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Chronic Diseases, Geriatrics and Eye Care

Contact Details:

Programme Manager Ms S Mthethwa
Tel: 033 846 7520



Key Result Areas

  • Develop framework and integrated health policies on Chronic Diseases, Geriatrics and Prevention of Blindness

  • Formulate a comprehensive set of standardized indicators for monitoring and reporting the state of blindness in the province

  • Compile educational drives, campaigns and advocacy interventions to convey message to the public at large about the treatment of Chronic patients

  • Monitor and evaluate service delivery and provide technical assistance to address gaps and barriers in service delivery

  • Analyze national policy developments and provide technical advice, strategic direction in the Province

  • Ensure the efficient and effective utilization of resources allocated to the component, inclusive of the development of staff.

Programme Objectives

  • To decrease mobility and mortality associated with Non-communicable Diseases and Chronic diseases of lifestyle.

  • To improve quality of life for older persons

  • To prevent elderly abuse

  • To prevent all avoidable causes of blindness

  • To promote the rights of older persons

  • To promote inter-sectoral and intra-sectoral collaboration with all relevant stakeholders

  • To co-ordinate, facilitate strategies intended to create public awareness at large

  • Monitoring and evaluation of non-communicable disease, geriatrics and prevention of blindness

  • To develop provincial policies and guidelines

  • To liaise with National department of Health directorate of Non Communicable Diseases

  • To facilitate training and development in Health Care and other personnel

  • To provide technical support to other departments including the office of the Premier on NCD issues

  • To ensure the provision of Heath care and support to Old Age homes

  • To support research relevant to non communicable diseases, geriatrics and prevention of blindness

  • To provide technical support to Districts and Institutions in the management of NCD, geriatrics and prevention of blindness.

  • Leadership in the formulation and control strategic planning for NCD.

Services offered by the programme

Audience Targeted by Programme

  • Older persons with chronic diseases

  • Everyone with eye care problems

  • Old age homes

  • NGO's dealing with non-communicable diseases, Geriatrics and eye care

  • Other departments e.g. Department of Social Development, Department  of Sport and Recreation

  • Specialists, academics and research agencies


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