Madadeni Hospital Patient Information

  1. Before coming to the hospital
    One of the strategic objectives of the Department of Health is to bring health care services closer to the communities. It is for this reason that the Department decided to capacitate nurses working at Primary HealthCare (P.H.C.) centres / clinics, for them to be able to cope with the various conditions and problems presented by clients at the clinic points. The procedure now requires that every person should start at the P.H.C. centre / clinic before coming to the hospital.
    The P.H.C. nurse will refer the client to the hospital should she / he identify the need for a client to get help from the hospital. The client is once again reminded that he/she should always carry the referral letter from the referring clinic when coming to the hospital. Emergencies are excluded from this arrangement. The community is urged to use the clinics as these services are closer to them and are free of charge.

  2. Documents to provide when visiting the hospital

    1. Pensioners
      1. Citizen Card
      2. I.D book
      3. Withdrawal receipt
    2. Unemployed citizens
      1. For those citizens who are unemployed, but were previously employed, they must provide their I.Ds ,and their Blue cards.
      2. Those who are unemployed and do not have the blue cards, must come with their I.D. s, and must sign the declaration at the admitting office. Sworn statement / affidavit from your nearest police station can be submitted.
      3. Children under 6 yrs. should bring immunisation cards.
    3. Employed citizens with Medical Aids
      1. The above must bring their Medical Aid cards, pay sheets and I.D books
    4. Employed citizens without Medical Aid
      1. The above must bring their pay sheet and I.D books

    5. On arrival at hospital

    6. Every citizen is to bring his/her residential and postal addresses, contact number for self and their next of kin. The correct information is very vital as it decreases a lot of inconvenience at some later stages. Every citizen has a right to be treated with respect and courtesy . He / She has a right to access services without being discriminated against, information and what ever that is stated in the patients right charter. If for some reasons, citizens feel that their rights have been violated, they may contact the person in charge of the particular unit/ward they are not happy about. If they are not satisfied with the intervention, they can direct their concerns to the Public Relations Office of the institution who will direct such concerns to the relevant heads for corrective measures to be instituted.

    7. Visiting hours

      1. Mondays to Saturdays: 15H00-16H00 and 19H00-20H00
      2. Sundays and public holidays: 11H00-12H00, 15H00-16H00 and 19H00-20H00
      3. Visitors to Post Natal ward will be allowed in only at 09H00-10H00, Thereafter the above visiting hours will apply.
      4. Visitors to I.C.U. will be allowed in from 09H00, but visit length will be controlled by the ward staff.
      5. Visitors to T.B. section and Psychiatric section will fall into the above normal visiting hours.

    8. Other general rules as provided by the policy governing state institutions

      1. Hawkers are not allowed within the hospital premises.
      2. Every health institution was declared by the national government as a no smoking zone, therefore citizens are requested to adhere strictly to this principle.
      3. Children below 6 years are not allowed within the hospital for visiting purposes.

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