Application for Employment (Z83)

Jobs not for sale

Head Office

Circular Number Vacancy

Closing Date
G32/2023 Deputy Director: Contract Management Services (level 11) 23/06/2023
G31/2023 Mechanical engineer (3 year contract) 15/06/2023
G15/2023 Director: Infrastructure Development Hub Empangeni 15/06/2023
G29/2023 District director (level 13) Umgungundlovu Health District
District Director (level 13) Umkhanyakude Health District Office
G26/2023 Assistant director: physical security (level 9)
Assistant director: information security (level 9)
Deputy director: physical security (level 11)
Deputy director: integrity security (level 11)
Deputy director general: clinical support services: level 15 09/06/2023
G27/2023 Assistant director (level 9) Employment practices 26/05/2023


District Office

Circular Number Vacancy District Office Closing Date
Assistant Director - District Information Officer (level 9) Uthukela District Office 26/06/2023
ILE09/2023 Senior human resource practitioner (HRD and Planning) Ilembe District Office 23/06/2023
 UTHUK23/2023 Human resource officer supervisor (level 7) Uthukela District Office 19/06/2023
UTHUK21/2023 Supply chain clerk / supervisor (acquisition and demand) (level 7) Uthukela District Office 09/06/2023
UMZIN15/2023 Clinical nurse practitioner Umzinyathi District office


KCD03/2023 Clinical programme co-ordinator (grade 1) (Quality Assurance) King Cetshwayo District office 02/06/2023
UMZIN13/2023 Assistant director (district information officer) Umzinyathi District office


UMZIN14/2023 Assistant director: fleet management Umzinyathi District office 31/05/2023
UMZIN12/2023 Clinical program coordinator- Trainer Umzinyathi District office 31/05/2023
UGU/DO05/2023 Forensic pathology officer: Park Rynie MLM Ugu District Office 29/05/2023
UMKH07/2023 Senior human resource practitioner - labour relations Umkhanyakude District Office 26/05/2023
ILE08/2023 Clinical programme co-ordinator (CCMT) Ilembe District Office 26/05/2023
BALL02/2023 Clinical nurse practitioner: Ballito Clinic Ilembe District Office 26/05/2023
ZUL02/2023 Deputy Director: district health service delivery and planning Zululand District Office 22/05/2023



Circular Number Vacancy Hospital Closing Date
 CNP01/2023 Clinical nurse practitioner (grades 1,2) PHC Stream Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 03/07/2023
 NGWE05/2023 Head clinical unit (medical) (grade 1) Radiology
Head clinical unit (medical) (grade 1) Anesthetic and ICU
Head clinical unit (medical) (grade 1) Family medicine
Medical specialist (grade 1,2,3) Radiology
Medical specialist (grade 1,2,3) Anaesthetic and ICU
Medical specialist (grade 1,2,3) Internal medicine
Pharmacy supervisor (grade 1)
Professional nurse speciality (grade 1,2) Emergency Unit
Senior support management officer (level 8)
Artisan production grade A, B (mechanical)
Artisan production grade A, B (electrical)
Ngwelezana Hospital 30/06/2023
 GJGM25/2023 Professional nurse speciality - ICU GJG Mpanza Regional Hospital 30/06/2023
 NMH13/2023 Clinical nurse practitioner (HAST) Niemeyer Memorial Hospital 30/06/2023
NMH12/2023 Clinical nurse practitioner: mobile clinic Niemeyer Memorial Hospital 30/06/2023
NMH11/2023 Clinical nurse practitioner: Groemvlei Clinic Niemeyer Memorial Hospital 30/06/2023
Professional nurse speciality (advanced midwifery) Bethesda Hospital 26/06/2023
Operational manager speciality: theatre and CSSD Mbongolwane Hospital 26/06/2023
Amended. Closing date extended
Medical officer (grade 1) paediatrics King Edward VIII Hospital 26/06/2023
SAH24/2023 Clinical programme co-ordinator (grade 1) (Quality assurance manager) St Andrews Hospital 26/06/2023
EGUM06/2023 Professional nurse with advance midwifery (grade 1 & 2) EG Usher Memorial Hospital 26/06/2023
 KH08/2023 Clinical nurse practitioner: Kwayanguye Clinic  

KwaMagwaza Hospital

SAP14/2023 Professional nurse (speciality) Grade 1,2 (paediatric ward) St Apollinaris Hospital 23/06/2023
Assistant manager nursing (theatre, CSSD , PHC trauma and outpatient)
Operational manger general stream (H-ward)
Operational manager general stream (night duty)
Operational manager general (OPD)
Clinical nurse practitioner: Umphise Clinic
Clinical nurse practitioner; Amandlalathi Clinic
Professional nurse (grade 1,2) speciality operating theatre
Professional nurse (speciality - advanced midwife)
Environmental health practitioner: waste management
Senior systems management officer (level 8)
Health and safety officer
Human resource officer supervisor AMENDED
Administration clerk supervisor (general) (level 7)

Laundry Manager

Untunjambili Hospital 23/06/2023
Operational manager: PHC speciality: Mbonwa Clinic St Andrews Hospital 23/06/2023
SAHMBO07/2023 Operational manager: PHC speciality : Mbonwa Clinic St Andrews Hospital 23/06/2023
UMP07/2023 Operational manager - speciality: maternity ward
Operational manager - general: male ward
Umphumulo Hospital 23/06/2023


Professional nurse (speciality) (operating theatre)
Professional nurse (speciality) (Psychiatry)
Professional nurse (speciality) (orthopaedics)
Professional nurse (speciality) (critical care ICU)
Madadeni Hospital 23/06/2023
MAD31/2023 Medical officer (grade 1-3) (ICU/Anaesthetics) Madadeni Hospital 23/06/2023
MAD40/2023 SCM Practitioner (acquisition) (level 7) Madadeni Hospital 23/06/2023
MAD38/2023 SCM Practitioner (logistics and warehouse management ) (level 7) Madadeni Hospital 23/06/2023
MAD33/2023 Operational nursing manager (PHC) (Mobile Clinic) Madadeni Hospital 23/06/2023
MAD39/2023 Chief radiographer (mammography) (grade 1) Madadeni Hospital 23/06/2023
MAD32/2023 Medical specialist (accident and emergency) (grade 1-3) Madadeni Hospital 23/06/2023
MAD30/2023 Medical specialist (surgery) (grade 1-3) Madadeni Hospital 23/06/2023
APP08/2023 Clinical nurse practitioner: PHC (grade 1/2) : Gcumisa Clinic
Clinical nurse practitioner: PHC (grad 1/2) Emtulwa Clinic
Clinical nurse practitioner: PHC (grade 1,2) Cramond Clinic
Appelsbosch Hospital 23/06/2023
HR12/2023 Professional nurse (grade 1,2) (speciality) Gynaecology Services
Operational manager nursing (general) (night duty services)
Vryheid Hospital 20/06/2023
MOS08/2023 Professional nurse (speciality - maternity) advance midwifery
Professional nurse (speciality) advance midwifery
Mosvold Hospital 20/06/2023
Deputy nursing manager
Assistant nursing manager (night duty)
Clinical nurse practitioner: Nkungwini Clinic
Clinical nurse practitioner
Senior human resource practitioner (labour relations)
Mosvold Hospital 20/06/2023
HR05/2023 Administration clerk supervisor (general) (level 7)
Supply chain clerk supervisor (level 7)
Professional nurse (grade 1,2) (speciality)
Vryheid Hospital 20/06/2023
 EMS21/2023 Clinical nurse practitioner: Bergville and Dukuza Clinics Emmaus Hospital 19/06/2023
 MO/SURG2/2023 Medical officer (grade 1,2,3) Surgery Addington Hospital 19/06/2023
 MO1/RAD/2023 Medical officer (grade 1,2,3) Radiology Addington Hospital 19/06/2023
EMS19/2023 Professional nurse speciality (paediatric) Emmaus Hospital 19/06/2023
EMS20/2023 Assistant manager nursing general (night duty) Emmaus Hospital 19/06/2023
G46/2023 Head clinical unit (medical) (grade 1) radiology Greys Hospital 19/06/2023
GS47/2023 Medical specialist: ophthalmology (grade 1,2,3) Greys Hospital 19/06/2023
GS48/2023 Medical specialist: ophthalmology (grade 1,2,3) Greys Hospital 19/06/2023
PMMH/SPEC/PAEDS/01/2023 Operational manager nursing (speciality) paediatrics Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 19/06/2023
PMMH/SPEC/CCU01/2023 Professional nurse (grade 1/2) Speciality stream Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 19/06/2023
PMMH/MO/OG02.2023 Medical officer (grade 1-3) Obstetrics and Gynaecology Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 19/06/2023
PMMH/SPEC/OG01/23 Medical specialist (grade 1-3) Obstetrics and gynaecology Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 19/06/2023
PMMH/SPSMO01/2023 Senior patient services management officer (level 8) Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 19/06/2023
MBO16/2023 Operational manager nursing (general)
Senior systems management officer
Artisan foreman (electrical) or mechanical
Mbongolwane Hospital 19/06/2023
 CJMH07/2023 Professional nurse speciality (comprehensive general nurse) Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital 15/06/2032
 CJMH06/2023 Professional nurse speciality (advanced midwifery) Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital 15/06/2023
 CJMH09/2023 Professional nurse speciality ophthalmic unit Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital 15/06/2023
 PSH37/2023 HR Practitioner: Human resource development and planning (level 7)
Professional nurse: speciality (grade 1,2) Paeds Ward
Principal telecom operator
Port Shepstone Hospital 15/06/2023
HGRH39/2023 Professional nurse (grade 1,2) speciality operating theatre Harry Gwala Regional Hospital 15/06/2023
COSH03/2023 Assistant director: finance (level 9)
Operational manager night duty (general stream)
Assistant manager nursing (general stream)
Professional nurse speciality (trauma)
Professional nurse speciality (maternity) ; Dental assistant
Church of Scotland Hospital 15/06/2023
MGMH18/2023 Medical officer (grade 1,2) Family Medicine Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital 15/06/2023
MGMH17/2023 Medical officer : grade 2 and 3 (family medicine) Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital 15/06/2023
CA01/2023 Chief artisan Dundee Hospital 15/06/2023
OMN02/2023 Operational manager nursing (labour and antenatal) Dundee Hospital 15/06/2023
OMN01/2023 Operational manager nursing (female surgical and gynaecology ward) Dundee Hospital 15/06/2023
MAD28/2023 Operational manager nursing (general) (surgical) Madadeni Hospital 15/06/2023
MAD29/2023 Assistant director (planning, training and development) Madadeni Hospital 15/06/2023
 BENHOSP08/2023 Professional nurse speciality (orthopaedic) Benedictine Hospital 14/06/2023
 BENHOSP16/2023 Operational manager nursing (grade 1) (O&G) Benedictine Hospital 14/06/2023
HR06/2023 Ultrasound radiographer (grade 1,2 & 3) Vryheid Hospital 14/06/2023
MGMH16/2023 Professional nurse speciality operating theatre Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital 13/06/2023
EMS17/2023 Supply Chain Practitioner (level 7) Emmaus Hospital 13/06/2023
EST37/2023 Public relations officer Estcourt Hospital 09/06/2023
EST38/2023 Professional nurse (speciality) (theatre) Estcourt Hospital 09/06/2023
IALCH09/2023 Medical specialist: Ophthalmology
Medical specialist: vascular surgery
Medical specialist sessional
Cardiothoracic surgery ; Medical specialists: Anaesthetics
Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital 09/06/2023
EGUM23/2023 Professional nurse speciality - occupational health nurse EG Usher Memorial Hospital 09/06/2023
Artisan foreman (level 08) Ladysmith Hospital 09/06/2023
Professional nurse speciality - paediatrics (child nursing science) Newcastle Hospital 09/06/2023
Professional nurse speciality NICU (critical care nursing science / post basic midwifery) Newcastle Hospital 09/06/2023
AD/SYSTEMS01/2023 Assistant director: systems (level 9) Addington Hospital 09/06/2023
PSNC02/2023 Lecturer: Port Shepstone Campus Port Shepstone Hospital 09/06/2023
PSNC01/2023 Clinical lecturer PND1/PND2: Port Shepstone Campus Port Shepstone Hospital 09/06/2023
GJGM09/2023 Clinical psychologist (grade 1,2,3)
Professional nurse speciality - paediatrics
Professional nurse speciality - surgical
Professional nurse speciality - obstetrics and gynaecology
Assistant director - staff relations
Occupational therapist (grade 1,2,3)
Human resource practitioner - staff relations
Food services manager
GJ Crookes Hospital 09/06/2023
EST36/2023 Clinical nurse practitioner: primary health care: Connor Street Clinic Estcourt Hospital 09/06/2023
HLH16/2023 Assistant manager nursing (obstetrics and gynaecology) (speciality) Hlabisa Hospital 09/06/2023
Chief diagnostic radiographer (grade 1,2,3) Hlabisa Hospital 09/06/2023

Ultrasonographer (grade 1,2,3)

Hlabisa Hospital 09/06/2023
HLH19/2023 Operational manager nursing (PHC) Madwalani Clinic Hlabisa Hospital 09/06/2023
HLH20/2023 Clinical Programme co-ordinator (quality assurance management) Hlabisa Hospital 09/06/2023
HLH21/2023 Professional nurse - speciality (orthopaedic) Hlabisa Hospital 09/06/2023
HLH22/2023 Professional nurse - speciality (ICU) (grade 1/2) Hlabisa Hospital 09/06/2023
HLH23/2023 Clinical nurse practitioner (PHC) KwaMsane Clinic Hlabisa Hospital 09/06/2023
HLH24/2023 Clinical nurse practitioner (PHC) Mtubatuba Mobile Hlabisa Hospital 09/06/2023
HLH25/2023 Clinical nurse practitioner (PHC) Madwaleni Clinic Hlabisa Hospital 09/06/2023
HRLR01/2023 Senior HR practitioner: labour relations
Human resource practitioner (level 7)
Senior finance management officer (level 8)
Dundee Hospital 09/06/2023
FSM01/2023 Food services manager Dundee Hospital 09/06/2023
CTK05/2023 Safety officer Christ the King Hospital 09/06/2023
Chief diagnostic radiographer (grade 1)
Clinical technologist (grade 1,2,3)
Queen Nandi Hospital 09/06/2023
PSH31/2023 Professional nurse: speciality (grade 1,2) Obstetrics Unit Port Shepstone Hospital 09/06/2023
PSH32/2023 Professional nurse: speciality (grade 1,2) Critical care Port Shepstone Hospital 09/06/2023
PSH33/2023 Specialist (grade 1,2 or 2) Ophthalmology Port Shepstone Hospital 09/06/2023
PSH34/2023 Specialist (grade 1,2 of3) (radiology) Port Shepstone Hospital 09/06/2023
BETH21/2023 Assistant manager nursing (general wards)
Operational manager (grade 1) speciality unit paediatrics and neonatal
Bethesda Hospital 09/06/2023
  PMMH/SPEC/INTMED1/2023 Medical specialist (grades 1-3) Internal medicine Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 09/06/2023
MAD09/2023 Head clinical unit (orthopaedics)
Medical specialist (grade 1,2 & 3) Orthopaedics
Madadeni Hospital 09/06/2023
APP09/2023 Administrative clerk supervisor (general ) (level 7) Appelsbosch Hospital 06/06/2023
GJC28/2023 Professional nurse speciality area - maternity GJ Crookes Hospital 02/06/2023
GJC27/2023 Professional nurse speciality area - paediatrics GJ Crookes Hospital 02/06/2023
GJC29/2023 Operational manager nursing PHC: Pennington Clinic GJ Crookes Hospital 02/06/2023
GJC25/2023 Psychologist GJ Crookes Hospital 02/06/2023
Amended and Re-advertised
Social worker Richmond Hospital 02/06/2023
KDHC05/2023 Operational manager general
Dental assistant (grade 1)
King Dinuzulu Hospital Complex 02/06/2023
GS44/2023 Assistant manager: medical physicist: radiation oncology department Greys Hospital 02/06/2023
OSICM19/2023 Clinical manager (medical)
Operational manager HAST - general stream
Osindisweni Hospital 02/06/2023

Amended. Closing date extended

Professional nurse (grade 1&2) Operating theatre and CSSD
Clinical nurse practitioner (grade 1&2) Matiwaneskop Clinic
Occupational therapist (grade 1,2 &3)
Medical technologist (grade 1,2, & 3) (Session)
Ladysmith Hospital 02/06/2023
Artisan production: mechanical Estcourt Hospital 02/06/2023
EST33/2023 Artisan foreman carpentry Estcourt Hospital 02/06/2023
Environmental health practitioner: waste management Estcourt Hospital 02/06/2023
 MBO25/2023 Operational manager speciality: Theatre and CSSD
Professional nurse: speciality (advanced midwifery and neonatal science)
Clinical nurse practitioner (grade 1,2) Samungu Clinic
Senior finance management officer (level 8)
Mbongolwane Hospital 02/06/2023
ITSH09/2023 Diagnostic radiographer
Clinical nurse practitioner (grade 1,2) Pongola Clinic
Clinical nurse practitioner (grade 1,2) Altona Clinic
Professional nurse speciality; trauma and emergency unit / critical care nursing science
Itshelejuba Hospital 02/06/2023
EGUM22/2023 Social worker supervisor EG Usher Memorial Hospital 02/06/2023
UMP05/2023 Security officer - supervisor
Occupational therapist
Umphumulo Hospital 02/06/2023
NMH10/2023 Ultrasonographer Niemeyer Memorial Hospital 02/06/2023
Closing date extended
Finance clerk (supervisor) Bethesda Hospital 02/06/2023
MAD14/2023 Assistant nursing manager (speciality) (orthopaedic / surgical / trauma / ophthalmology) Madadeni Hospital 02/06/2023
Closing date extended
Artisan Plumber Murchison Hospital 02/06/2023
Closing date extended
Artisan mechanical Murchison Hospital 02/06/2023
 PMMH/SPEC/ORTHO01.2023 Medical specialist (grades 1-3) Orthopaedics Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 02/06/2023
Physiotherapist production level Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital 31/05/2023
MGMH13/2023 Professional nurse (speciality stream Neonatal ICU) Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital 31/05/2023
MGMH15/2023 Professional nurse (speciality steam maternity) Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital 31/05/2023
EST30/2023 Human resource officer - supervisor (level 7) Estcourt Hospital 31/05/2023
MS17/2023 Professional nurse speciality (advanced midwifery) Mseleni Hospital 31/05/2023
MS18/2023 Clinical nurse practitioner (PHC stream) Mseleni Hospital 31/05/2023
MS19/2023 Professional nurse speciality (operating theatre) Mseleni Hospital 31/05/2023
NMH08/2023 Professional nurse (speciality) (theatre) Niemeyer Memorial Hospital 31/05/2023
NMH04/2023 Operational manager nursing - speciality PHC Niemeyer Memorial Hospital 31/05/2023
NMH01/2023 Administration clerk supervisor (level 7) Niemeyer Memorial Hospital 31/05/2023
SCM clerk supervisor (level 7) Niemeyer Memorial Hospital 31/05/2023
NMH07/2023 Public relations officer Niemeyer Memorial Hospital 31/05/2023
NMH03/2023 Finance management officer (budget and expenditure) Niemeyer Memorial Hospital 31/05/2023
NMH02/2023 Human resource officer (supervisor) (level 7) Niemeyer Memorial Hospital 31/05/2023
HGRH36/2023 Operational manager (general) night duty
Professional nurse (grade 1/2) Speciality (Orthopaedic Department)
Professional nurse (grade 1/2) Speciality Critical care/trauma nursing science
Harry Gwala Regional Hospital 29/05/2023
DPIKSMH10/2023 Medical specialists (grade 1,2 or 3) Anaesthetics
Electrical engineer (grade 1) ; Professional nurse speciality (grade 1,2)
Dr Pixley Ka Isaka Seme Memorial Hospital 26/05/2023
CBH08/2023 Clinical programme coordinator (quality assurance)
Environmental health practitioner (level 8)
Health and safety officer (level 8)
Operational manager nursing general
Artisan production grade A (mechanical fitter)
Clinical nurse practitioner: Ensingweni Clinic - outreach (WBOT)
Clinical nurse practitioner: Mvutshini Clinic (school health)
Clinical nurse practitioner: Ensingwini Clinic
Catherine Booth Hospital 26/05/2023
EST28/2023 Occupational health nurse Estcourt Hospital 26/05/2023
Head of department: Community nursing science (PN-D3) Harry Gwala Regional Hospital 26/05/2023


Operational manager nursing (speciality unit)
Operational manager nursing (primary health care).
Operational manager nursing grade 1(general): internal medicine.
Harry Gwala Regional Hospital 26/05/2023


CJM05/2023 Clinical nurse practitioner Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital 26/05/2023


 EMS16/2023 Professional nurse - speciality Occupational health nurse Emmaus Hospital 26/05/2023
PSH28/2023 Clinical nurse practitioner: Nhlalwane Clinic
Clinical nurse practitioner: Phungashe Clinic
Port Shepstone Hospital 26/05/2023
SAHSANT05/2023 Operational manager: PHC speciality: Santombe Clinic St Andrews Hospital 26/05/2023
Operational manager: PHC speciality: Mobile PHC St Andrews Hospital 26/05/2023
SAH04/2023 Supply management officer (level 7) Acquisition, logistics and demand St Andrews Hospital 26/05/2023
SAH21/2023 Supply management officer (level 7 ) Asset St Andrews Hospital 26/05/2023
CL02/2023 Manager: medical services (grade 1) Clairwood Hospital 26/05/2023
ADD/PAEDS01/2023 Professional nurse: speciality (grade 1,2) Paediatric Addington Hospital 26/05/2023
PNS/TRAUMA02/2023 Professional nurse: speciality (grade 1,2) Trauma unit Addington Hospital 26/05/2023
ADD/OT01/2023 Professional nurse speciality (3 posts) Operating theatre Addington Hospital 26/05/2023
PNS/PSYCH01/2023 Professional nurse: speciality (grade 1) psychiatric nursing Addington Hospital 26/05/2023
ADD/OM/ICU1/2023 Operational manager nursing (speciality) intensive critical care Addington Hospital 26/05/2023
GS41/2023 Operational manager nursing (grade 1) (general) Greys Hospital 26/05/2023
PSH30/2023 Supply management officer (logistics) Port Shepstone Hospital 26/05/2023
GS42/2023 Professional nurse - speciality (orthopaedic nursing science) Greys Hospital 26/05/2023
MOS/AD/HRM01/2023 Assistant director: HRM Mosvold Hospital 26/05/2023
KE28/2023 Medical specialist: internal medicine (grade 1)
Medical specialist: obstetrics and gynaecology (grade 1)
Professional nurse speciality; paediatrics (grade 1)
King Edward VIII Hospital 26/05/2023
EGUM19/2023 Human resource practitioner (HRD and Planning) EG Usher Memorial Hospital 26/05/2023
EGUM21/2023 Professional nurse speciality (operating theatre) EG Usher Memorial Hospital 26/05/2023
EGUM20/2023 Professional nurse speciality (grade 1) (advance midwifery and neonatal) EG Usher Memorial Hospital 26/05/2023
NGWE04/2023 Medical specialist (grade 1,2 & 3) Psychiatry
Medical specialist (grade 1,2 & 3) Surgery
Medical specialist (grade 1,2 & 3) Orthopaedic
Medical specialist (grade 1,2, & 3) Ophthalmology
Medical officer (grade 1,2 & 3) Emergency medicine
Medical officer (grade 1,2 & 3) Internal medicine
Assistant manager nursing (night duty services)
Operational manager (PHC supervisor)
Clinical nurse practitioner (PHC)
Professional nurse (speciality) (grade 1 or 2) ICU
Professional nurse (speciality nursing) (grade 1 or 2) Operating theatre
Professional nurse (speciality nursing) (grade 1,2)
Clinical technologist (cardiology) (grade 1,2 & 3)
Ngwelezana Hospital 26/05/2023
RCH/2023 Human resource practitioner (labour relations)
Occupational health nurse
Richmond Hospital 26/05/2023
MURCH23/2023 Clinical programme coordinator: quality assurance Murchison Hospital 26/05/2023
MURCH21/2023 Professional nurse speciality (emergency and trauma) Murchison Hospital 26/05/2023
MURCH22/2023 Professional nurse speciality (operating theatre) Murchison Hospital 26/05/2023
MURCH20/2023 Clinical manager (obstetrics and gynae) Murchison Hospital 26/05/2023
MURCH24/2023 Diagnostic radiographer (grade 1,2,3) Murchison Hospital 26/05/2023
ITSH14/2023 Senior systems management officer Itshelejuba Hospital 26/05/2023
PMM/OMN/SPEC/CSSD01/2023 Operational manager nursing grade 1 (speciality) CSSD Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 26/05/2023
BEN/HOSP15/2023 Dental assistant Benedictine Hospital 25/05/2023
MGMH12/2023 Chief occupational therapist (grade 1) Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital 24/05/2023
HGRH31/2023 Medical officer (grade 1,2,3) Emergency Medicine Harry Gwala Regional Hospital 22/05/2023
HGRH35/2023 Office administrator (level 8) Harry Gwala Regional Hospital 22/05/2023



Community Health Centres

Circular Number Vacancy Location / Office Closing Date
OTHCHC17/2023 Professional nurse speciality (PMTCT) Othobothini Community Health Centre 26/06/2023
 EB12/2023 Finance clerk (supervisor) (level 7) East Boom Community Health Centre 23/06/2023
NDW/OPE06/2023 Operational manager nursing
PHC: Thafamasi Clinic
Clinical nurse practitioner (PHC) Thafamasi Clinic
Clinical nurse practitioner (PHC) Molokohlo Clinic
Clinical nurse practitoner (PHC) Mobile
Ndwedwe Community Health Centre 23/06/2023
PHO04/2023 Operational manager nursing (speciality) maternity section
Operational manager nursing (PHC) Mobile clinic
Clinical nurse practitioner (grade 1,2) Mnyamana Clinic)
Clinical nurse practitioner - MMC (grade 1,2)
Supply chain clerk - supervisor (level 7)
Pholela Community Health Centre 23/06/2023
Human resource practitioner (HRD and planning)
Clinical nurse practitioner (PHC) : Molokohlo Clinic
Clinical nurse practitioner (PHC) : Mobile
Ndwedwe Community Health Centre 23/06/2023
HLE13/2023 Clinical nurse PHC practitioner Hlengisizwe Community Health Centre


HLE12/2023 Operational manager nursing (speciality: maternity and paediatric) Hlengisizwe Community Health Centre 23/06/2023
GAMCHC06/2023 Clinical nurse practitioner ; Clinical nurse practitioner: Port Edward Clinic
Safety officer ; Senior SCM practitioner (level 8)
Employee assistance practitioner (level 8)
Diagnostic radiographer (grade 1,2,3)
Gamalakhe Community Health Centre 19/06/2023
 TCHC01/2023 Deputy manager: nursing Tongaat Community Health Centre 15/06/2023
Senior finance management officer Mfundo Arnold Lushaba Community Health Centre 15/06/2023
OTHCHC16/2023 Human resource officer supervisor (level 7) Othobothini Community Health Centre 15/06/2023
JOZ/CLIN02/2023 Professional nurse: speciality (grade 1 or 2) Jozini Clinic Othobothini Community Health Centre 09/06/2023
OTHCHC15/2023 Pharmacist (grade 1 or 2) Othobothini Community Health Centre 09/06/2023
SUN16/2023 Operational manager speciality (maternity)
Clinical nurse practitioner (grade 1)
Professional nurse advanced midwifery
Oral hygienist
Sundumbili Community Health Centre 07/06/2023
Supply Chain clerk (level 7) Sundumbili Community Health Centre 02/06/2023
KDC04/2023 Dietician KwaDabeka Community Health Centre 02/06/2023
INC04/2023 Pharmacy supervisor (grade 1) Inanda Community Health Centre 26/05/2023
IMBALCHC06/2023 Professional nurse (speciality) - advanced midwifery: PMTCT co-ordinator Imbalenhle Community Health Centre 26/05/2023
KCHC07/2023 Clinical programme co-ordinator - infection prevention and control practitioner KwaMashu Community Health Centre 26/05/2023

Registrar Posts

Circular Number Vacancy Closing Date
REG02/2023 Registrar (medical): various disciplines 09/06/2023
 PAED-HAEM-ONCO Medical specialist - paediatric clinical haematology and oncology 22/05/2023

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