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Sinothando, Addington’s Voluntary, Counseling and Testing site

Established in the year 2000, Sinothando center provides an opportunity for clients to test for HIV and get information about protecting themselves from HIV and Aids on a more personal level. The center is equipped with HIV rapid tests with results obtainable immediately after testing. In knowing their status, clients are then able to take measures to decrease risks of getting infected and / or re-infected, or infecting others.

This center allows a clear and correct referral to other services in the hospital, such as ARV roll –out site, namely, Ikusasa. The center also provides referral outside the hospital for further support and management of opportunistic infections, where these are present. This amount of work is made possible by dedicated staff, who tirelessly develop and maintain contacts with network partners in the field of prevention and management of such infections.
The center is not only of benefit to patients, it also benefits members of staff as they receive training on issues related to HIV and Aids.

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