Don't get carried away by "Big Weekend" mentality, warns KZN Health MEC

  • Unprotected "Hanky-panky" could get you in STI, HIV or pregnancy trouble;
  • No drinking and getting behind the wheel;
  • Women can carry own condom to avoid last-minute rush for morning-after pills

07 October 2023

KwaZulu-Natal Health MEC Ms Nomgugu Simelane has urged revellers not to get carried away by "Big Weekend" mentality, as they might live to regret its undesirable after-effects, such as an unplanned pregnancy; a sexually-transmitted infection, including HIV, or serious road crashes due to alcohol abuse.

The MEC says there's nothing wrong with women carrying condoms for their own protection, instead of exposing themselves to disease infection - or having to scurry to the pharmacy for morning-after pills in a huge panic on Sunday morning.

She was speaking on her Department's weekly multimedia programme KZN Health Chat on Friday.

"Yes, yi-Weekend Enkulu (this is a big weekend)," said the MEC. "And we're excited as the Government of KwaZulu-Natal because we're hosting big football clubs from out of town, and they'll be bringing in many visitors. There's a lot of fun to be had in Durban. So, people must come in big numbers and leave their money in the Province, so that our economy can be strengthened, and our people can continue to have a livelihood.

"There are many tshisanyamas, many places to visit in Durban. But to those who'll be driving, we're saying, 'If you're having fun, do not go overboard.'

"If alcohol must be consumed, it must be within limit, and not be abused. Don't drink as if you want to finish all the alcohol, because it won't run out.

"Those who've had too much to drink must not get behind the wheel, because they'll cause accidents. We also plead with everyone to protect themselves. You must not find yourself waking up on a bed that you're not familiar with, not knowing how you got there.

"Please guard yourselves. If you've decided you're going all-out in having fun, then you must protect yourself in every way possible. We have male and female condoms. There's no disgrace in someone - even a woman - carrying a condom in her bag.

"We also don't want to wake up on Sunday and be told that all pharmacies have run out of morning-after pills, because of newly-heightened demand. Yes, the morning-after pills are there, and they might give you protection. But they must be used in the right way. They're really for emergencies and must not be used as contraceptives," she said.

Issued by the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health

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