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Head Office

Circular Number Vacancy

Closing Date
 G04/2024 CEO (General Justice Gizenga Mpanza Hospital)- level 13

CEO (Newcastle Hospital)- level 13

CEO (Ladysmith Hospital)- level 13

KZNCN1/2024 College council & senate members X2 29/02/2024
KZNCN3/2024 External Moderator: Advanced Diploma in Midwifery 26/02/2024
KZNCN2/2024 External Moderator: Diploma in Nursing Programme 26/02/2024
G01/2024 Chief civil / structural engineer
Candidate architect
Chief electrical engineer
Mechanical engineer
Electrical engineer


District Office

Circular Number Vacancy District Office Closing Date
 ILE01/2024 NHI Medical Officer: 12 months fixed contract  Ilembe District office 01/03/2024
 UGUDO01/2024 NHI Medical Officer: sessional Ugu District Office 29/02/2024
HGHD01/2024 NHI Medical Officer (one year contract) Harry Gwala District Office 20/02/2024
UMZIN02/2024 Clinical nurse practitioner -District HAST trainer grade 1/2 Umzinyathi District Office 16/02/2024



Circular Number Vacancy Hospital Closing Date
MAD03/2024 Operational manager nursing (general) nightduty Madadeni Hospital 15/03/2024
 NE03/2024 Professional Nurse Specialty (Grade 1-2)ADM Newcastle Hospital 15/03/2024
 UMG01/2024 Operational manager (specialty) Umgeni Hospital 11/03/2024
UMG02/2024 Assistant manger nursing (specialty) Umgeni Hospital




UMG03/2024 Operational manger (general) night duty Umgeni Hospital






Clinical nurse practitioner grade 1&2: Watersmeet clinic

Clinical nurse practitioner grade 1&2: Ezakheni mobile clinic

Professional nurse grade 1&2 specialty: Paediatric

Professional nurse grade 1&2 specialty: Operating theatre &CSSD

Professional nurse grade 1&2 specialty: Critical /intensive care

Professional nurse grade 1&2 specialty: neonatal intensive care unit

Ladysmith Hospital 08/03/2024
MOS02/2024 Nursing services: Emanyiseni clinic Mosvold Hospital 07/03/2024
RCH04/2024 Clinical Nurse Practitioner Richmond Hospital 07/03/2024
 ADD02/2024 Professional nurse specialty grade 1,2 Addington Hospital 01/03/2024
IALCH03/2024 Chief radiographer (grade 1)


Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital




RCH03/2024 Clinical nurse practitioner: sub-district Richmond level 9 Richmond Hospital 01/03/2024


Professional nurse: specialty stream
St Andrews Hospital 01/03/2024
RCH47/2024 Clinical nurse practitioner: Richmond Mobile Clinic Richmond Hospital 01/03/2024


GS12/2024 Head Of Department( Advanced Diploma In Midwifery) Greys Hospital 01/03/2024
G11/2024 Medical Specialist- Paediatrics & Child Health: (Grade 1,2,3) Greys Hospital 01/03/2024


Medical Officer (Internal medicine) grade 1-3 Greys Hospital 01/03/2024


Medical Officer (ophthalmology) grade 1-3 Greys Hospital 01/03/2024
SAH06/2024 Clinical nurse practitioner primary health care (2 posts) St Andrews Hospital 01/03/2024
SAH05/2024 Clinical nurse practitioner primary health care (2 posts) St Andrews Hospital 01/03/2024
NE01/2024 Medical Specialist (grade 1-3) Anaesthesia Newcastle Hospital




NE02/2024 Professional Nurse Specialty (Grade 1-2) Operating Theater Newcastle Hospital




Professional Nurse General Stream
(Grade 1-3)
Newcastle Hospital


HGRH 06/2024 Operational manger nursing (PHC)

Operational manger nursing: specialty nursing

Professional nurse (grade 1/2): specialty nursing (psychiarty)

Professional nurse (grade 1/2): PHC

Harry Gwala Regional Hospital




BENHOSP04/2024 Medical specialist (grade 1, 2 3) Family Medicine Benedictine Hospital 29/02/2024
BENHOSP03/2024 Clinical manager: paediatrics Benedictine Hospital 29/02/2024
IALCH02/2024 Professional Nurse: General Stream with Midwifery (x3 Posts)

Professional Nurse: General Stream (x30 Posts)

Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital 23/02/2024
EST03/2024 Professional nurse speciality (orthopaedic) Estcourt Hospital 23/02/2024
Professional nurse general stream (5 posts) St Andrews Hospital 23/02/2024


Professional nurse: general nursing stream (4 posts) St Andrews Hospital 23/02/2024
Closing date extended
Deputy director: finance
Chief occupational therapist (grade 1,2,3)
Professional nurse speciality - critical / intensive care - withdrawn
Ladysmith Hospital 23/02/2024


Diagnostic radiographer - closing date extended
Clinical nurse practitioner (grade 1 and 2) Limit Hill Clinic
Ladysmith Hospital 23/02/2024
NKAH01/2024 Operational manager nursing; Esbhudeni Clinic
Clinical nurse practitioner: Chwezi Clinic
Social worker supervisor (grade 1)
Nkandla Hospital 23/02/2024
MBO01/2024 Diagnostic radiography (grade 1,2 or 3) Mbongolwane Hospital 23/02/2024
Clinical lecturer: advanced diploma in midwifery King Edward VIII Hospital 23/02/2024
CJMNC01/2024 Lecturer: clinical facilitator Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital 23/02/2024
VRH02/2024 Operational manager nursing (general 1 night duty) Vryheid Hospital 23/02/2024
ADD01/2024 Professional Nurse :specialty grade 1&2 (oncology) Addington Hospital 16/02/2024
MURCH/VAC02/2024 Operational manager (PHC) Murchison Hospital 16/02/2024
MED02/2024 Clinical nurse practitioner (grade 1&2) PHC Madadeni Hospital 16/02/2024
HGRH08/2024 Invigilator Harry Gwala Regional Hospital 16/02/2024
IALCH01/2024 Medical specialist: anaesthetics
Medical specialist: dermatology Medical specialist (paediatric endocrinolgy)
Medical officer (paediatric high and critical care and radiology (sedation))
Medical officer: vascular surgery
Professional nurse (speciality nursing stream) critical care
Professional nurse (speciality nursing steam) paediatrics
Professional nurse (speciality nursing stream) operating theatre
Professional nurse: speciality nursing stream: oncology
Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital 16/02/2024
EST02/2024 Clinical manager gynaecology and obstetrics Estcourt Hospital 16/02/2024


Clinical nurse practitioner (grade 1/2) speciality Nxamalala Clinic Harry Gwala Regional Hospital 16/02/2024
QNRH24/2923 Chief occupational therapist (grade 1) Queen Nandi Hospital 16/02/2024
VRH01/1024 Clinical nurse practitioner (grade 1-2) 8 posts  Professional nurse general with midwifery (4 posts) Vryheid Hospital 16/02/2024
MAD01/2024 Assistant nursing manager (speciality) (operating theatre and CSSD) Withdrawn
Assistant nursing manager (general) (monitoring and evaluation)
Clinical nurse practitioner (grade 1 and 2) (PHC)
Madadeni Hospital 16/02/2024
Assistant Director: Human resource manager (level 9 ) Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital 09/09/2024
EST01/2024 Professional nurse: speciality - advance midwifery Estcourt Hospital 09/09/2024
FNH02/2024 Professional nurse speciality (grade 1/2) Fort Napier Hospital 09/0202024
FNH01/2024 Professional nurse general stream (grade 1,2,3) Fort Napier Hospital 09/02/2024
RKK02/2024 Pharmacist (grade 1/2) RK Khan Hospital 09/02/2024
RKK01/2024 Diagnostic radiographer (3 posts) RK Khan Hospital 09/02/2024
UMZ01/2024 Operational manager nursing (speciality stream)
Professional nurse (speciality stream)
Clinical nurse practitioner (occupational health nurse)
Umzimkhulu Hospital 09/02/2024
MOS01/2024 Operational manager (general: night duty services)
Clinical programme coordinator (IPC)
Mosvold Hospital 09/09/2024
NDH01/2024 Pharmacist
Occupational therapist (grade 1-3)
Professional nurse with midwifery (general stream)- WITHDRAWN
Northdale Hospital 09/02/2924
PMMH01/2024 Operational manager nursing (primary health care) Umbumbulu Clinic Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 09/02/2024
SAH01/2024 Ultrasound radiographer St Andrews Hospital 09/02/2024
SAH02/2024 Professional nurse - speciality stream- ophthalmology St Andrews Hospital 09/02/2024
Professional nurse - general stream: surgical services
Professional nurse - general stream : triage area
Dr Pixley Ka Isaka Seme Memorial 09/02/2024
APP01/2024 Operational manager (PHC) (Gateway Clinic) Appelsbosch Hospital 09/02/2024
CBH01/2024 Professional nurse speciality (grade 1 or 2) Occupational Health Services Catherine Booth Hospital 09/02/2024
DPKISMH45/2023 Chief diagnostic radiographer (grade 1)
Diagnostic radiographer (grade 1-3)
Dr Pixley Ka Isaka Seme Memorial 09/02/2024



Community Health Centres

Circular Number Vacancy Location / Office Closing Date
EB01.2024 Advanced Midwife East Boom Community Health Centre 28/02/2024
SMCHC01/2024 Clinical nurse practitioner: Riverside Clinic
Clinical nurse practitioner
Clinical nurse practitioner (Umvoti Clinic)
St Margaret's Community Health Centre 23/02/2024
POM01/2024 Occupational health nurse Pomeroy Community Health Centre 16/02/2024
BCHC01/2024 Clinical nurse practitioner: HAST clinic
Clinical nurse practitioner: MNCWH
Professional nurse - speciality advance midwife: MNCWH
Bruntville Community Health Centre 09/02/2024



Registrar Posts

Circular Number Vacancy Closing Date

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