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Friends of Umgeni hospital 

The Friends of Umgeni is a registered non-profit organization which was founded in 1978 by Mr. Derek Edwards, who together with a group of friends realised the great need to improve the quality of life of patients at Umgeni Hospital.

The Friends of Umgeni rely on donations and members subscriptions and does not receive any government subsidy.

The mission of Friends of Umgeni is:
  • To provide amenities that are not provided by the government.
  • To promote social and recreational activities.
  • To assist with funding for outings, parties and special events such as Christmas and Easter.
Friends of Umgeni have provided computers in One to One Therapy area, sunshade for many wards, refurbished completely the main playground, garden benches, concrete garden furniture, radios, toys, garden hoses, 10 television sets, swings for all wards and much more.

Friends of Umgeni have approximately 100 members from all parts of South Africa. Friends of Umgeni works in cooperation with the management of Umgeni Hospital to identify needs and support hospital events and activities. The Friends of Umgeni is only able to achieve their vision because of people who give meaning to the motto.

“Because somebody cared, because somebody did something, a child smiled and was comforted”

You can join the Friends of Umgeni and strive together with the members to reach the goals by contacting: Mrs. Bev Habermann on: 082 447 3355 or bev@habermann.co.za , Mrs. Jen Dunn on 082 563 5410 or jen.dunn@kznhealth.gov.za . All enquiries from any interested person are welcomed.


Swings for all wards

Sunshades for some wards

Garden of Remembrance

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