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Head Office

Circular Number Vacancy

Closing Date
G29/2024 Deputy director: stakeholder engagement specialists: 1 year renewable contract
Deputy director: stakeholder engagement specialists: permanent


Assistant director: diversity management: human resource management services 31/07/2024


Operational manager: specialty- outreach (advanced midwife)
Operational manager: general- outreach


District Office

Circular Number Vacancy District Office Closing Date
KCD08/2024 Clinical nurse practitioner grade 1/2 (high transmission area) King Cetshwayo District Office 26/07/2024


NHI medical officer (fixed term contract-remaining months of the financial year Ilembe Health District Office 26/07/2024
NHI.01.2024 Medical officer-NHI Umzinyathi Health District Office 19/07/2024
AMAJ05/2024 NHI doctor Amajuba Health District Office 08/07/2024



Circular Number Vacancy Hospital Closing Date
 NE01/2024 Medical Specialist (grade 1-3) Anaesthesia Newcastle  Hospital Open
EKO02/2024 Assistant manager nursing (monitoring and evaluation) Ekombe Hospital 09/08/2024
PSRH11/2024 Operational manager Port Shepstone Hospital 02/08/2024
PSRH10/2024 Operational manager Port Shepstone Hospital 02/08/2024
PSRH09/2024 Clinical nurse practitioner
Port Shepstone Hospital 02/08/2024
KH04/2024 Operational manager nursing grade1 (specialty) KwaMagwaza Hospital 02/08/2024
KH01/2024 Clinical nurse pracitioner grade 1-2 KwaMagwaza Hospital 26/07/2024
KH02/2024 Assistant manager nursing (specialty)
Professional nurse specialty (grade 1-2)
KwaMagwaza Hospital




Chief radiographer grade 1

Professional nurse- specialty (operating theatre)

Ekombe Hospital 19/07/2024

Professional nurse grade 1/2 (specialty stream)


Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital



RCH07.2024 Clinical Nurse Practitioners
Richmond Hospital 12/07/2024

Closing date extended

Operational Manager (general) night duty Umgeni Hospital 12/07/2024



Community Health Centres

Circular Number Vacancy Location / Office Closing Date
BCHC05/2024 Clinical nurse practitioner Bruntville CHC 31/07/2024
BCHC06/2024 Clinical nurse practitioner Bruntville CHC 31/07/2024
DANCHC04/2024 Professional nurse specialty- advanced midwifery (PMTCT) Dannhauser Community Health Center 26/07/2024


Operational manager nursing- night duty KwaMashu Community Health Center 12/07/2024



Registrar Posts

Circular Number Vacancy Closing Date

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