History of Dundee Hospital

A small Swedish Mission Hospital (Betania Hospital) was built in 1896 by Baroness Posse, this hospital served the community of Dundee until the first Government Hospital in Dundee was built in 1898. This Cottage hospital was used as a military hospital during the Battle of Talana in October 1899.

In 1928 – 1930 there was an argument as to where the new hospital was to be built – at the present site or at Ryley’s Hill. The new hospital was built in 1931 and opened on Tuesday, the 15th December 1931 at 3 p.m. by Mayoress A.J. Oldacre. The public had an opportunity to inspect the buildings. After the opening a Grand Carnival Ball was held in the evening in aid of the X-ray Fund. The new hospital was built too close to the cemetery therefore one row of trees was planted on the hospital premises and another row of trees at the cemetery to block the view. A maternity wing was added and opened in February 1949

The Cottage hospital which was built in 1898. The building still exists today, and is now a private home. This photograph was taken around 1912

A separate non-European hospital block was built in 1956 and opened in April of that year. This block has two new maternity wards and 7 extra wards.

The small Swedish Hospital (Betania Hospital) closed down in 1973 and Dundee Hospital absorbed all the patients and staff.

The old European hospital was too small to cater for the community, therefore new additions were added to the old hospital. The new improvements was built at a cost of approximately R1½ million and opened in November 1977. Back in 1977 the new hospital complex was the second largest hospital in Northern Natal.

The wards in the old section of the hospital were renovated and turned into administrative offices.

Dundee Provincial Hospital built in 1931 (Photo taken by R. Hefer in 1981)
Main Entrance, parking area and 'helipad'

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