Current Tenders

Bid Number

Bid Description

Closing Date
ZNB9002/2022-H Replacement of perimeter fence: Umzimkhulu Hospital Bid Document 15 June 2022
ZNB5107/2022-H Application for establishment of a panel list of approved security service providers to KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health for a three (3) three years / 36 months contract period Bid Document Re-advertised 10 June 2022
ZNB5000/2022-H Supply and delivery of nutrition bags for adult, baby and paeds for King Edward Hospital: one year Bid Document Withdrawn 03 June 2022
ZNB5531/2022-H Supply and delivery of needles and syringes and needles used for regional anaesthesia for various institutions: 3 years Bid Document Withdrawn 02 June 2022
ZNB5003/2022-H Appointment of agent to procure and distribute various food supplies for Dr Pixley Ka Isaka Seme Memorial Hospital (DPKISMH) : One (1) Year fixed contract Bid Document  Erratum -  notice of amendment on page 107 Withdrawn 02 June 2022
ZNB5015/22022-H Flood damage recovery work: Addington Children's Hospital Bid Document 30 May 2022
ZNB5014/2022-H  Flood damage recover work : Addington Nurses Accommodation Bid Document 30 May 2022
ZNB5012/2022-H Flood damage recovery work: Tongaat CHC Bid Document Withdrawn 30 May 2022
ZNB5011/2022-H Flood damage recovery work: Phoenix CHC Bid Document 30 May 2022
ZNB5010/2022-H Flood damage recovery work: Wentworth Hospital Bid Document 30 May 2022
ZNB5009/2022-H Flood damage recovery work : RK Khan Hospital Bid Document 30 May 2022
ZNB5008/2022-H Flood damage recovery work: Clairwood Hospital Bid Document 30 May 2022
ZNB5007/2022-H Flood damage recovery work: King Edward VIII Hospital Bid document 30 May 2022
ZNB5006/2022-H Flood damage recover work : Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital Bid Document 30 May 2022
ZNB5005/2022-H Flood damage recovery work: GJ Crookes Hospital Bid Document 30 May 2022
ZNB5004/2022-H Flood damage recovery work: Nkandla Hospital  Bid Document 30 May 2022


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