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Healthy Promotion Component


To promote the fostering of healthy lifestyles and conditions conducive to health for all people in KZN.


: To enable all people in KZN to develop personal skills and capacity to improve and take control of their health


  • To develop health enhancing policies
  • To develop personal skills
  • To create healthy supportive environments
  • To strengthen community action and partnership
  • To re-orientate resources and services to meet the health needs


  • To facilitate the implementation of Health enhancing policies within the Districts
  • To facilitate training and capacity building on Health Promotion for Health Promoters
  • To co-ordinate and integrate Health Promotion Programmes to create healthy supportive environments
  • To facilitate the strengthening of community mobilisation programmes
  • To facilitate the development and mobilisation of resources to meet health needs

Key Result Areas

  • To develop public health policy frameworks and systems to promote and support healthy lifestyle activities in the province
  • To facilitate the creation of a supportive environment with the provision of technical advice
  • Market the healthy lifestyle concept with community involvement, participation and development
  • Regulate skills development in health promotion and in reorientation of health services
  • Monitor and evaluate health promotion activities

Target Audience of Programme

  • District health personnel

  • All people of KwaZulu-Natal

Health Promoting Schools

Services offered by programme:

  • Development of systems and provincial guidelines for promotion of healthy lifestyles
  • Advocate for healthy environments in which to live, learn, work and play
  • Mediation on different interests in the promotion of health
  • Lobbying for health promotion for those who are least socially and economically powerful in our community
  • Orientation to Health Promotion in different settings e.g. schools, clinics, hospitals, workplaces, taxi-ranks, markets places and homes
  • Facilitate the development of health messages
  • Promote good nutrition, physical activity, abstinence from tobacco products and drugs, safer sexual practices

Dangers of Passive Smoking

The Health Promotion programme is responsible for submitting information for display on this page

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