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Fort Napier Hospital Patient Rights

  • To be treated in a safe environment whist a patient

  • To have their property / clothing kept in a secure place to prevent theft

  • To be provided with appropriate information about hospital policies and the Mental Health Care Act in a language of their choice

  • To not be discriminated against on the basis of race, gender, age or type of illness

  • To be able to talk to members of multidisciplinary team involved in their care and treatment

  • To have appropriate information and counselling provided before any tests or assessments are performed

  • To be given appropriate information about: treatment, reason for hospitalisation, expected length of stay, results of tests and assessments

  • To have clinical and social information recorded and handled in a confidential and private manner

  • To discuss any complaints or grievances with a named member of staff who will initiate appropriate investigation and submit this information to hospital management who will then act on this

  • To obtain written consent before any method of recording (audio, video or photographic) is undertaking when interviewing patients

  • To have communication with family members (personal, telephonic or written) where feasible

  • The right to refuse to participate in any research project without compromising his/her access to services offered by the hospital.

Fort Napier Patient Responsibilities

  • To respect the rights of other patients and staff

  • To utilize the mental health services optimally and without abuse

  • To get to know his/her local health services and what they offer

  • To provide relevant and accurate information for diagnosit, treatment and rehabilitation plans

  • To comply with prescribed treatment and/or rehabilitation procedures

  • To enquire about costs of services, treatment and rehabilitation procedures

  • To arrange for the payment of these costs timeously and in full


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