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Primary Health Care

Primary health care services provided by 15 provincial clinics and 2 local authority clinics , 4 mobile teams , 2 school health teams and Community.

Clinics referring to G.J Crookes hospital

  • Nyangwini
  • Baphumile
  • Ndelu
  • Dududu
  • Khayelihle
  • Mabheleni
  • Mfume
  • Umgayi
  • Morrisons Post
  • Philani
  • Umzinto
  • Scottburgh
  • Dlangezwa
  • Mganageni
  • Nkwali
  • Pennington
  • G.J Crookes Gateway
GJ Crookes referral system


Hospital Board: As a public institution, G.J Crookes Hospital believes that the public should be represented in every decision making process. Our Board is made up of The Hospital manager, members of management (Nursing, Medical, Human Resources, Finance & Systems) and volunteer community members who have demonstrated a commitment to the health of our community.

Board Members
  • Rev CMK Dlamini (Chairperson)
  • Mrs. I Smith
  • Mr. R Tomlinson
  • Mr. GG Govender
  • Mr. B Somera
  • Councillor N Gumede
  • Mrs. F Scott Williams
The board is responsible for acting as ambassadors to the community and ensuring that the hospital is responsive to community needs.

Leadership: G.J Crookes Hospital’s senior leadership team is made up of 5 individuals who have different staff members under their supervision. The team is responsible for directing the organisation in a way that makes it more cohesive and consistent by applying their leadership qualities. They provide direction and administration to ensure achievement of the hospital’s mission and vision.

Public Relations Department
Setting our standards and ensuring the well being, satisfaction and comfort of our patients and visitors is our primary goal. We always attempt to provide service according to the Batho Pele principles of service delivery which means “people must come first”. Should at any time you feel unsatisfied or have any grievance against the hospital or our staff, please feel free to contact the office of the Public Relations Officer. The PRO is always available From Monday – Friday at 7:30 – 16:00 to discuss and resolve the matters concerning the public and if ever the matter is not resolved immediately, the PRO will do an investigation concerning the matter to resolve it to your satisfaction and you will be given feedback.

Complaints and suggestions can be verbal or written and there are complaints/suggestion forms and boxes available at every public point throughout the hospital.

This is another way the G.J Crookes hospital is striving to ensure optimal customer satisfaction.

If ever you are not satisfied with the feedback from the PRO you can contact the Hospital Manager who can try and resolve your concern or the office of the Ombudsperson in the KZN Department of Health Head Office, telephone number is available on the website.

Contact number: 039 978 7004
Miss T Hadebe, Public Relations Officer

Media Relations
G.J Crookes Hospital welcomes media interest and inquiries and actively encourages coverage of its activities and operations. All requests from media should be placed through the public relations department. We will ensure that your queries are dealt with timeously. The department's business hours are Monday - Friday 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Please note that we value the patient’s right to privacy, and information regarding patients medical condition will not be disclosed without written approval from the patient or family, if the patient is a minor (under the age of 18).
After hours, dial the reception number 039 978 7000 and ask for the nursing supervisor, who will take down all your details.

Photographs, Interviews & Tours
The public relations department coordinates all media related hospital tours, and all patient related photographs and interviews. No one will be allowed to take pictures, tours or coordinate interviews without prior approval of the Public Relations Officer.

The G.J Crookes hospital provides accommodation for its staff members, although it is limited. Accommodation is mostly provided for medical and nursing staff, as they are considered to be from the scarce skills division.

Leisure facilities in Scottburgh

  • Tourist attraction (lodges, hotels, animal parks, ocean, beaches, annual sardine run, canoeing)
  • Golf Course, there is huge golf course in the area where great leisure can be experienced.
  • Tennis court, squash
  • Shopping Complexes and malls. There are lovely shopping complexes around Scottburgh.

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