One garden, one home initiative reaps benefits at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial hospital

The one garden one home poverty alleviation strategy- can be the solution if implemented thoroughly. The strategy was tried at Mahatma Gandhi Hospital and a month later the institution is reaping the rewards. The beautiful green, vegetable garden cannot go without notice. Its fresh products are already being used by patients of the hospital.

The Garden was commissioned on the 18th of July 2009, in line with the Mandela Day Celebration. Staff members, the Phoenix community, prominent business and political leaders, rolled their sleeves and dedicated 67 minutes in the establishment of a vegetable garden for the hospital.

Various strategies are needed in the fight against poverty because it is evident that the community should not rely/ abuse the social grant. As MGMH we were faced with challenges around patients who defaulted their treatment because of socio-economic challenges. Fresh nutritious vegetables can provide a meal for the patients –thus ensuring that they take their medication timeously.

As part of our long-term plans we wish to train patients on how to plant vegetables in their own backyard. In July the first batch of patients was trained and were given starter garden kits (garden tools, fertilizers, seeds etc) to promote the (Do It Yourself) D.I.Y spirit especially the unemployed and also to promote healthy eating without having to spend too much money

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