12/14
BET0260-23-24.pdf Bethesda Hospital Supply and install curtain at Mkuze clinic 2023/12/11 2023/12/21
UMK 098-23-24-1.pdf Umkhanyakude District Office StationeryCancelled 2023/12/11 2023/12/14
STC-255-23-24.pdf St Chads CHC Uniform  2023/12/11 2023/12/18
LSH1145-23-24.pdf Ladysmith Hospital catheter tip-toomey stringe 60ml 2023/12/11 2023/12/14
LSH1143-23-24.pdf Ladysmith Hospital bags paper brown size:8 2023/12/11 2023/12/14
UMH145.23-24.pdf Umgeni Hospital supply & delivery of handwashing soap 500ml 2023/12/11 2023/12/15
UMH98.23-24.pdf Umgeni Hospital supply & delivery of utensils and cutlery (Re-Advert) 2023/12/11 2023/12/15
emm355.pdf Emmaus Hospital supply and deliver medical restrain with magnet and mobile medical screens 2023/12/11 2023/12/14
MZH-763-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital office desk benchwark, coffee table and couch 2023/12/11 2023/12/14
MZH-762-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital oil jacketed electric pot 135 litre 2023/12/11 2023/12/14
NKO 509.pdf Nkonjeni Hospital Supply & fit of new road firection sign in clinic 2023/12/11 2023/12/14
oth217-23-24.pdf Othobothini CHC supply and deliver PHC headcount register 2023/12/11 2023/12/14
MSH337-23-24H.pdf Mseleni Hospital supply and deliver delivery bed matresses  2023/12/11 2023/12/14
BCHC159.pdf Bruntville CHC chairs 2023/12/11 2023/12/14
HOH.1658.24.pdf Head Office Quotations Supply and deliver of maintenance material. 2023/12/11 2023/12/13
HOH.1680.24.pdf Head Office Quotations Supply and deliver of stationery 2023/12/11 2023/12/13
HOH.1682.24.pdf Head Office Quotations Supply and deliver of stationery  2023/12/11 2023/12/13
539.23.24ADH.pdf Addington Hospital 1 piece drainable transparent stoma bag 2023/12/11 2023/12/18
psh 651-2324.pdf Port Shepstone Hospital sets double lumen cvp - adult 2023/12/11 2023/12/14
MSH344-23-24H.pdf Mseleni Hospital supply and deliver provision of cleaning service at mseleni hospital 2023/12/11 2023/12/14
NKO 510.pdf Nkonjeni Hospital Supply and delivery of 50pp diesel at Zilulwane Clinic,Ncemaneni Clinic & okhukho Clinic 2023/12/11 2023/12/14
NKO 511.pdf Nkonjeni Hospital Urgent geotech test & frilling of borehole for the lenght of 200m down at ukhukho clinic 2023/12/11 2023/12/14
HOH1654-24.pdf Head Office Quotations Supply, delivery of disposable conventional medical circumcission kits  2023/12/11 2023/12/14





08 December 2023

Name Health Facility Description Opening Date Closing Date
537.pdf Addington Hospital photocopying paper a4 white 2023/12/08 2023/12/18
GAM195.pdf Gamalakhe CHC Cleaning of gardens and grounds 2023/12/08 2024/01/12
NKA 656.pdf Nkandla Hospital File Organizer 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
NKA 718.pdf Nkandla Hospital Water dispenser and Cooler box 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
NKA 744.pdf Nkandla Hospital Pressure control valve 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
NKA 768.pdf Nkandla Hospital A4 Arch lever file 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
NKA 770.pdf Nkandla Hospital Toner Cartridge 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
NKA 776.pdf Nkandla Hospital Microbial Bacterial Filter 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
NKA 784.pdf Nkandla Hospital Stoma bag adult 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
MZH-754-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital sets vol infusion pump 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
MZH-737-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital bandages porous elastic adhesive 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
MZH-747-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital c-thru pak 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
MZH-738-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital sutures 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
LSH 1137.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Oropharyngeal, Nasopharyngeal, Laryngeal Aiway & NG Tubes 10fg 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
MZH-749-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital cutting of trees at staff house and house no 11 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
MZH-759-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital supply an install of fly screen 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
MZH-745-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital signages 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
MZH-756-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital electro surgical pencil with handle 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
MZH-755-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital capnograph set 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
MZH-736-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital syringes hypodermic slip sterile 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
MZH-753-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital service of cash register machine 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
clw-323-23-24.pdf Clairwood Hospital installation of cctv camera in high risk plant rooms 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
800.2324.MAD.pdf Madadeni Hospital Brown paper bags - medium and large 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
POM-0076-2023-24.pdf Pomeroy CHC Brown paper bags size 4 &10 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
CTK 79-23-2024.pdf Christ the King Hospital supply and delivery of translucent polyprolene food storage 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
CTK 170-23-2024.pdf Christ the King Hospital service and assessment of clinic generators,diesel fuel remediation and tank cleaner 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2776.pdf Greys Hospital Yellow plastic bag polythene 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2835.pdf Greys Hospital Bowl & spatula for cement mixing  2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2812.pdf Greys Hospital Brother printer toner; drum and cartridges 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
RKK659.23-24.pdf RK Khan Hospital Supply of chest drain trocar  - neonates  2.5mm & 3.3mm 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
GRS 2708.pdf Greys Hospital Elastic tape that prevent edges of baseplate 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
RKK782.23-24.pdf RK Khan Hospital Supply of labelling gun and labels 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
RKK769.23-24.pdf RK Khan Hospital Supply of surgical gowns sterile  - disposable 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
Grs 2715.pdf Greys Hospital Hub rep[lacement kit retrograde 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
RKK779.23-24.pdf RK Khan Hospital Supply of pherihperal catheter  2023/12/08 2023/12/14
RKK781.23-24.pdf RK Khan Hospital Supply of gazebos 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
GAM197.pdf Gamalakhe CHC Waste handlers at Gamalakhe CHC 2023/12/08 2024/01/12
RKK783.23-24.pdf RK Khan Hospital Supply of splinting material similar or equal to aquaplast 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
VRH601-23-24.pdf Vryheid Hospital Sale of Record for Destruction 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
RKK784.23-24.pdf RK Khan Hospital Supply of indicator tape 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
RKK785.23-24.pdf RK Khan Hospital Supply of elastic loop velcro  - 50mm 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
RKK786.23-24.pdf RK Khan Hospital Supply of naso pharyngeal airways 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
GRS 180.pdf Greys Hospital White nurses uniform dress 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
RKK787.23-24.pdf RK Khan Hospital Supply of installation of metal grade key cabinet 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
RKK788.23-24.pdf RK Khan Hospital Supply of cloth protector for laryngectomy and tracheostomy 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
GRS 2892.pdf Greys Hospital Brown lace up leather shoes for nurses 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
RKK790.23-24.pdf RK Khan Hospital Supply of tracheostomy cleaning brushes and voice prothesis 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
GRS 2811.pdf Greys Hospital Canon maxify  2023/12/08 2023/12/13
RKK791.23-24.pdf RK Khan Hospital Supply of feeding bottle 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
RKK792.23-24.pdf RK Khan Hospital Supply of silicone teat 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
GRS 2758.pdf Greys Hospital Paediatric endotracheal straigth cuffed tubes 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
RKK793.23-24.pdf RK Khan Hospital Supply of sterilizing fluid   - 1l bottle 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
RKK794.23-24.pdf RK Khan Hospital Supply of provox vega with inserter 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
GRS 2857.pdf Greys Hospital Hypochlorite & hypochlorus acid solution 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
RKK795.23-24.pdf RK Khan Hospital Supply of squeezable cleft lip and palate nursry feeding bottle 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
GRS 2851.pdf Greys Hospital SF6 gas Hexafluor Desoufre 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
oth227-23-24.pdf Othobothini CHC supply,deliver & install heat pumps 5,1kw 200l &3,5 kw 200l tank at othobothini chc 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
PHX206.pdf Phoenix CHC Pest control 2023/12/08 2023/12/18
PHX207.pdf Phoenix CHC Sanitary bins 2023/12/08 2023/12/18
Grs 2840.pdf Greys Hospital 12 Months contract, 15 degree stab knife sterile 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
UTH58-23-24.pdf Uthukela District Office Als jump bag - contents included Cancelled 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GAM196.pdf Gamalakhe CHC Portering services at Gamalakhe CHC 2023/12/08 2024/01/12
oth200-23-24.pdf Othobothini CHC supply and deliver patient health records for adult male,female and child 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
NGW999.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital 140mmx22mmpartially covered, proximal release, self-expanding metal stents with high
 radial force, extraction treads radio apaque markers 
2023/12/08 2023/12/13
UTH77-23-24.pdf Uthukela District Office Uniform  Cancelled 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2838.pdf Greys Hospital Trans obturator mid uretheral sling system 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2837.pdf Greys Hospital Cerdak microporous ceramic pad 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2834.pdf Greys Hospital Kirschner wires 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2831.pdf Greys Hospital Malecot nephrostomy catheter set 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2826.pdf Greys Hospital Open abdomen dressing kit with fenestrated visceral 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2828.pdf Greys Hospital Gastrostomy feeding tube 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
MSH342-23-24H.pdf Mseleni Hospital supply and deliver electrical material 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2825.pdf Greys Hospital 5/0 Nylon blue monofilament  2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2825.pdf Greys Hospital 5/0 Nylon blue monofilament  2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2823.pdf Greys Hospital 2/0 Prolene straight KS 60mm 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
MSH340-23-24H.pdf Mseleni Hospital supply and install steel galvanized sliding sliding gate and security boom gate 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2818.pdf Greys Hospital 7/0 Monoceryl 19mm 3/8 circle reverse cutting  2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2766.pdf Greys Hospital Detergent enzymatic cleaner  Cancelled 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
MSH341-23-24H.pdf Mseleni Hospital supply and install window balustrade glass 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
MSH321.pdf Mseleni Hospital major service to generator back up  2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2769.pdf Greys Hospital Bleach 5lt 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2767.pdf Greys Hospital 50G white bath bar soap 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2719-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Ten months contract: For collection of general waste and supply 4x4 meter cubed or 16
 meter cubed skip bin from Monday to Sunday including public holidays and removal of
 waste recycling and supply cage for disposal of empty boxes and containers 
2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2716.pdf Greys Hospital 15FR x 19cm permanent catheters 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
NGW504.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital supply and deliver surfix cable for the hospital and electrical material for the hospital  2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2692.pdf Greys Hospital AMT cinch, large 9F  2023/12/08 2023/12/13
EDN498.23-24.pdf Harry Gwala (Edendale) Hospital Proofing for the eradication of birds from 1st floor to the 7th floor 2023/12/08 2023/12/12
GRS 2690.pdf Greys Hospital Polyster cast tape 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
NGW1397.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital epwp uniform  2023/12/08 2023/12/13
msh337-23-24H.pdf Mseleni Hospital supply and deliver 2piece lounge suites set  2023/12/08 2023/12/14
GRS 1964.pdf Greys Hospital Collodion adhesive 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
NGW1654.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital plaster of paris trolley 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2822-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Silk 3/8 colt needle conventional cutting 90mm 3/8 circle 100cm. Cont. as per attached advert. 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 1536.pdf Greys Hospital Methlene blue DYE 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 1944.pdf Greys Hospital Supply personal protective equipment for Maintenance staff 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2839.pdf Greys Hospital HSG catheter 7 french 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2702.pdf Greys Hospital Hand held blanders/ shakers with a jug 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2710.pdf Greys Hospital LArge wound pouch with bung closure 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2849.pdf Greys Hospital 20g MVR vitrectomy knife straight blade sterile 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
LSH1144-23-24.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Cvp line set two lumen central venous catheterization set with blue flexitip catheter 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
GRS 2707.pdf Greys Hospital Skin protection barrier non-irritant  2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2697.pdf Greys Hospital Torgue devices  2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2718.pdf Greys Hospital Blue plastic scissor clamps 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2699.pdf Greys Hospital Vessel dilator  2023/12/08 2023/12/13
LSH501-23-24.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Supply and deliver File Wheelable trolley  2023/12/08 2023/12/14
GRS 2706-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Pouch with flange bonded to pouch as per description on the quotation 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2817.pdf Greys Hospital Disposable paediatric Yankauer suction nozzle  2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2815.pdf Greys Hospital Vaginal tampons  2023/12/08 2023/12/13
LSH1146-23-24.pdf Ladysmith Hospital CVP set duel lumen size:2FG 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
GRS 2704-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Urine meter drain bags (double chamber) with spout and splash guard and needleless
 sampling port
2023/12/08 2023/12/13
LSH1147-23-24.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Premature baby napkins and nappies elastic around  2023/12/08 2023/12/14
sah 400.pdf St Andrews Hospital stationery 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
POM-130-2023-24.pdf Pomeroy CHC Supply and install new diesel tank (5000L) with all accessories 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
GRS 2701-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Swivel office chairs. Filing cabinet  2023/12/08 2023/12/13
LSH703-23-24.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Supply and deliver Audiology staff uniform 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
GRS 2833.pdf Greys Hospital Cystofix supra pubic catheters 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2700-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Vibramat large flat surface massager as per description on the quotation document 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
EPH338.pdf Ekuhlengeni Psychiatric Hospital Disinfectant 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
THH 117.pdf Choose your facility from the list: Steel items 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
GRS 2778-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Hand-wash liquid soap 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2820.pdf Greys Hospital 0 Ethibond TP 36.4mm 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
POM-0131-2023-24.pdf Pomeroy CHC Supply and install new purification plant in the main existing stainless steel tank 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
GRS 2775-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Steel wool fine 500G/packet 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2848.pdf Greys Hospital 25G soft tip DSP cannula 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2773-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Deodorant Block 200g (red) 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2774.pdf Greys Hospital Cleaning sponges scoure 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2713.pdf Greys Hospital Irrigation kit latex free 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2846.pdf Greys Hospital Surgical eye spears PVA foam sponge sterile 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2771-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Plastic polysterene cups 250ml 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2705.pdf Greys Hospital Skin barrier, non-irritant, non sting skin protective 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2847.pdf Greys Hospital 25G Opthalmic diamond duster membrane scraper 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2768-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Floor stripper 5lt 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2760-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Intubation styles as per description on the quotation 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2856.pdf Greys Hospital Cleaning & lubricant pana spray plus lubricant oil 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
MZH-735-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital battery for boom gate 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2759-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Disposable neonatal BP cuffs 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
MZH-761-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital bulletin board 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
MZH-744-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital sets admin blood 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
MZH-739-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital fixomoll stretch bandage 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
Lsh737-23-24.pdf Choose your facility from the list: paper sterilazion creepe 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
GRS 2853-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital 3 piece intra ocular aspheric foldable acrylic intraocular lens 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
MZH-743-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital markers 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
MZH-757-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital conduct data logging 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
MZH-752-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital nebulising pin and measuring cups 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2757-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Quinke spinal needle  2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2850-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital PSP mini Monoka ophthalmic stent PVP (3 sets per box) sterile 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
MZH-760-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital beaker measuring cylinder glass &storage box 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2756-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Dressing opsite 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
MZH-740-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital service to fire fighting equipment 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2717-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital 16 Gauge x 20cm w/coaxial semi-automatic biopsy needles 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
MZH-741-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital mortar and pestle,weighing tray,spatula palette 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2714-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Pouch with flange bonded to pouch. 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2849-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital PTOSE UP Largeur 3mm width sterile 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2712-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital 3% Bismuth tribomophenate in petroleum 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2711-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Pouchkins sofflex newborn pouches 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2709-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Large wound pouch with bung closure  2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2698-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital MPA multipurpose catheter 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2689-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Mystic mushroom vacuum pumps 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2843-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital 25G Advanced DSP tip vertical scissors sterile 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2022-09-23.pdf Greys Hospital Microwave 28 litres 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2330-10-23.pdf Greys Hospital 4mm cuffed straigth endotracheal tube 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2842-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital 12 months contract: 2.6mm crescent bladed knife 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 1523-08-23.pdf Greys Hospital Surgicqal eye spears PVA foam  2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2855-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Trachealator non occlusive airway dillation balloon catheters 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2832-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital 100% Silicone catheters haematuric, three way, Kudai tip  2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2854-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Montgomery SAFTE T tube standard 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2816-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital 100% silicone catheter size 8FG 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2830-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital 100% silicone urethra catheters 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2814-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Instrument marking tape 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2813-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Ethylene oxide indicator tape 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2829-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital 6mm Bifurcated graft EPTFE AND 8mm Bifurcated graft EPTFE 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 4223-02-23.pdf Greys Hospital Sterilizing unit for sterilizing baby bottles & teats without boiling 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2827-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital 12month contract: Medium Teflon diathermy tips PTFE green coated, 2.75 inch (7cm). X-Long
 standard blade electrode
2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2824-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital 4/0 Polydiaxanone reverse cutting 16mm half circle 45cm length sterile 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2821.pdf Greys Hospital 2/0 V loc suture 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2819-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Vicryl 4/0 half circle RB-1 plus 17mm 70cm violet coated polyglactin 910 synthetic absorbable
2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2844.pdf Greys Hospital Perflourdecaline 5ml C10F18 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2852.pdf Greys Hospital Sterile woven eye pads 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
GRS 2841.pdf Greys Hospital 12 Months contyract: Corneal protect gel HPMC 2% 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
SAP152.pdf Ekuhlengeni Psychiatric Hospital supply and install 5 foot florescent fittings with tubes 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
THH 116.pdf Town Hill Hospital Books patient private funds 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
ESB 275.24 A.pdf East Boom CHC Dental Suction Tips 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
ITS 322.23.24.pdf Itshelejuba Hospital Supply and delivery of white pharmacy labels size 70mm x 37mm 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
ITS 327.23.24.pdf Itshelejuba Hospital Supply and delivery of wall mounted diagnostic ent. set 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
lsh737-23-24.pdf Ladysmith Hospital paper sterilization creepe green 900x1300 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
ITS 323.23.24.pdf Itshelejuba Hospital Supply and delivery of rechargeable work lights 2023/12/08 2023/12/13
lsh915-23-24.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Troponin Test Kit 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
lsh920-23-23.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Mental Neonal Suction Nozzle and neonatal Heat Loss Prevention  2023/12/08 2023/12/14
lsh1004-23-24.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Child, Female & Male Patient Health Record (PHC0 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
lsh1030-23-24.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Humid Vent Filter Small Strraight, Grommets Short and Monocryl 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
lsh1080-23-24.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Surgical Items 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
lsh1123-23-24.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Oxygen Guage pin index 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
lsh1127-23-24.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Digital Themomoter Room Wall Mounted 2023/12/08 2023/12/14
lsh1032-23-24.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Supply And Deliver Hyster for Hospital Use 2023/12/08 2023/12/14



07 December 2023

Name Health Facility Description Opening Date Closing Date
UMK 095-23-24.pdf Umkhanyakude District Office Uniform 2023/12/07 2023/12/12
UMK 096-23-24.pdf Umkhanyakude District Office Safety boots 2023/12/07 2023/12/12
KMG 394-23-24-1.pdf KwaMagwaza Hospital supply and delivery of single wire rope traction fixed pulley 2023/12/07 2023/12/12
KMG 391-23-24-1.pdf KwaMagwaza Hospital supply and delivery of oxygen gauge pin index and bullnose 2023/12/07 2023/12/12
ESW113-23-24.pdf Eshowe Hospital Sutures various sizes 2023/12/07 2023/12/14
KMG 420-23-24.pdf KwaMagwaza Hospital supply and delivery of mouth gag adult and paediatric 2023/12/07 2023/12/12
ESW111-23-24 (2).pdf Eshowe Hospital Staff uniforms 2023/12/07 2023/12/14
ESW112-23-24.pdf Eshowe Hospital Supply and install 9 television and respective satelite dishes 2023/12/07 2023/12/14
ZUL-28.23.24.pdf Zululand District Office Supply and deliver MMC male model training kit 2023/12/07 2023/12/12
ZUL-69.23.24.pdf Zululand District Office Supply and deliver twister pencil crayons and colour books for art paeds 2023/12/07 2023/12/12
ZUL-72.23.24.pdf Zululand District Office Supply and deliver TB case identification register 2023 version GW/20/23 and blu file 2023/12/07 2023/12/12
ZNQVRH689.pdf Vryheid Hospital supply and deliver disposable laryngeal mask 2023/12/07 2023/12/11
277-23-24.pdf Addington Hospital replacement of theatre doors and repairing of ceilings  2023/12/07 2023/12/18
NGW1259.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital paper photocopying white a4 2023/12/07 2023/12/13
NGW758.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital bismuth tribromophenate in petrolatum blend 2023/12/07 2023/12/13
clw-0321-23-24.pdf Clairwood Hospital levelling of medical admin coaurtyard with 30mp a concrete to cater for new boardroom   2023/12/07 2023/12/18
NGW691.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital disinfectant diffuser 2023/12/07 2023/12/13
clw-0322-23-24.pdf Clairwood Hospital installation of access control door at administration block  2023/12/07 2023/12/18
NGW312.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital reusable proctoscope 2023/12/07 2023/12/13
NGW1224.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital chemo rated nitrile long gloves powder free 2023/12/07 2023/12/13
NGW868.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital cochlear impant 2023/12/07 2023/12/13
NGW1315.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital tympanomastoldectomy & cochlear implant set 2023/12/07 2023/12/13
NGW1223.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital pvc intravenous line with filter 20 dropper for chemotharepy admistration 2023/12/07 2023/12/13
NGW421.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital supply & deliver electrical equipment  2023/12/07 2023/12/13
NGW976.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital bandages porous elastic adhesive plaster 100mm x 2.7m 2023/12/07 2023/12/13
NGW773.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital uniform 2023/12/07 2023/12/13
edu 134.23.24.pdf Edumbe CHC stationery 2023/12/07 2023/12/13
STM 104_23-24.pdf St Margaretís Hospital Toners cartridges and drums  2023/12/07 2023/12/13
STM 68_23-24.pdf St Margaretís Hospital Brush cutters heavy duty 2023/12/07 2023/12/13
LSH953-23-24.pdf Ladysmith Hospital skin traction weights bags size 10kg for male and female 2023/12/07 2023/12/13
HOH-1593-24.pdf Head Office Quotations forceps-magius child 2023/12/07 2023/12/13
ndh807-23-24.pdf Northdale Hospital suture nylon monofilament 2/0 2023/12/07 2023/12/11
HOH-1594-24.pdf Head Office Quotations forceps-magills infant 2023/12/07 2023/12/13
HOH-1595-24.pdf Head Office Quotations forceps-artery 2023/12/07 2023/12/13
HOH-1596-24.pdf Head Office Quotations forceps magills infant 2023/12/07 2023/12/13
HOH-1597-27.pdf Head Office Quotations scissors- nursus blunt 2023/12/07 2023/12/13
ndh808-23-24.pdf Northdale Hospital suture chromic catgut needle 1/2 2023/12/07 2023/12/11
dnh809-23-24.pdf Northdale Hospital suture chromic catgut  needle 1/2 circle 2023/12/07 2023/12/11
ndh806-23-24.pdf Northdale Hospital tubes ryles gastro/duod'riplex ' size 12fg 2023/12/07 2023/12/11
dnh798-23-24.pdf Northdale Hospital tubes ryles gastro/duod 'riplex' size 16 fg  2023/12/07 2023/12/11
dnh797-23-24.pdf Northdale Hospital bandages plaster of paris gysona slap 150 mm x 750 mm 2023/12/07 2023/12/11
dnh796-23-24.pdf Northdale Hospital body bags large with u zip  2023/12/07 2023/12/11
ndh810-23-24.pdf Northdale Hospital suture chromic catgut  2023/12/07 2023/12/11
525-23-24.pdf Addington Hospital supply,install and commision biohazard safety cabinet 2023/12/07 2023/12/12
KEV248-23.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital ligature wire 016 2023/12/07 2023/12/13
KEV762-23.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital Jumbo roll stand/holder 2023/12/07 2023/12/13


06 December 2023

Name Health Facility Description Opening Date Closing Date
GJC528-23-24.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital Rendering service and disclaimer boards 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
GAM191.pdf Gamalakhe CHC CHW Uniform 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
GAM193.pdf Gamalakhe CHC Printing stationery 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
GJC 522-23-24.pdf Choose your facility from the list: Supply adult male x2000 and adult female x2400 patient health records PHC 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
gjc518-23-24.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital onsite health care risk waste handlers 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
BEN354 23-24.pdf Benedictine Hospital supply and deliver vicryl 1 round body 2023/12/06 2023/12/11
GJM 667.23.24.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital Supply and install 36kg washing machine 2023/12/06 2023/12/11
BEN353 23-24.pdf Benedictine Hospital Repair also supplying and distribution of cable and distribution box Cancelled 2023/12/06 2023/12/11
THH 95.pdf Town Hill Hospital Patient clothing 2023/12/06 2023/12/11
THH 134.23-24.pdf Town Hill Hospital Pastoe chairs & visitors chairs 2023/12/06 2023/12/11
sah3912324.pdf St Andrews Hospital hardware items 2023/12/06 2023/12/12
sah3992324.pdf St Andrews Hospital hardware items 2023/12/06 2023/12/12
sah3342324.pdf St Andrews Hospital supply,deliver and install new air conditioners 2023/12/06 2023/12/12
sah3692324.pdf St Andrews Hospital theater tinting of window's 2023/12/06 2023/12/12
CTK 163-2023-2024.pdf Christ the King Hospital assessment and toolbox repairs of fire detecting system 2023/12/06 2023/12/11
CTK 164-2023-2024.pdf Christ the King Hospital supply and delivery of plumbing materials 2023/12/06 2023/12/11
CTK 166-2023-2024.pdf Christ the King Hospital supply and deliivery of electrical material at ctk hospital 2023/12/06 2023/12/11
CTK 175-2023-2024.pdf Christ the King Hospital activate temperature alarm system for sms and emails on fridges 2023/12/06 2023/12/11
CTK 189-2023-2024.pdf Christ the King Hospital supply and delivery of occupational therapy consumables 2023/12/06 2023/12/11
WEH 310-23-24.pdf Wentworth Hospital Surgical Face Masks - Disposable  - as per attached specification QTY 2400 Boxes  2023/12/06 2023/12/12
WEH 311-23-24.pdf Wentworth Hospital Tornique Elasticaters as per attached specification  - QTY 500 Units 2023/12/06 2023/12/12
WEH 312-23-24.pdf Wentworth Hospital Syringes Heparinized 3CC. Sterile - as per attached specification   - QTY 3000 Units  2023/12/06 2023/12/12
MAL.0204.24.pdf Mfundo Arnold Lushaba CHC Verbatim cd writables spindles 2023/12/06 2023/12/12
MAL.0191.24.pdf Mfundo Arnold Lushaba CHC Obstetric bed 2023/12/06 2023/12/12
MAL.0180.24.pdf Mfundo Arnold Lushaba CHC Jumper bag 2023/12/06 2023/12/12
VRH688.pdf Vryheid Hospital supply and deliver laryngoscope set 2023/12/06 2023/12/11
VRH677.pdf Vryheid Hospital supply and dliver disposable clear plastic pump 2023/12/06 2023/12/11
VRH287.pdf Vryheid Hospital supply and deliver adult spo2 probe 2023/12/06 2023/12/11
osi 167-23-24.pdf Osindisweni Hospital Cer. wound  dressing 10 x 26 cm 2023/12/06 2023/12/12
EST 486.pdf Estcourt Hospital Connection of oxygen and suction points 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
VRH286.pdf Vryheid Hospital supply and deliver rebreather oxygen mask 2023/12/06 2023/12/11
VRH685.pdf Vryheid Hospital supply and deliver bp cuffs 2023/12/06 2023/12/11
181 23.24.pdf Untunjambili Hospital colostomy bags 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
UMH141.23-24.pdf Umgeni Hospital supply & delivery of staff uniform - laundry services 2023/12/06 2023/12/11
EMM372.pdf Emmaus Hospital Supply and deliver stationery items  Amended 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
UMH142.23-24.pdf Umgeni Hospital supply & delivery of staff uniform - general orderly 2023/12/06 2023/12/11
HLB 205 23-24.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Splinting mateial, velcro hard and pressure garment elastonet  Cancelled 2023/12/06 2023/12/12
UNT 188.pdf Untunjambili Hospital bifocals 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
NGW1321.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital strip panels, close the old cable tunnel 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
NGW1312.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital sterile antifog solution  2023/12/06 2023/12/13
NGW1382.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital x-ray image intensifier disposable sterile drape 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
NGW1311.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital pipet tips 100- 1000ul universal fit filteCr  2023/12/06 2023/12/13
HLB 229 23-24.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Janitor trolley, soap dispenser stainless steel and hand paper towel dispenser holder 2023/12/06 2023/12/12
NGW1275.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital disposable sterile laparoscopic camera drape 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
NGW929.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital bacterial auto reader machine attest 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
NGW1134.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital disposable optical bladeless trocar  2023/12/06 2023/12/13
HLB 230 23-24.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Surgical scrubs suits 2023/12/06 2023/12/12
NGW705.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital cinch- tube securement device  2023/12/06 2023/12/13
NGW1068.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital supply& install fire equipment for clinics 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
NGW1013.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital killian/ cottle nasal speculum length 15cm 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
HLB 223 23-24.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Urostomy size 38mm 2023/12/06 2023/12/12
NGW998.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital tympanic probe covers 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
NGW1306.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital adult cot bed with lifting backrest  2023/12/06 2023/12/13
NGW1171.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital nasal bridle set consisting of magnetic markings 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
NGW310.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital flow safe c-pap mask  2023/12/06 2023/12/13
NGW772.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital three row stapler size 31mm & 33mm 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
NGW922.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital antimicrobial hospital curtains (royal blue)  Cancelled 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
HLB 231 23-24.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Extensively hydrolyzed formula for infants 400g to 500g 2023/12/06 2023/12/12
HLB 227 23-24.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Plastering, replace vinyl skirting and painting in the paediatric ward 2023/12/06 2023/12/14
rmh338.pdf Richmond Hospital sutures 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
HLB 228 23-24.pdf Choose your facility from the list: Fire damage repair at male psychiatric ward 2023/12/06 2023/12/14
HLE251.pdf Hlengisizwe CHC air cons 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
MAL.0218.24.pdf Mfundo Arnold Lushaba CHC Office furniture 2023/12/06 2023/12/12
MAL.0051.24.pdf Mfundo Arnold Lushaba CHC Compression arm sleeve  (medical) 2023/12/06 2023/12/12
PSD0080-24.pdf Provincial Pharmaceutical Supply Depot Cardboard boxes ppsd2 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
MAL.0216.24.pdf Mfundo Arnold Lushaba CHC Disludging of MAL CHC and clinics septic tanks 2023/12/06 2023/12/12
PSD0081-24.pdf Provincial Pharmaceutical Supply Depot Cardboard boxes ppsd5 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
PSD0082-24.pdf Provincial Pharmaceutical Supply Depot Cardboard boxes ppsd3 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
PSD0083-24.pdf Provincial Pharmaceutical Supply Depot Printing ribbons for tally genicom 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
RMH340.pdf Richmond Hospital Cleaning of garden and grounds Cancelled 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
PSD0084-24.pdf Provincial Pharmaceutical Supply Depot 4 Ply computer printing paper 500/box 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
HOH.0659.24.pdf Head Office Quotations 12 Month Contract for Pest Control Service at Regional Laundry  2023/12/06 2023/12/12
PSD0086-24.pdf Provincial Pharmaceutical Supply Depot Rubber thimbles-banker assistant 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
PSD0087-24.pdf Provincial Pharmaceutical Supply Depot Cover file genral buff pn24 size 354x560mm  2023/12/06 2023/12/13
HLB215-23-24.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Pest Control For Hlabisa Hospital and Gateway Clinic 2023/12/06 2023/12/14
HLB216-23-24.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Pest Control for 7 Clinics-12 Months Contract 2023/12/06 2023/12/14
GJM 564.23.24.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital Trolleys 2023/12/06 2023/12/11
HLB217-23-24.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Pest Control for 9 Clinics-12 Months Contract 2023/12/06 2023/12/14
PSH646-2324 .pdf Port Shepstone Hospital kiwi vacuum extractor 2023/12/06 2023/12/11
HOH1558.pdf Head Office Quotations Maternal Well Post-Partum tray 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
APP230.23-24.pdf Appelsbosch Hospital Repair boom gate at main gate 2023/12/06 2023/12/14
APP91.23-24.pdf Appelsbosch Hospital Repair automated sliding door at OPD 2023/12/06 2023/12/14
APP273.23-24.pdf Appelsbosch Hospital Repair electrical gate at Gcumisa Clinic 2023/12/06 2023/12/14
APP332.23-24.pdf Appelsbosch Hospital Supply and install air conditioners at paeds and maternity wards 2023/12/06 2023/12/14
LSH962-23-24.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Pest control in the hospital and 10 clinics 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
DAB.403.23-24.pdf KwaDabeka CHC Patient Health Records Primary Health Care 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
DAB.404.23-24.pdf KwaDabeka CHC Colostomy Bags 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
KEV928-23.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital repair to aluminium window at st aidans hospital 2023/12/06 2023/12/13
KEV918-23.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital t neo pad matress, multiple use for a neonatal total body cooler and rectal temperature
2023/12/06 2023/12/11
KEV595-23.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital horizontal cone beam ct scanner re-advertised 2023/12/06 2023/12/11
mch - 628-23.pdf McCord Hospital Bifocal Spectacles CR39 2023/12/06 2023/12/11
mch - 627-23.pdf McCord Hospital Foldable 3 piece lens with different sizes  2023/12/06 2023/12/11
mch - 626-23.pdf McCord Hospital Intra Ocular 3 piece lens with different sizes  2023/12/06 2023/12/11