Alzheimer's Disease

One of the many possibilities of the ageing process which threaten a person’s dignity physical and psychological security is the development of Alzheimer’s diseases. The condition is characterised by alterations in thought processes (e.g. altered cognition, perception, confusion and disorientation) which is related to the degeneration of nerve tissues and progressive dementia.

Warning Signs

The pneumatic coined from the word “ALZHEIMER” and found in the material that is distributed by the Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Association (ARDA) makes it easy to remember the early warning signs. These are:

  • A memory problem which is NOT caused by alcohol abuse or head injury.
  • L anguage problems. Difficulty naming objects, finding the right word to use in a sentence, and often speaking nonsense.
  • Z ips and buttons are difficult to fasten. Alzheimer sufferers find it difficult to dress themselves
  • H ygiene. Those with Alzheimer’s may not care about how they look and may not want to bath.
  • E xtreme mood swings. A change in mood for no reason – like being calm then suddenly becoming scared or angry and aggressive within minutes.
  • I mpaired judgment. Strange behavior – like wearing underclothes over clothes in public.
  • M any Alzheimer sufferers get lost in familiar places such as their own neighbour hood.
  • E ven recognition of their own family and friends becomes difficult.
  • R ecalls memories of childhood at times , but cannot remember anything that happened the same day.
  • S uspicious of other people and may accuse them of stealing or hiding things

Persons living with an older person who displays a number of these signs should contact their nearest Health facility or the Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Association at (031-702 4321)

It is also important to focus on the following when dealing with the sufferers:

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