Quotation Adverts : January 2024


31 January 2024

Name Health Facility Description Opening Date Closing Date
206 23.24.pdf Untunjambili Hospital supply and service airconditioning 2024/01/31 2024/02/07
UMK 106-23-24-1.pdf Umkhanyakude District Office Uniform 2024/01/31 2024/02/05
UMK 107-23-24-1.pdf Umkhanyakude District Office Print TB stationery 2024/01/31 2024/02/05
UMK 108-23-24-1.pdf Umkhanyakude District Office High risk gloves 2024/01/31 2024/02/05
NKA142.pdf Nkandla Hospital Supply and deliver Ankle Boots 2024/01/31 2024/02/02
NKA 587.pdf Nkandla Hospital Supply and deliver Instruments 2024/01/31 2024/02/02
NKA 918.pdf Nkandla Hospital Supply and deliver Drum unit  and Laminating pouch 2024/01/31 2024/02/02
RMH314.pdf Richmond Hospital installation of 1 double door 2024/01/31 2024/02/02
VRH743.pdf Vryheid Hospital supply and deliver laryngoscope 2024/01/31 2024/02/02
VRH742.pdf Vryheid Hospital supply and deliver visible infrared detector 2024/01/31 2024/02/02
VRH739.pdf Vryheid Hospital supply and deliver spongostan 2024/01/31 2024/02/02
VRH740.pdf Vryheid Hospital supply and deliver biopsy needles 2024/01/31 2024/02/02
VRH738.pdf Vryheid Hospital supply and deliver prolystica and steam sterilization 2024/01/31 2024/02/02
MUR237 2324.pdf Murchison Hospital Annual service of Air conditioners at Murchison Hospital 2024/01/31 2024/02/16
Ngw988.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital wullstein needles 2024/01/31 2024/02/07
Ngw938.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital supply and deliver microfone shower with hose 2024/01/31 2024/02/07
Ngw355.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital spillage kitts 2024/01/31 2024/02/07
Ngw1594.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital disposable linear cutter 2024/01/31 2024/02/07
Ngw1609.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital supply central aircon coil 2024/01/31 2024/02/07
Ngw1593.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital percutaneos endoscopic gastrostomy set  2024/01/31 2024/02/07
Ngw1607.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital tensopress compression bandage 10cmx3m 2024/01/31 2024/02/07
Ngw1575.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital reusable recyclex water repellants gowns 2024/01/31 2024/02/07
Ngw1577.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital disposable sterile laparoscopic camera drape 2024/01/31 2024/02/07
Ngw1580.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital diathrmy tip polisher 2024/01/31 2024/02/07
Ngw998.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital tympanic probe covers 2024/01/31 2024/02/07
Ngw278.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital forms anaesthetic operation and recovery 2024/01/31 2024/02/07
Ngw1598.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital monthly servise and disinfection of single stage reverse osmosis 2024/01/31 2024/02/07
Ngw1604.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital semi-automated core biopsy needles with echogenic needle for ultrasound 16gx10cm 2024/01/31 2024/02/07
Ngw987.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital ferguson suction tube, cut off hole, luer connector, stylet 2024/01/31 2024/02/07
pmm811.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital Pads spray cleaning buffer 425 colours Red, Blue and Black 2024/01/31 2024/02/06
pmm808.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 40 Units, Books, Cash handling over and clearance record. 4 units BAS Reciept book (Z1512) 2024/01/31 2024/02/06
pmm809.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital Wrap sterilising size 140mmX1400mm, 600mmX600mm, 120mmX120mm and
2024/01/31 2024/02/06
pmm807.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 50Units, DR DRUM 3215 for Brother printer 2024/01/31 2024/02/06
pmm806.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital scrub suits size large, x-large and xx-large 2024/01/31 2024/02/06
pmm805.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 12 units, percutaneous endoscopy gastrostomy tube (peg) 2024/01/31 2024/02/06
pmm804.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 50 units, birth register combined labour and post natal ward 2024/01/31 2024/02/06
pmm762.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 6 boxes, disposable linear cutter stapple 60mmx3.8mm, 6 boxes, disposable linear cutter
stapple 80mmx3.8mm, 8 boxes, disposable linear stapple reloads 60mmx3.8mm, 8 boxes,
 disposable linear stapple reloads 80mmx4.8mm
2024/01/31 2024/02/06
pmm813.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital dynaflex kit multilayer compression system 2024/01/31 2024/02/06
pmm815.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital swabs gauze x-ray detect 100mmx100mmx32ply 2024/01/31 2024/02/06
pmm816.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital stapler proximate psw 35 2024/01/31 2024/02/06
pmm817.pdf Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital pads sanitary maternity self adhesive  2024/01/31 2024/02/06
sah 431.pdf St Andrews Hospital dieses 50ppm 2024/01/31 2024/02/06
KEV977-23.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital disposable sterile surgical gowns size xl and xxl 2024/01/31 2024/02/05
KEV973-23.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital phototherapy eye shield / protectors, neonatal 2024/01/31 2024/02/05
KEV975-23.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital closed suction system size 6fr neonatal 2024/01/31 2024/02/05
KEV917-23.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital kettle 1.7liter , urn 35liter and water dispenser with plumbing (cold water) re-advertised 2024/01/31 2024/02/05
MSH379-23-24H.pdf Mseleni Hospital supply and deliver linen items  2024/01/31 2024/02/05
KEV972-23.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital HVAC after service repairs 2024/01/31 2024/02/12



30 January 2024

Name Health Facility Description Opening Date Closing Date
ESW122-23-24.pdf Eshowe Hospital Curtain screens 2024/01/30 2024/02/06
ESW124-23-24.pdf Eshowe Hospital Electrical items 2024/01/30 2024/02/06
ESW123-24-24.pdf Eshowe Hospital Curtain blinds 2024/01/30 2024/02/06
ESW125-23-24.pdf Eshowe Hospital Curtains 2024/01/30 2024/02/06
CHL357.11.23-24.pdf eThekwini Metro district office Stripping sealing and polishing of floor  2024/01/30 2024/02/05
DSD368.12.23-24.pdf eThekwini Metro district office Staplers (Desk Type)  2024/01/30 2024/02/05
DSD367.12.23-24.pdf eThekwini Metro district office Home based care kits  2024/01/30 2024/02/05
EME374.12.23-24.pdf eThekwini Metro district office Flight suits-2 pieces medical green (Various sizes) 2024/01/30 2024/02/05
DSD369.12.23-24.pdf eThekwini Metro district office Register:contact line list,data,collection & reporting tool  2024/01/30 2024/02/05
LSH 1189.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Repairs to all the areas that were damaged by hail storm 2024/01/30 2024/05/05
KEV970-23.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital After service of kitchen equipment for St Aidans Hospital 2024/01/30 2024/02/12
EKB 171-23-24.pdf Ekombe Hospital Burglar gate 2024/01/30 2024/02/04
GRS 2719-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Ten months contract for collection & removal of general waste 2024/01/30 2024/02/06
cjm00289.pdf Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital Replace damaged receiver valves & safety valves of gas plant 2024/01/30 2024/02/06
GRS 2609-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Adult endoscopic injection needles 2024/01/30 2024/02/06
GRS 2604-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Controlled redial expansion (CRE) dilation balloon 2024/01/30 2024/02/06
WEH 368.23-24.pdf Wentworth Hospital supply of doctors coats as sper specification attached  2024/01/30 2024/02/06
GRS 2610-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Grasping forcep  2024/01/30 2024/02/06
WEH 339.23-24.pdf Wentworth Hospital Paraffin Wax Bath with 2 wax blocks and liners  2024/01/30 2024/02/06
GRS 434-05-23.pdf Greys Hospital Rat tooth forceps endoscopic foreign body removal forceps 2024/01/30 2024/02/06
WEH 361.23-24.pdf Wentworth Hospital oxygen bubble humidifier bottle pre-filled small 325ml-350ml 2024/01/30 2024/02/06
GRS 2608-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Endoscopic multibrand ligator clear view barrel 2024/01/30 2024/02/06
WEH 360.23-24.pdf Wentworth Hospital liquid concentrated germicide 25ml (laundry soap) 2024/01/30 2024/02/06
GRS 2853-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital 3 Piece intra ocular aspheric foldable acrylic intra ocula lens 2024/01/30 2024/02/06
STM 53_23-24.pdf St Margaret’s Hospital Adhesive labels 2024/01/30 2024/02/02
kdh 599_30012024.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex volume evacuator suction 2024/01/30 2024/02/05
kdh 600_30012024.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex suction fluid/cleaner 2024/01/30 2024/02/05
WEH 330.23-24.pdf Wentworth Hospital adult electric spirometer  2024/01/30 2024/02/06
GRS 2452-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Supply air condition tools 2024/01/30 2024/02/06
EKB 172-23-24.pdf Ekombe Hospital Patient Referral Letter 2024/01/30 2024/02/02
kdh 254_30012024.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex scotchbond mixing well 2024/01/30 2024/02/05
WEH 335.23-24.pdf Wentworth Hospital stationery bicycle-paediatric ,pedal cycle, push walker -paediatric  2024/01/30 2024/02/06
kdh 470_30012024.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex main control pc board for belmont clestre 2024/01/30 2024/02/05
MZH-829-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital diesel for standby generator 2024/01/30 2024/02/02
WEH 337.23-24.pdf Wentworth Hospital acticoat silver coated antimicrobial barier dressing 40cm x 40cm ,15inch x15inch -box of
6 units 
2024/01/30 2024/02/06
kdh 763_30012024.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex pvc adaptor female, v-belt  and putty 2024/01/30 2024/02/05
GRS 2370-10-23.pdf Greys Hospital Antimicrobial film incise drape 2024/01/30 2024/02/06
kdh 499_30012024.pdf Choose your facility from the list: surgical machine non-fibre optic 2024/01/30 2024/02/05
WEH 329.23-24.pdf Wentworth Hospital surgical glue 0,7ml ,patients rollers and nasal plugs 10cm 2024/01/30 2024/02/06
kdh 551_30012024.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex contr-angle hand piece 2024/01/30 2024/02/05
kdh 772_30012024.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex iv cannula 22 G 2024/01/30 2024/02/05
sah 305.pdf St Andrews Hospital surgical items 2024/01/30 2024/02/02
sah 430.pdf St Andrews Hospital diesel 50ppm 2024/01/30 2024/02/02
sah3872324.pdf St Andrews Hospital supply, and install new boomgates  2024/01/30 2024/02/06
sah 400.pdf St Andrews Hospital stationery  2024/01/30 2024/02/02
PHX232.2324.pdf Phoenix CHC Maternity case book 2024/01/30 2024/02/06
PHX231.2324.pdf Phoenix CHC Fridge alarm 2024/01/30 2024/02/06
ndh883-23-24.pdf Northdale Hospital replacement of rusted broken steel gate and diesel bulk tank fencing at  Northdale
2024/01/30 2024/02/02
dan.199.23.24.pdf Dannhauser CHC supply of gazebo sets  2024/01/30 2024/02/06
Nse 600.2023.2024.pdf Nseleni CHC Cleaning of offices and buildings  2024/01/30 2024/02/06
Nse 601.2023.2024.pdf Nseleni CHC Cleaning of gardens and grounds  2024/01/30 2024/02/06
Nse 602.2023.2024.pdf Nseleni CHC Collection of general waste to all clinics  2024/01/30 2024/02/06
GJC670-23-24.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital Supply material & do minor repairs to Theatre - D3 2024/01/30 2024/02/08
GJC669-23-24.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital Supply material & do various installations at Theatre-D3 2024/01/30 2024/02/08
GJC664-23-24.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital Cleaning & maintenance of garden & grounds for GJ Croookes Hospital 2024/01/30 2024/02/08
GJC596-23-24.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital Supply material & build aluminium & glass partitioning for various departments 2024/01/30 2024/02/07
GJC668-23-24.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital Supply material & repair damaged Gateway clinic driveway 2024/01/30 2024/02/07
HOH1800-24.pdf Head Office Quotations Strip, investigate faulty standby generator at Townhill Office Park 2024/01/30 2024/02/06
HCT083.23.24.pdf Hillcrest Hospital Supply 6 x Cleaning staff labour only. 1 month contract  2024/01/30 2024/02/06
HCT084.23.24.pdf Hillcrest Hospital Supply 6 x cleaning staff labour only. 6 months contract. 2024/01/30 2024/02/06
HCT085.23.24.pdf Hillcrest Hospital Cleaning of garden & grounds. 1 month contract 2024/01/30 2024/02/06
HCT086.23.24.pdf Hillcrest Hospital Cleaning of garden & grounds. 6 month contract 2024/01/30 2024/02/06
WEH 346.23-24.pdf Wentworth Hospital supply of wheelchair cushions and covers  2024/01/30 2024/02/06
WEH 358.23-24.pdf Wentworth Hospital 1 pouch drainage opaque -size 12-76mm box of 30 units  2024/01/30 2024/02/06
EDU211.23.24-1.pdf Edumbe CHC Supply and deliver bags garbage clear 2024/01/30 2024/02/02
LSH463-23-24.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Weight Bags, Plastic Curtains, Mobile Screen And Ring Remove  2024/01/30 2024/02/02
LSH920-23-24.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Metal Neonatal Suction, Eye Occluler, Uterine Sound(9cm Long) 2024/01/30 2024/02/02
LSH1084-23-24.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Paper Steri-fleet Reel 100ml Indicator 2024/01/30 2024/02/02
LSH1190-23-24.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Cups White, Plate White Dinner, Saucers White  2024/01/30 2024/02/02
ndh895 23 24.pdf Northdale Hospital bags aseptor no: 4, 6 & 12 2024/01/30 2024/02/02
ndh893 23 24.pdf Northdale Hospital suture synthetic braided 3/0 vr 323 2024/01/30 2024/02/02
ndh892 23 24.pdf Northdale Hospital neb connectors aka oxygen nipple d.i.s.s 2024/01/30 2024/02/02
ndh894 23 24.pdf Northdale Hospital heel walking rubber under sole adult large 2024/01/30 2024/02/02
RKK823.23-24.pdf RK Khan Hospital Supply of paraffin illuminating via road tanker  2024/01/30 2024/02/02
vrh-728-23-24.pdf Vryheid Hospital dressing comfeel plus 20 x 20cm: semi - permecible dressing with calcium alginate
 providing moist wound
2024/01/30 2024/02/02
vrh-254-23-24.pdf Vryheid Hospital black pen medium fine point ( 50 units per box ) x 500 boxes  2024/01/30 2024/02/02
vrh-475-23-24.pdf Vryheid Hospital surgical 2024/01/30 2024/02/02
vrh-353-23-24.pdf Vryheid Hospital hand held kiwi vacuum extractor 10 units per box x 2 boxes  2024/01/30 2024/02/02


Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital Stump Dressing -Sterile 450 X 400 x 6PLY     2024/01/30 2024/02/02
PAC137.pdf PMB and Assessment and Therapy Centre Incentive spirometer 2024/01/30 2024/02/02
PAC166.pdf PMB and Assessment and Therapy Centre Table blender  2024/01/30 2024/02/02


29 January 2024

Name Health Facility Description Opening Date Closing Date
EKB 153-23-24.pdf Ekombe Hospital Maintenance Items 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
EKB 167-23-24.pdf Ekombe Hospital Linen Items 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
EKB169-23-24.pdf Ekombe Hospital Toner and Drum 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
LSH1176-23-24.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Annual Service of  boom Gate and Sliding Gate At Main Entrance 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
kdh774.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex installation of extended walk shelters 2024/01/29 2024/02/05
kdh728-23-24...pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex thermoplast splinting size 4.8mm, 3.2mm and 4.0mm 2024/01/29 2024/02/05
LSH912-23-24.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Stores Assistant Uniform And Chef's Uniform 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
HLB 280 23-24.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Fire damage repair at male psychiatric ward 2024/01/29 2024/02/06
MSH341-23-24.pdf Mseleni Hospital supply and deliver window glasses 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
HLB 285 23-24.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Home base care kits 2024/01/29 2024/02/06
MSH327-23-24H.pdf Mseleni Hospital supply and install window balustrade glass in female seclusion room 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
HLB 277 23-24.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Urostomy bag 38mm one piece 2024/01/29 2024/02/06
MSH362-23-24H.pdf Mseleni Hospital supply and delivery instruments 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
MSH376-23-24H.pdf Mseleni Hospital supply and deliver stationery 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
HLB 278 23-24.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Bottle humidifier oxygen 500ml 2024/01/29 2024/02/06
MSH373-23-24H.pdf Mseleni Hospital cleaning material 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
HLB 279 23-24.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Suprapubic cathether 14fg 100% silicone 2024/01/29 2024/02/06
MSH369-23-24H.pdf Mseleni Hospital supply and deliver surgical items Canceled 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
SAP170-2023-2024.pdf St Apollinaris Hospital Supply and deliver pharmacy drug books 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
HLB 282 23-24.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Extensuvely hydrolyzed formula for infants 2024/01/29 2024/02/06
HLB 276 23-24.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Pest control six months contract 2024/01/29 2024/02/06
HLB 287 23-24.pdf Hlabisa Hospital Hospital linen 2024/01/29 2024/02/06
SMM.343.24..pdf St Mary’s Marianhill Hospital mucus extractor set 25ml fg12 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
ADD579.23.24.pdf Addington Hospital et tube fastner 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
Edn 617.23-24.pdf Harry Gwala (Edendale) Hospital Stationery items  2024/01/29 2024/02/02
Edn 1313.23-24.pdf Harry Gwala (Edendale) Hospital Yellow medical suction jar connector  2024/01/29 2024/02/02
Lem-190-23-24.pdf Ilembe District Office Cleaning of buildings and offices at Ballito Clinic 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
Lem-191-23-24.pdf Ilembe District Office Cleaning of buildings and offices at Shakaskraal Clinic 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
mch - 625-23.pdf McCord Hospital Expoxy entrance to hospital and paint walk ways  2024/01/29 2024/02/02
mch - 677-23.pdf McCord Hospital Repair to flood damage in stores 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
mch - 675-23.pdf McCord Hospital Install new shade cloth parking in skt and ceo parking  2024/01/29 2024/02/02
KMG 17.pdf KwaMagwaza Hospital Supply and delivery of spectacles 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
mch - 676-23.pdf McCord Hospital Supply and Install blinds in Admin Area  2024/01/29 2024/02/02
NDW57-23.24.pdf Ndwedwe CHC Service to dental chair 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
MUR 539_23_24.pdf Murchison Hospital patient referral letter  sets  2024/01/29 2024/02/02
MUR 538_23_24.pdf Murchison Hospital hydroboil taps and high traffic toilet seat covers 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
MUR 537_23_24.pdf Murchison Hospital   2024/01/29 2024/02/02
NDW146-23.24.pdf Ndwedwe CHC Supply and deliver Generator @ Thafamasi clinic 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
NDW133-23.24.pdf Ndwedwe CHC Supply and deliver Dental Consumables 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
UKH 96 _23-24.pdf Umzimukhulu Hospital Supply, deliver and install television sets 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
UKH 86_23-24.pdf Umzimukhulu Hospital Supply and deliver ladies jackets 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
UKH 88_23-24.pdf Umzimukhulu Hospital Supply and deliver ladies 3 quarter pants 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
dan.229.23.24.pdf Dannhauser CHC service and installation of fire equipement at clinics 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
EMM335-11-23.pdf Emmaus Hospital Supply and deliver surgical items 2024/01/29 2024/02/07
MZH-732-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital tube nasal feeding pvc radiopaque 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
Edn 1472.23-24.pdf Harry Gwala (Edendale) Hospital Opthalmic sundries 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
MZH-824-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital bags garbage clear 90 microns 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
MZH-825-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital alcohol swabs 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
Edn 1210.23-24.pdf Harry Gwala (Edendale) Hospital Short- cuffed endotracheal tube with subglottic pressure-free zone 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
MZH-835-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital 230 3kva ups transformer 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
MZH-834-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital ecg paper zoncare machine 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
MZH-823-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital masks oxygen 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
MZH-843-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital service of cash register machine 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
MZH-822-23-24.pdf Manguzi Hospital bags body white 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
Edn 1063.23-24.pdf Harry Gwala (Edendale) Hospital Uplifting of park home from Town Hill hospital to Caluza clinic 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
Edn 1233.23-24.pdf Harry Gwala (Edendale) Hospital Washing machine industrial 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
Edn 1471.23-24.pdf Harry Gwala (Edendale) Hospital Blood gas syringe Cancelled 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
Edn 1266.23-24.pdf Harry Gwala (Edendale) Hospital Nasopharygeal airway 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
Edn 1156.23-24.pdf Harry Gwala (Edendale) Hospital Set dial-A-flow (IV flow regulator ext ref 022-98003) Cancelled 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
Edn 1384.23-24.pdf Harry Gwala (Edendale) Hospital Catheterization Set arterial 18G and 20G Cancelled 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
Edn 1476.23-24.pdf Harry Gwala (Edendale) Hospital Set administration 60 Dropper Cancelled 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
Edn 617.23-24.pdf Harry Gwala (Edendale) Hospital Stationery items 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
Edn 1014.23-24.pdf Harry Gwala (Edendale) Hospital Handwashing soap liquid 5L 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
Edn 1310.23-24.pdf Harry Gwala (Edendale) Hospital Cleaning materials 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
Edn 258.23-24.pdf Harry Gwala (Edendale) Hospital Kitchenware 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
Edn 1013.23-24.pdf Harry Gwala (Edendale) Hospital Domestic detergents 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
Edn 931.23-24.pdf Harry Gwala (Edendale) Hospital Service to transformers  2024/01/29 2024/02/02
Edn 1321.23-24.pdf Harry Gwala (Edendale) Hospital High density filling system 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
Edn 1362.23-24.pdf Harry Gwala (Edendale) Hospital Disposable cups (tumblers)  2024/01/29 2024/02/02
NKO 565.pdf Nkonjeni Hospital Supply replacement of broken suspended ceiling 2024/01/29 2024/02/05
Edn 1387.23-24.pdf Harry Gwala (Edendale) Hospital Absorbent special gauze roll  2024/01/29 2024/02/02
mch - 651-23.pdf McCord Hospital Redo booking office and Registration  2024/01/29 2024/02/02
Edn 1300.23-24.pdf Harry Gwala (Edendale) Hospital Re-writable DVD-R 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
mch - 652-53.pdf McCord Hospital Redo of toilets in hospital  2024/01/29 2024/02/02
mch - 655-23.pdf McCord Hospital supply and install surge protector in hospital  2024/01/29 2024/02/02
Edn 950.23-24.pdf Harry Gwala (Edendale) Hospital Cuffed subglottic tracheostomy tubes (various sizes) 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
Edn 33.23-24.pdf Harry Gwala (Edendale) Hospital Prolene polypropylene blue monofilament (various sizes) 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
Edn 1299.23-24.pdf Harry Gwala (Edendale) Hospital Cidex opa- rapid high level disinfecting  2024/01/29 2024/02/02
LSH547-23-24.pdf Ladysmith Hospital k-tape sport taping adhesive bangage elastic 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
LSH1182-23-24.pdf Ladysmith Hospital J.coated vicryl 36 mm round bodied 75cm 2-0 (3ph-eur) steril braided w9220 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
Edn 644.23-24.pdf Harry Gwala (Edendale) Hospital Absorbable hemostat oxidized regenerated cellulose  2024/01/29 2024/02/02
Edn 844.23-24.pdf Harry Gwala (Edendale) Hospital Drug labels in ISO standardized colour  2024/01/29 2024/02/02
Edn 1363.23-24.pdf Choose your facility from the list: Batteries  2024/01/29 2024/02/02
LSH 1188.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Supply & Install Shatterproof clear window panes for F1 & M1 wards 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
LSH 775.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Intraocular Lens (Various Sizes) 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
Lem-044-23-24 - Mortuary cleaner.pdf Ilembe District Office Supply and deliver mortuary cleaner as per specification 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
LSH 1074.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Catheter Mount Ergo Star 50CM (10-16CM) Extendable 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
LSH 1043.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Bipolar Forceps - Surgical Holdings Electrosurgical for Diathermy Fine Tip 10.1mm long 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
LSH 1114.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Sutures 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
LSH865-23-24.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Oxygen Gauge Index, Plaster Scissor, Plaster Saw With Blades, Bilateral Oxygen Gauges Wall
 Mounted, Soft Cervical & Philadephila Neck
2024/01/29 2024/02/02
LSH 001.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Surgical Skin Marker Regular Tip 1mm 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
LSH 002.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Diathermy Plates Peads 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
LSH1127-23-24 (2).pdf Ladysmith Hospital Dgital Thermometer and Digital Room Thermometer Wall Mounted 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
LSH 1116.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Zinc Oxide Plaster 7.55mm X 5m Roll 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
LSH 1112.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Humid Vent Filter Small Straight 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
MVH156.pdf Mosvold Hospital Supply Oxygen Gauge 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
MVH289.pdf Mosvold Hospital Supply Digital Microwave 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
LSH1110-23-24.pdf Ladysmith Hospital 1X Phonak Belero B30Cros Hearing Aid, Rexton Mosiac 30 Behind Eaar, Inizia 3 Behind The
Ear Hearing Aid
2024/01/29 2024/02/02
MVH290.pdf Mosvold Hospital Supply Double Door Fridge 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
MVH291.pdf Mosvold Hospital Supply 4Plate Electrical Stove 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
LSH994-23-24.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Supply Betta PP 470 Falir Cloackroom Basin Whit Pillar Medical Elbow Action Action Mixer 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
LSH1171-23-24.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Supply Heavy Duty Solid Swing Door as Given Measurements 203.5mmx73mmx4.5mm 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
kdh773.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex supplier & install  & commission electric boom gate 2024/01/29 2024/02/05
LSH531-23-24.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Patient Chairs -Colour Red (Durable Plastic) Pastoe Chairs 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
MVH292.pdf Mosvold Hospital Supply Petrol Brush Cutters 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
MVH325.pdf Mosvold Hospital Supply Plumbing Material 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
MVH361.pdf Mosvold Hospital Supply Mobile Bedside Screens/ Private Screens 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
LSH 1155.pdf Ladysmith Hospital Tablet Bags (Plastic) 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
MVH366.pdf Mosvold Hospital Supply Garbage Bag Virgin Clear 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
MVH412.pdf Mosvold Hospital Supply Home Base Care Kits 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
MVH413.pdf Mosvold Hospital Supply Duvet Size 180 cm x 230 cm Blue in Colour 2024/01/29 2024/02/01
HOH.1682.24.pdf Head Office Quotations Supply and deliver of Stationery 2024/01/29 2024/02/02
IAL-1403-23-24.pdf Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital Micrograft Gauze + Cork plate  1:4            2024/01/29 2024/02/02
IAL-1402-23-24.pdf Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital Activated Safety Lancet 21gauge              2024/01/29 2024/02/02
IAL-1404-23-24.pdf Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital Infant Oxygenator combo pack    2024/01/29 2024/02/02


26 January 2024

Name Health Facility Description Opening Date Closing Date
CAH-THU320-23-24.pdf Ceza Hospital /  Thulasizwe Hospital stainless steel wall mounted soap dispenser and  hand paper towel dispenser 2024/01/26 2024/01/31
NKO 551.pdf Nkonjeni Hospital Replacement of boom gate 2024/01/26 2024/02/01
KMG 440-23-24.pdf KwaMagwaza Hospital Repairs to leaking showers,sinks and buthtubs in wards 2024/01/26 2023/02/09
420-23-24.pdf Newcastle Hospital Pads sanitary maternity post delivery maternity sanitary towels 2024/01/26 2024/01/31
NEH-421-23-24.pdf Newcastle Hospital Removal and recycling of cardboard and waste per kg 2024/01/26 2024/02/02
NEH-415-23-24.pdf Newcastle Hospital Supply and install dryer commission replacement  X 1 unit 2024/01/26 2024/01/31
NEH-414-23-24.pdf Newcastle Hospital domestic fridge and microwave Cancelled 2024/01/26 2024/01/31
NEH-417-23-24.pdf Newcastle Hospital non-adhesive sp02 sensor 2024/01/26 2024/01/31
STF82.23.24.pdf St Francis Hospital Lights 2024/01/26 2024/02/02
cjm00285.pdf Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital Supply & deliver: Hand soap, pine gel, air freshner, vim powder & broom bass 2024/01/26 2024/02/01
GTW 08.11.23-24.pdf Greytown Hospital Brown paper bags  2024/01/26 2024/02/01
GTW 09.01.23-24.pdf Greytown Hospital Major service to fire equipment @ M3 TB Hospital 2024/01/26 2024/02/01
GTW 34.11.23-24.pdf Greytown Hospital Soup dispenser heavy duty stainless steel  2024/01/26 2024/02/01
QNR691.pdf Queen Nandi Hospital Voice recognition system for reporting on radiology images 2024/01/26 2024/02/01
GTW 10.0123-24.pdf Greytown Hospital Major service to fire equipment @ M4 Hospital 2024/01/26 2024/02/01
GTW 42.08.23-24.pdf Greytown Hospital Renovation and altration to staff residents @ M3 Hospital 2024/01/26 2024/02/01
emm421.pdf Emmaus Hospital Cleaning of gardens and grounds for 6 months Cancelled 2024/01/26 2024/02/07
INA 310-23-24.pdf Inanda CHC repair to shelter in patient area at qadi clinic 2024/01/26 2024/02/02
EDU072.23.24.pdf Edumbe CHC Test strips 2024/01/26 2024/01/30
SMM.325.24.pdf St Mary’s Marianhill Hospital after service repair infrared testing  2024/01/26 2024/02/02
SMM.338.24.pdf St Mary’s Marianhill Hospital service of fire equipment 2024/01/26 2024/02/02
SMM.328.24.pdf St Mary’s Marianhill Hospital alluminium axilla under arm crutches 2024/01/26 2024/02/02
SMM.311.24.pdf St Mary’s Marianhill Hospital servicing of kitchen equipment 2024/01/26 2024/02/02
SMM.330.24.pdf St Mary’s Marianhill Hospital surgical tape 25mm and 50mm (omnipore) 2024/01/26 2024/02/02
NGW1506.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital bandages pourous elastic adhesive 100mmx2.7m 2024/01/26 2024/01/31
NGW1560.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital paper sterisheet 1000x1400 2024/01/26 2024/01/31
NGW1551.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital mask oxygen  100% adult re-breather with bag 2024/01/26 2024/01/31
NGW1541.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital cvp set double lumen adult 7frx20cm  2024/01/26 2024/01/31
NGW1503.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital cvp set double lumen 5fr 8cm  Withdrawn 2024/01/26 2024/01/31
NGW1531.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital paper photocopy a4 white 06 months contract  2024/01/26 2024/01/31
NGW1550.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital violet braided coated polyglycolic synthetic 2024/01/26 2024/01/31
PHX226.pdf Phoenix CHC Packaging polyethylene clear 2024/01/26 2024/02/02
NGW1512.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital curity urine meter bag with double chamber 2l 2024/01/26 2024/01/31
NGW1564.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital disposable foam cups 2024/01/26 2024/01/31
NGW1509.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital opthalmic knife 30 degrees 2024/01/26 2024/01/31
NGW1563.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital clinic chart adult- booklet 2024/01/26 2024/01/31
NGW1312.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital sterile antifog solution  2024/01/26 2024/01/31
NGW758.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital xeroform bismuth tribromophenate in petrolatum blend 2024/01/26 2024/01/31
NGW310.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital flow safe cpap mask with soft cushion mask  2024/01/26 2024/01/31
NGW1171.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital nasal bridle set consisting of magnetic probe 2024/01/26 2024/01/31
OTH235-23-24.pdf Othobothini CHC Supply and deliver High concentrated liquid laundry detergent germicide 25litre 2024/01/26 2024/02/02
ctk 217-2023-24.pdf Christ the King Hospital supply and delivery of hearing aids equipment 2024/01/26 2024/01/31
ctk 105-2023-24.pdf Christ the King Hospital supply and delivery of disposable electro surgical hand held pencil 2024/01/26 2024/01/31
NGW908.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital cervical somi brace(small, medium & large) 2024/01/26 2024/01/31
NGW1562.pdf Ngwelezana Hospital dressing wound irrigation solution  2024/01/26 2024/01/31
ctk 163-2023-24-1.pdf Christ the King Hospital assessment and toolbox repairs of fire detecting system 2024/01/26 2024/01/31
stm 116_23-24.pdf St Margaret’s Hospital A4 photocopy papers 80 gsm 2024/01/26 2024/01/31
NDH846-23-24.pdf Northdale Hospital after service /repairs to fault split unit  2024/01/26 2024/01/31
NKA 188.pdf Nkandla Hospital Supply and Deliver Wipes cleaning non woven fabric blue 2024/01/26 2024/01/31
nd889.pdf Northdale Hospital replacement ofruster ,steel main gate  and minor  building  2024/01/26 2024/01/31
CAH-THU316-23-24.pdf Ceza Hospital /  Thulasizwe Hospital fumigation of the entire hospital ( thulasizwe) 2024/01/26 2024/02/08
NKA 217.pdf Nkandla Hospital Supply and deliver Body bags 2024/01/26 2024/01/31
CAH-THU317-23-24.pdf Ceza Hospital /  Thulasizwe Hospital fumigation of the entire hospital (ceza hospital) 2024/01/26 2024/02/08
NKA 226.pdf Nkandla Hospital Supply and Deliver Plastic Sealing Tag 66cm 2024/01/26 2024/01/31
NKA 504.pdf Nkandla Hospital supply ande deliver portable dental chair 2024/01/26 2024/01/31
NKA 935.pdf Nkandla Hospital Renovation of Ablutions 2024/01/26 2024/01/31
NKA 179.pdf Nkandla Hospital Supply and deliver photocopying paper A4 2024/01/26 2024/01/31
NKA 631.pdf Nkandla Hospital Supply and deliver Wheelchairs size 24 2024/01/26 2024/01/31
MSH315-23-24.pdf Mseleni Hospital supply and deliver cleaning 2024/01/26 2024/01/31
UMH 153.23-24.pdf Umgeni Hospital supply & delivery of patient toiletries 2024/01/26 2024/02/02
NDW185-23.24.pdf Ndwedwe CHC Body bags  2024/01/26 2024/02/02
NDW186-23.24.pdf Ndwedwe CHC Dislodging of septic tank 2024/01/26 2024/02/02
UKH 99 23-24.pdf Umzimukhulu Hospital Grass cutting 2024/01/26 2024/02/02
NDW102-23.24.pdf Ndwedwe CHC Printing wax ribbons 2024/01/26 2024/02/02
PSH705-2324.pdf Port Shepstone Hospital Garbage Bags Red - 910mm Xx 760mm x 50 micron 2024/01/26 2024/02/01
HOH-1708.pdf Head Office Quotations Home base kits 2024/01/26 2024/01/31
STC-371,255,310-23-24.pdf St Chads CHC Uniform 2024/01/26 2024/02/02
STC-406,407-23-24.pdf St Chads CHC Patient health records primary health care(adult female and male,peads) 2024/01/26 2024/02/02
PSH703-2324 .pdf Port Shepstone Hospital bone rongeur forceps - ruskin 2024/01/26 2024/02/01
egu123-23-24-.pdf EG and Usher Memorial Hospital maternity case record 2024/01/26 2024/02/02
KCHC_MAS 275-23-24.pdf KwaMashu CHC Repair to main outlet regulator 2024/01/26 2024/01/31
SUN-696-23-24.pdf Sundumbili CHC Replace & Repair Windows & Tiles 2024/01/26 2024/02/05
SUN-697-23-24.pdf Sundumbili CHC Paving Interlock Bricks & Concrete Slabs 2024/01/26 2024/02/05
INA 305 -23-24.pdf Inanda CHC supply and delivered patient screens foldable 2024/01/26 2024/02/01
INA 322-23-24.pdf Inanda CHC supply and delired brother toner & drum 2024/01/26 2024/02/01
SUN-698-23-24.pdf Sundumbili CHC Storm Water V Drain Concrete Gabions 2024/01/26 2024/02/05
SUN-699-23-24.pdf Sundumbili CHC Security Fencing 2024/01/26 2024/02/05
INA 304-23-24 (2).pdf Inanda CHC supply red plastic 140L (60 MICRONS) 2024/01/26 2024/02/01
SUN-700-23-24.pdf Sundumbili CHC Roof Ceiling  2024/01/26 2024/02/05
SUN-701-23-24.pdf Sundumbili CHC Roof Sheeting 2024/01/26 2024/02/05
INA  324-23-24.pdf Inanda CHC supply blood pressure machine 2024/01/26 2024/02/01
SUN-706-23-24.pdf Sundumbili CHC Replace Damaged Fence & Cut Trees 2024/01/26 2024/02/05
INA 310-23-24.pdf Inanda CHC repair to shelter in patient area at qadi clinic 2024/01/26 2024/02/02
SMM.340.24.pdf St Mary’s Marianhill Hospital a4 paper photocopying white bond 80gsm Amended 2024/01/26 2024/02/02


25 January 2024

Name Health Facility Description Opening Date Closing Date
ctk 169-2023-24.pdf Christ the King Hospital renovation of ablutions and minor repairs at ctk hospital 2024/01/25 2024/02/09
UMG 159 23 24.pdf Umgungundlovu District Office Supply and Deliver Vircly Suture Amended 2024/01/25 2024/01/30
UMG 193 23 24.pdf Umgungundlovu District Office Supply and Deliver Pulse Oxymeter- handheld Amended 2024/01/25 2024/01/30
GJM 703.23.24.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital Neonate urine catheter with bulb 2024/01/25 2024/02/01
gjc639-23-24.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital laundry soap 2024/01/25 2024/02/01
ESW121-23-24.pdf Eshowe Hospital Supply and lay ceramic tiles in the main pharmacy 2024/01/25 2024/02/01
KEV956-23.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital After service repair kitchen equipment 2024/01/25 2024/02/05
GJM-702-23-24.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital Aerosol Air Freshner 2024/01/25 2024/02/01
GJM-704-23-24.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital Bath Soap 50G 2024/01/25 2024/02/01
GJM-705-23-24.pdf GJG Mpanza Hospital Dual Enzymatic Cleaner 2024/01/25 2024/02/01
GJC665-23-24.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital Supply & deliver (HRL 1234 F2FR 12V 34W/CELL/1.67V/15MIN) Batteries 2024/01/25 2024/01/31
GJC658-23-24.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital Supply & deliver material  2024/01/25 2024/01/31
GJC657-23-24.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital Supply & deliver building power tools 2024/01/25 2024/01/31
GJC589-23-24.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital Supply & deliver A-DEC 300 Dental Chair 2024/01/25 2024/02/01
GJC659-23-24.pdf GJ Crookes Hospital Portering Services at GJ Crookes Hospital 2024/01/25 2024/01/31
GAM101.pdf Gamalakhe CHC Notice boards 2024/01/25 2024/01/31
KEV929-23.pdf King Edward VIII Hospital Replacement  of the HEPA primary and pocket filters and conducted particle counts  2024/01/25 2024/02/05
Osi 231-23-24.pdf Osindisweni Hospital combi steam oven with 10 trays 2024/01/25 2024/01/31
Osi 321-23-24.pdf Osindisweni Hospital Dinner sets 2024/01/25 2024/01/31
NEH-423-23-24.pdf Newcastle Hospital Supply vacuum pump      X 1 unit 2024/01/25 2024/01/31
NEH-424-23-24.pdf Newcastle Hospital Supply and install cassette aircorn 30000 btu X 1 unit Amended 2024/01/25 2024/01/31
dan.143.23.24.pdf Dannhauser CHC supply of uniform 2024/01/25 2024/02/01
cjm00284.pdf Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital Supply and deliver: Pen highlighter, laminating a3,a4, rubber, box file, carbon paper.. 2024/01/25 2024/02/01
IAL-1253-23-24.pdf Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital Adhesive Conducive Opaque Cream/Paste that is intended to reduce skin impedance
 when using non disposable electroencephalography (EEG) neurodiagnostic electrodes
 for EEG testing 400g or 228g tubs  
2024/01/25 2024/01/30
HLE259.pdf Hlengisizwe CHC Vaginal speculums 2024/01/25 2024/01/30
ctk 104-2023-24-1.pdf Christ the King Hospital supply and delivery of disposable caesarean section drape & uta loops 2024/01/25 2024/01/31
ctk 79-2023-24-1.pdf Christ the King Hospital supply and delivery of translucent polyprolyne food storage 2024/01/25 2024/01/31
ctk 213-2023-24-1.pdf Choose your facility from the list: supply and delivery of colostomy bag one piece 10-76cm - box of 30 units 2024/01/25 2024/01/31
BCHC176.pdf Bruntville CHC Service water pums & cleaning water tanks 2024/01/25 2024/02/02
BCHC180.pdf Bruntville CHC Physiotherapy material 2024/01/25 2024/02/02
IAL-1353-23-24.pdf Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital Temporary Myocardial lead heartwire pacing - paediatric - 12 months contract   -
2024/01/25 2024/01/30
CAH-THU314-23-24.pdf Ceza Hospital /  Thulasizwe Hospital supply and deliver optometry chair and stand 2024/01/25 2024/02/01
CAH-THU315-23-24.pdf Ceza Hospital /  Thulasizwe Hospital supply and deliver dispersive electrode pads for biopolar diathermy machine
(electro surgical)
2024/01/25 2024/02/01



24 January 2024

Name Health Facility Description Opening Date Closing Date
GRS 2689-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Mystic mushroom vacuum pumps and soft bell cups.  2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2330-10-23.pdf Greys Hospital A) 4mm cuffed straight endotracheal tube ID 4mm; OD 5.6mm; Length 232mm; cuff 8mm. B) 4.5mm
 cuffed straight endotracheal tube ID 4.5mm; OD 6.2mm; Length 253mm; cuff 11mm. 
2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2022-09-23.pdf Greys Hospital Microwave 28 Litre. Manual.  2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2557-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital 22G Intravenous catheter, non-safety needle, sterile, latex free, single packed 2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2698-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital MPA multipurpose catheter 5FR .038” 65cm 2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2712-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital 3% Bismuth tribomophenate in petroleum 10.2cmx7m. 6 units/box. 2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2829-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital 1) 6mm Bifurcated graft EPTFE. 2) 8mm Bifurcated graft EPTFE.  2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2821-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital 1) 2/0 V Loc suture 180 2/0 GS 21 taper point ˝ circle 37mm needle 45cm length violet sterile.

2) 3/0 V Loc suture TM 90 GS-21 taper point ˝ circle, 30mm needle 45cm length violet sterile.

 3) 4/0 V Loc 90 suture 90 taper point ˝ circle  26mm needle 45cm vi

2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2663-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Indicator biological attest 2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2816-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital 100% Silicone catheter size 8FG. Must be sterile, be 2 way, have a 3ml bulb, be double packed,
outer packaging “peel” apart. Have manufacture and expiry date
2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2814-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Instrument marking tape 6.6mm wide x 7.6m length. Green colour.  2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2705-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Skin barrier, non-irritant, non-sting skin protective product 2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2757-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Quinke spinal needle 22G 127mm. Sterile, manufacturing date & expiry date, minimum one year shelf life.

Latex free. Manufacturing details on packaging. 

2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2813-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Ethylene oxide indicator tape. 20mm w x 50m.  2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2708-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Elastic tape that prevents edges of baseplate from lifting 2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2717-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital 16 gauge x 20cm w/coaxial semi-automatic biopsy needles 2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2855-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital 1) Trachealator non occlusive airway dilation balloon catheters 6mm x 30mm. 2) Trachealator non
 occlusive airway  dilation balloon catheters 7mm x 30mm. 3) Trachealator non occlusive airway dilation
 balloon catheters 8mm x  30mm. 4) Trachealator non occlusi
2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 520-05-23.pdf Greys Hospital Bacteria binding film dressing  2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2852-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Sterile woven eye pads 6 x 8cm single packed  2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2843-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital 25G Advanced DSP tip vertical scissors sterile 2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2849-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital 25G Advanced DSP tip vertical scissors sterile 2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2838-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Trans obturator mid uretheral sling system  2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2752-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital 1) Sterilization bag size 7. 2) Sterilization bag size 4.  2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2702-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Hand held blenders / shakers with a jug 2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 1437-08-23.pdf Greys Hospital Navy Scrubs Suits: SCRUB TOP: Navy V neck, short sleeves, 2 side pockets and 1 breast pocket, 2 side slits,
“Dietician”  to be embroidered on breast pocket. Top to sit below the bum.
SCRUB PANTS: Navy blue elasticated waist and draw  string, 2 si
2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2699-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Vessel dilator  2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2851-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital SF6 gas hexafluorvre desoufre 2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2582-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Sterile woven eye pads 6 x 8cm single packed (50 units/box). 2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 1536-08-23.pdf Greys Hospital Methlene blue DYE  5ml stain solution sterile. 2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2450-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Methylene blue dye 5mls staining solution sterile. 3 year expiry date. 2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 1908-09-23.pdf Greys Hospital Catheter artery umbilical 5fr 2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 1796-09-23.pdf Greys Hospital Spinal needle- single use 2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2847-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital 25G opthalmic diamond duster membrane scraper 2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2848-01-23.pdf Greys Hospital 25G soft tip DSP cannula 2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2839-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital HSG catheter 7 french 2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2766-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Dertegent enzymati cleaner 2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2700-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital Vibramat large flat surface massager: 130 watt, minimum of two speeds, power on/off switch, inclusive
of additional  slip on pads which fit over the massage base plate, base plat minimum 17cm x 10cm,
tri-dimensional movement,  packaged in carry 
2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2718-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital B lie plastic scissor clamps 2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 2854-11-23.pdf Greys Hospital 1) Montgomery SAFTE  T tube standard size 12mm clear sterile. 2) Montgomery SAFTE  T tube
standard size 14mm  clear sterile. 3) Montgomery SAFTE  T tube standard size 16mm clear sterile.
2024/01/24 2024/01/31
ZUL-80.23.24.pdf Zululand District Office Supply and deliver twister pencil crayons and printing of colour books 2024/01/24 2024/01/29
ZUL-81.23.24.pdf Zululand District Office Supply and deliver stethoscope for EMS Zululand 2024/01/24 2024/01/29
GRS 1277-07-23 (Spec).pdf Greys Hospital Supply & instal 3 plate electric stove (specification) 2024/01/24 2024/01/31
GRS 1277-07-23.pdf Greys Hospital Supply & instal 3 plate electric stove 2024/01/24 2024/01/31
UMK 103-23-24.pdf Umkhanyakude District Office Domestic fridge Cancelled 2024/01/24 2024/01/26
HGD62202324.pdf Harry Gwala District Office Supply and delivery of uniform 2024/01/24 2024/01/29
CJM00279.pdf Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital Supply and deliver: Polish floor liquid 5Lt 2024/01/24 2024/01/30
HOH 1640.pdf Head Office Quotations procurement of patient viral load management demonstration toolkit (B-O bottle)-beads and

instruction manual

2024/01/24 2024/01/30
HLE234.pdf Hlengisizwe CHC Pharmacy books 2024/01/24 2024/01/30
HLE-288.pdf Hlengisizwe CHC Furniture Amended 2024/01/24 2024/01/30
emm355.pdf Emmaus Hospital supply and deliver medical restrain with magnet and mobile medical screens 2024/01/24 2024/01/31
kdh766 23-24.pdf King  Dinuzulu Hospital Complex supply only air handling units v-belts 2024/01/24 2024/01/29
LNN115-23-24.pdf Umzinyathi District Office Selling of scrap material 2024/01/24 2024/02/07